I Have a Great Idea!

Yeah, when I get a great idea, it’s a *great* one! Packing, packing, packing.  Boxes here there and everywhere, and I am trying to stay sane! I NEEEED to know which boxes are our food stuff, and which is stuff that can be taken to storage, and even more, I NEEEED to know where our food stuff is so it can be taken off the truck first at the house! Plink! Goes the thought in my head as I’m tossing things into boxes. Painters tape! We have a couple of rolls of it since we painted and re-carpeted oldest dd’s room a few months ago! So now every food box has a wee little square of blue painters tape on two corners.  One going up and down, so you can see it from above and one side, and one going side to side, so you can see it from the front and another side! Now ANYTHING with a little blue bit of painters tape on it is something most important for the house. Kitchen things for cooking. Important papers. Food. Cleaning supplies. Yarn! 😀


Tooooo much stuuuufff!

I am seriously becoming a minimalist after this move! I cannot believe thee amount of stuff I have packed in the past two days! Fluff, fluff, fluff, from every corner of the house. I wonder what life would look like if there were no such thing as closets. Bwhahahahaha!

On the up side I have discovered that I do in fact own an iron! I have *two* hand mixers.  And the best news of all…. I found the bippy weight thing for the pressure cooker!!!! Yaaaayyy! It was in a small drawer I keep full of plastic ice cream container and yogurt container lids. I don’t know if it just fell in there, or if it was put there. Since I packed the pressure cooker up last week I have decided to keep the bippy thing in my knitting bag!  I will NOT lose it again!

In knitting news… I am missing Halloween hat Friday, and Christmas hat Sunday this weekend.  I know, I know, I should take a break and sit and knit for my sanity. But there is just soooooo freakin much stuff left to do, and I want to clean the kitchen, and the tub, and the floors before we leave also. I just cannot leave horrific dust bunnies for the next person that has to work on this place.

I have however started a big persons hat. I started it a few weeks ago, and set it aside. Yesterday when I packed my under the desk knitting stand thing, I found it and worked a few rows. It was just gonna be plain 72 stitches in royal blue. It was too blah though. So I ripped back about eight plain rows, and went on the search for a cable hat pattern.  Couldn’t find any for 72 stitches, but I found this one…


with 80 stitches. So I have 12 rows of k1p1 ribbing on 72 stitches, and then increased 8 stitches evenly around the hat to bring it up to the 80, and now I’m doing the pattern as it states. Two of the kiddo’s are already eyeballing it for their own. 😛 As the pattern states it is super easy, so I guess I have more of these in my future. Good thing when I get to CO I will be reunited with a ton of yarn!!!!

Now I am off of here to knit til I fall asleep.  One thing about putting in these looong days of packing, and moving boxes, and furniture, I sure do sleep like a rock!!!!


A small prayer

Please Lord let this week go quickly by.  Moving boxes, and packing is haaaaaard workz! Amen! ZZZZZzzzzzzzz.


We are under contract! Monday the moving truck gets here, and we load up. By Wednesday we will be on the road! Zip bang, that was quick, wasn’t it??? So instead of knitting, I am packing like a fiend! My goal is six boxes a day now. For the past few months if I did any packing I aimed for three. Thank goodness there isn’t a whole lot left to pack though.  Just the everyday things, and our food cabinets. 

It feels weird only having a few knitting needles to choose from now, and only a few pencils and pens in certain areas to choose from.  I have two large markers for marking boxes, and then the pencil on the bulletin board in the kitchen, and a pencil and a pen in the drawer next to the phone in the kitchen, and then one pen in my purse. My big bucket of pens and pencils of all colors and sizes from my desk is packed. You would think having five or six good writing things, that I know where they are, would be enough, but here I am panicking ‘what if I neeeeed a pencil, and they’re all packed!!!!’ Trying to turn myself into a minimalist is going to be haaaaaard work!!! LOL

So, it’s going to be a whirl wind of a weekend around here. I don’t know if I’ll have time to do another post between now and next Tuesday (when my computer will be packed away in the truck). We will have the laptop with us on the road, and I will be able to read here, and get mail.  But I hate using that thing, so I might just let everything stack up until we’re in CO.

