Looking everywhere!

I have lost the weight gadget to the top of my pressure cooker. It is driving me nuts!!!!  The kiddo’s are giggling at me saying I probably packed it. :-/ I have packed a lot of stuff and I have packed a few things that weren’t popular to go away. But I KNOW I did not pack the pressure cooker bippy!!!  So I figure if I tell enough people and think about it long enough I am gonna remember where it is I put that thing to keep it ‘safe’! Ha!

In knitting news… I tried out a new pattern for a preemie/newborn diaper shirt.  Well, the preemie size came out big enough that I think it would fit a newborn nicely. 😛 Luckily I used a size seven needle instead of the size eight that the pattern called for.  And here’s the results (I know, I am a horrible picture taker and it’s a white thing. Blah)…


Changes I made are- I’ve added four rows to the length of the stockinette body, and then I’ve added a second set of ties at the chest by casting on thirty stitches, and then binding them right back off again.  I might use buttons next time, because the ties just seem so big and clunky. But I can see how they would be quick and easy to do up if you’re just throwing a top layer on a baby in cold weather.

Next is… the granny ripple afghan!!!! Boy oh boy, am I loving this pattern.  Here’s the wonderful pattern with pictures of how to… http://thelazyhobbyhopper.blogspot.com/2011/08/how-to-crochet-granny-ripple.html  I love pictures when it comes to crocheting, because I can barely follow crochet patterns ~ever~!   I had to take this picture of the blanket folded in half though. It’s pretty much going to fit a double or queen size bed! Color spacing is, four rows of green (Caron Pounder soft sage), two rows of white (Caron Pounder white), four rows of purple (Caron Pounder lilac), and two rows of white.  And it is going quickly too! I could easily do this blanket in two to three weeks if I didn’t get so side tracked with other things. 😛


Like… baby hats!  Here are the ones I have done so far, but haven’t woven in the ends yet. See those 4th of July hats up there at the top?  14 yo dd did the three in the middle! She has gotten smart! And she likes my wee little circ needles too much, me thinks!


Here are my Friday and Sunday Halloween and Christmas hats! Ok, so the orange pumpkin one was done on Friday, and I got inspired and cast on for that orange and green one next to it. Then things got busy, so I didn’t get that one finished til Saturday.  Had to have it off the needles so I could do the Christmas hat on Sunday! I did that multi colored Christmas hat on Sunday.  The other hat I cheated, and didn’t really make on Sunday.  I made it sometime last week, but it was so Christmas-y looking I added it to the new box where I’m stashing these.


Here are some more hats that are already boxed and ready to send out to Salem Hospital in Mass. See there’s another one of the green hats in here too! I think this is the yarn I got when I started making Minecraft Creeper hats for the kiddo’s. Sure adds a lovely pop of color in the baby hats though. I wonder if I double stitched a Creeper face on it, if any young mom or dad out there would pick it for their kiddo. 😛


And here’s a picture of all the woven squares I’ve gotten made up out of odd balls of yarn around here.  All of my yarn, except two comforter bags full, is in CO now. So when I find little bits here and there that I can’t do anything else with I get out my Hazel Rose looms and some are woven on the 7 inch and then when it’s just a weee weeee little bit I use the mini quilt weaver square.  Four of the mini squares equals one of the big ones. I actually bought quilting magazines after I got my looms because of all the different style quilt patterns out there that you can configure these squares into. 🙂


And here are the things I am adding to my ‘one day I’ll open my Etsy shop’ box.  Either that or when we get to CO and it turns winter kiddo’s can snitch from these to wear.  I made the green one a little longer because I figured a guy might like to wear it.  The top three can be worn doubled over around your neck and head.  The bottom multi blue one is just and around your neck tuck into the jacket kinda scarf and then the bottom one is a neck gaiter I just noodled up the pattern for as we were on the road home from CO. Pretty much, ten rows of knit, and then three repeats of k1, yarn over, k2tog, next row knit across, repeat til it fits over a head loosely and then seam the cast on to the cast off.  The ladies I met in CO ~swear~ I can sell these in shops there for between $15 and $25 each, and that they sell like hotcakes every year!


Next up 14 yo dd’s kitty bed


2 Responses to “Looking everywhere!”

  1. bridget Says:

    So much talent. There’s a lot of crafting at your house at the moment. It all looks georgous

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