Another Day, Another Pattern! Arrrgghhh!

Yep, I’ve done it again.  I shouldn’t have gone and looked. But I did. A yahoo group I’m on for knitting shawls post pattern links every now and again, and today they posted five!!! And I looked at them all. And I downloaded them all. And I printed them all. Who cares if my binders of patterns are in storage. When I get to CO I imagine I am going to have a gigantic binder sorting party. I have sooooo many patterns printed that don’t have sleeves to go in, and they aren’t going to fit in my already over stuffed binders anyway. /le sigh

So what did I start you ask?  This shawl pattern…

I have some cream color yarn that someone sent to me because they either didn’t like it, or couldn’t use it. It’s called Bemar Cable, and it is knitting up soooo nice on size five needles.  I am soooo ready to start another one of these with baby yarn also.  I was thinking white for the whole body of it, and then a variegated blue for the eyelet edging.

Also on the needles… I started a pair of slippers yesterday.  I haven’t made slippers in about two years.  Baby booties, yes.  Slippers, nada. I love the Auntie Alm Dorm Booties (, so I am making child size ones of those in royal blue, but I might change when I get to the cuffs.  Either a different color blue, or yellow, or white. That’s what I have on hand.

The granny ripple is on hold for a bit, I guess. It was 95 degrees today (feels like 99, so says the weather channel), so unless I clear a table top somewhere, that sucker ain’t sitting across my legs in the dog days of summer.

In kitten news… they have learned to climb the first layer of boxes. We are adding a second layer of boxes at night but kind of allowing them to come out and explore during the daytime.  When they get lost they cry soooo freakin loud for mama cat. It’s freakin scary!

And beside melting in the heat, drinking large quantities of water and lemon/limeade, and knitting, and kittens… I don’t think much else got done today! Happy hump day folks.



2 Responses to “Another Day, Another Pattern! Arrrgghhh!”

  1. bridget Says:

    You’re part of an elite group. They are called “knitting addicts” There is no cure! You are doomed!! My son seems to have joined the group, I have to fight him for wool that anybody gives me and he has copied nearly every pattern I’ve got. It’s quite scary in one so young! It is obviously hereditary! Safeguard your cat bed making daughter now!!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Considering when we came back from our CO trip I went on kind of a yarn loss insanity moment til I went in her room and scrounged back about eight balls of my yarn… I do believe 14 yo dd is already well on her way to addiction. LOL I’m just glad to hear I am in good company that I am not the only one battling my children when I come out of the yarn store, and then turn around in the van and they are all dividing up my haul! What is that??? 😀

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