Well wishes, and prayers, and good mojo and stick shaking, will all be much appreciated! And as you’re watching your fireworks pop pop boom on the 4th we will most likely be half way there by then! *fingers crossed*


I am soooo Done!

Selling a house is haaaard wooork! Especially when people call, and call, and call, and confirm, and reconfirm, and then just never show up. Blows a whoooole freakin afternoon! And it’s not just once it’s like four times in the past five days. One guy called Saturday though, and they actually showed up three three hours later, and within 20 minutes of when they said they would!  I was very impressed!

We have another lady hopefully showing up today, but she also tried to come out Thursday, and Friday, but just couldn’t pull it together with the other person she was coming with. Very flaky.  We found out through the internetz she ‘manages’ a cleaning company.  So we’re hoping it isn’t some kind of scam where they come and pretend to try and sell the house to an ‘investor’, and then say the reason they didn’t buy was it was just too dirty, ‘but we can professionally clean your house for you for $500!!! Take care of that yard work for you for another $500!’ Blah, blah, blah.  Is it just me, or would that be a good scam to drum up business?  Although, right now I have to say the place looks pretty dang squeaky clean, and we have just a sparse amount of stuff here’ since we trailered a boodle of things to CO, and half of our things are in storage. 

In yarny things… yesterday was Christmas Hat Sunday.  I got most of it done, and then finished off the decreases this morning. Just so much to do with keeping up the house, and the yard, and packing, and meeting people. I have also been plotting and planning some other knitting. On one of my knitting groups they give preemie things to a certain hospital, and I am challenging myself to make 20 sets of booties, 20 hats, and 5 or more 28 inch blankets for the preemies by the end of next month.  It should be do-able because preemie items are small and they go so quick.  I’m really pushing myself to do the booties, because so many people dislike doing them, because when you’re finished one… you have to start another one just exactly the same. In the knitting world it’s known as Second Item Syndrome. Some people can stand making multiple items, and some people just hate it!

Well, we’re showing the house twice today, so I should really get off of here and go do last minute spot checking, and make sure everything is ‘good enough’. Thank goodness we don’t have a realtor helping us, because they’d be wanting a bowl of fruit, and air freshener, and all kinds of other perfection. Meh.


Holy Carp!!!!!

It’s Friday!!!! For really real? Here I was so prepared to go three or four more days til the weekend. Seriously! Then I saw someones ‘This Moment’ photo and it literally shocked me! It’s FRIDAY! Seriously.

Oh yeah, and Friday is Halloween Hat day for those of you following along. I’m just gonna sit here a little stunned about it being the weekend again already. Then I guess I’ll get to it. Plus I have laundry, and dishes, and all that normal stuff to do. Nobody scheduled to come look at the house today, but two more calls.  Seems buying investment property and renting it is the new ‘looking for work’ thing to do. Everyone needs a place to live, right. So, buy a place, and your new job is getting a tenant, and making sure the place is nice, and well kept, and collecting the rent. 😛

And I caught a glimpse of the news today… here’s hoping and praying we are fully moved out of here by the time the Zimmerman trial is over. I don’t know how it’s being covered on a national stage, but the one guy that was taken out of the jury pool because of his Facebook post is like totally being harassed and stalked now, and that is just scary to me! What is going to happen to those six people on the jury, no matter what decision they make. If we were staying I do believe I would be preparing not to go out of the house for a while. Yes, there is tension already around these parts. Eek!


Cleaning Machine!

The ad in the paper came out yesterday, and we have had an overwhelming response of people wanting to look at our home. So I am in packing and cleaning mode again! We are hopeful that with so much interest that we will even get our asking price!  That would be such a huge blessing!  Dh said if someone offered cash right now, we’d tell them we could be out by the end of the month! Gaaaahhh!

The kiddo’s are giving it their best shot to counter balance any cleaning and packing I get done today. I have set them in front of their computer screens, and/or sent them all off to their own corners, in an attempt to slow down that action. I am blaming the super moon, because they are normally so much more helpful than they have been in the past 48 or so hours.  And yeah, I know it’s not totally a full moon til this weekend… but like I said, Super Moon, so the effects are already being felt. At least here anyway.

Ok, back to packing. Maybe I should box my yarn.  Just so it looks all nice and neater back here.


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