Poking around here

Ok, so I figured out how to set my Gravatar. Yaaayyy!  That only took about 15 minutes of my computer illiterate life. 😛  I should really bring dh in on all of this setting up.  He’s the pro, and it would probably only take him like 20 minutes to slap everything all together… but then I’ll never figure out how to make any of it work, and I won’t even be able to change a background or anything by myself.  So I’m muddling through it all.

I gave it a good go to try and change some fonts, and the page header, and stuff. Then it goes to the checkout page, and they want $30 for just changing the lettering style and size??? Phhhhhtttt!  So, I reckon I am going to save up so I can pay for having full control over what I want my page to look like. I’ll work on headers and design stuff from now til August. Guess I should start with a Fall/Autumn theme huh? Maybe I’ll go set up a Blogspot just to see if it’s any easier and free-er-er to use.  I know I tried Blogspot before and gave up in frustration just trying to get a blog posted.  At least here I can get it to post. Just need to know if anyone can see it! Hey sis, or Lori, or anyone… try and leave a comment, and email me if you cant! Purty please!


4 Responses to “Poking around here”

  1. spinnermom Says:

    checking to see if my gravatar works…

  2. annamatrix Says:

    Yup, your comments work. I just didn’t have TIME to comment until today – was busy transferring almost 600 posts that are my sidebar ((JUST the sidebar)). Oi. You should’ve seen the spectacular breakdown at the end of that fiasco!

    Now… to just get all the SotW and Lapbooks transferred…!!!!!

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