Busy weekend

First of the month, and first weekends of the month are always super busy ’round here.  We’ve gotten the big shopping done though, and should be good for a couple of weeks if we don’t make it back out because of working on cleaning and moving stuff.

Shopping things… we got a new toy for the kitty cats, and so far they are not even liking it. LOL I have also solved the kitten liter tray problem.  When we got to the liter section they only had *one* kind of tray left, and it was about half the size of the cardboard box we’re using now, so I said there is ~no way~ I am paying $9 for that!  We’ll work something else out.  And then as we were walking through the gardening section…. seedling trays!!!! I have about 20 of those short plastic starter trays out in the shed!!! So that’s what we’re gonna use for the time being.

In other kitty news… Stinker (grey kitty) got over the walls of Kitty Kingdom!!! :shocked:  (I  need my emoticons back in a baaad way if this doesn’t work :-P) Trout will be soon to follow, because he is climbing all the wrong walls of boxes. So we re-rearranged the boxes again, and for now only mama cat can roam the house. I tell you what though. Those kitties got some bounce in them, and I think they’ll be out and about in another three weeks, or less. They all hang off the sides of mamas liter box also, so I know in another four or five weeks we’ll probably be replacing that gardening tray with another cat pan.

In knitting news… I got my Sunday Christmas baby hat done. Instead of making a really Christmas-y one, like I usually do with the white fluffy trim and pom pommed top, I cheated and just used red, white, and green variegated yarn. For one, all of my white poofy yarn is in CO, and for two, I have two different flavors of red white and green on hand in my last wee little bags of yarn I have here.

In crocheting news…. 14 yo dd finished the cat bed, and they love it!!! Stinker and Salmon are both curled up in it now. Trout is the only kitty up at the moment, and he is attacking Salmons ear trying to get him out of bed, and it’s just not gonna happen. LOL

In my own crochet news… still working on the big ol granny ripple afghan. It is looking soooo good. Dh says, ‘so that’s the one you’re selling?’ He really wants me to try and sell my knitting/crocheting, but I am going through an ‘it’s soo purty!!! I wanna keeeeep it!’ thing.  But I do have about three sets of mittens, and two adult hats, and now this blanket will be done in the next week or two.  That’s a good amount to start an Etsy store with right? I have no faith in my own self!  Good thing I have dh to push me sometimes.

Oh, and for all of the Ravelry-ers on here over there I am Spinnermomof5 if you want to add me to you’re Rav friends or go look at my projects or whatever.

Anyway, this got longer than I wanted, quicker than I thought it would. So I’m gonna go do some dishes and clean some floors, so my day feels more productive.



4 Responses to “Busy weekend”

  1. onthewink Says:

    hey there, i found you and marked you so i can follow your posts.–karen

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yaayy, so glad to see you here! I’m trying to get used to everything but I think if I don’t and Xanga stays up I might end up back there. But we shall see how it all works out!

  2. annamatrix Says:

    I’m ‘Annamatrix’ on ravelry, too… but I don’t think I’ve anything to look at, there. Will stop by, one of these days, though!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Cool! I’ll add you to my friends list over there. I haven’t added anything to there in such a looong time. I really should keep up better with it all. I’ve had three different people with written patterns add my photos to their front pages just because I do different weird things with their designs and they like it. But once again it’s a whole different format that I have to get used to poking around at. Like mothers of five have endless amounts of time to do that. sheeesh!

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