It’s been a rough week….

and none of it was even caused by election anything. Blargh! But we did get out on Tuesday and take our ballots in. I crammed like a final exam on Monday looking everything up I had to to understand the things on the ballot and vote for everything with my conscience. Even down to the school board and judges stuff. I did as good as I could. After that I tried not to watch anything about any of the elections. But…

FL voted in MMJ by an overwhelming majority!!!! So of course my facebook messages blew up with “you can go HOME!!!!” Sadly, no we cannot. We could not afford that move twice and we knew it was a one way trip when we made it. But I am over the top happy that all of the people I have met over the past four years that needed to get here to CO or that were considering the move do not have to make it now! And three or four FL families here in CO are already planning for the move home! I am sooo excited for them!

And on top of all of that last week our van crapped out so we threw our savings at it and actually found a wonderful mechanic in the process! And at least it wasn’t the two problems that the dealership were pointing out to us and it was a much easier fix than we expected!!! But now we’re broke again and no wiggle room for shopping. But we’ll be ok because I already have almost all of the Thanksgiving day food purchased from over the past three months. I have several Christmas projects already stashed away. So things are going to be slim but they’re going to be ok.

So then dh had a BIG blow up at work. I don’t even want to get into it here but I think he’s through it now and they understand we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed freakin health care. So they’re working with him/us on that. It’s not going to cover the whole family but dh has some slipped disk issues and a hernia that is not doing good. If he goes down, we go down. If he goes down stuff he’s doing at work will be halted also. So it’s not good for anyone. Now they see that.

So we’re working through a crap ton of crap lately. Things that are saving my sanity….

The chickens!!!! Five eggs a day for the past three days. Monday we only got two eggs but we think it’s because it got too cold for them. We’ve had the heat lamp on at night now when it goes below 35 degrees and they’re right back up to laying five eggs every day. One day last week we got six!!!! So I’m really close to getting seven eggs from the seven hens!

Pumpkins!!!!!! We scored some dollar pumpkins at Wally World! I picked the biggest they had. We got home and the rind/skin was so thick on the one bumpy pumpkin we couldn’t cut through it so I just had Miss Emily throw it down on the cement slab to break it up. The kiddo’s laughed and laughed over that. And then we fed it to the chickens over three days. If WalMart or the farm stand we go to have any more left over I’m going to go get some more to cut up/bust up and put it all in the freezer for them to have good snacks over the winter months.

Knitting!!!!! I pledged myself to make three pairs of girl youth slippers and ten washcloths for the Pink Slipper Project to be mailed out by Nov 24th!!! I’m going to try and get all of that done up by Tuesday next week. I think it’s totally doable!!! After I’m done that I need to reload my Etsy shop because Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are huge for me!

And that’s about how the week has been going so far.  I feel exhausted but I haven’t really Done any physically exhausting stuff… holding things together around here so they don’t blow up has been hard though. But so far so good I guess. Now if I could just un-clench my jaw so I don’t end up with migraines over the whole mess of everything. Grinding teeth over stressful situations sucks. I wish I were a nail biter or something.😛

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a better week than us. But looking at the protests and riots I figure it’s going to be a while before things settle. It’s just a blargh-gy kind of month. Thanksgiving seems like it’s just going to bring families together to argue over elections so I’m giving it til the middle of December til things start to feel normal again.


New Shawl

So here’s what you can make with Caron Cake yarn (yeah, my picture takin still sucks :-P)…


Youngest dd has already swiped this one, so nope, it’s not for sale! But I do have another skein just like this one, so there may be a chance one might be for sale by Thanksgiving or so.

So,how I made this… Here is the pattern.  The Caron Cake color is Rainbow Sprinkles. One ball Alllllmost made a full shawl. That purple on the edging is Red Heart in the color Amethyst. I was thinking of maybe doing the edge in white or black, seeing how rainbow color would go great with both of those. But then looking in the yarn bucket I saw the deep purple and just went with that! No need breaking into a whole nother skein of Cake yarn when I only had eight rows left to do.

Now I’m working on one in Lemon Lime colorway. This morning I saw that JoAnn stores have a new yarn line called Sweet Rolls! Just like these, but so many colors! I don’t think they did as great a job as Caron at their colors though. Theirs go like peach, pink, cream, and not as much of the wild range in the colors as Cake. But still a wonderful bunch of new choices of color combos!

Anyway, off of here to cook dinner. Cream of broccoli soup tonight! The weathers gettin cooooooold! Not going out of the mid 60’s for the next five days, and a couple of nights in the low 30’s coming up! Glad I have my yarn and pointy sticks!🙂



Halloween was good and bad. I got up and did the whole breakfast thing, and then Emily took over the kitchen to make a Halloween cake, and some cookies. The cake was so much fun, she never got to the cookies. LOL Here was kind of the idea…


and here’s our hysterical “nailed it” version.😀


The cake kind of stuck to the sides of the pan, so the edges came out horrible, and unfrost-able for the most part. It did look like graveyard dirt though.  We didn’t have fancy cookies to make into tombstones, but Benny suggested cutting candies in half, and I painted the ghosties on them with white icing after we figured writing R.I.P wasn’t going to look like letters at all! And at the last minute she put the M&Ms on like they were graveyard creepy crawlies. And it tasted sooooooooo freakin goooooooood! Emily is getting really, really, really, good with her baking! And I told her I would happily eat all of the mistakes! 🙂

In other news on Halloween, I got the tragic news that one of the families that moved to CO around the same time we did, lost their son yesterday. :'(  Epilepsy is just so horrible and sad, and it just swoops in when you don’t expect it, and whammo! They’ve lost their child. There are two more that need prayers right now also. It just breaks my heart to pieces every time we lose one of our Realm children!!! So, I cried for most of the day yesterday along with many of the other parents.

For any new people here, if you read far enough back on this blog you will read about our move to CO four years ago to save our daughters life!  She had an allergic reaction to antibiotics, and couldn’t keep food down, and had extensive nerve damage through her whole body. We moved to CO for Medical Marijuana for her, and it worked! She was 13 years old, and went from 105 pounds, down to 65 pounds in less than six months. It took a couple of years til we got to where we knew she wasn’t going to die, and now, four years later she is up to 122 pounds, and finally back on the BMI scale for her height! I should just do a whole nother post on that with pictures later.  About 75% of the parents of the group we’re with here in CO though, are here for seizure children, and it sucks that every now and again one  dies, and our hearts break over and over again.😦

Ok, enough of that, because I don’t want to get sad again.😥

Knitting projects… So, I worked on some mittens for a nice lady here in CO (her son is one of the Realm children too) and she has the hardest time finding mittens for him, so I whipped him up a few pair. And we’re on FB, and she knew that I couldn’t find Cake yarn down here in Pueblo, and I was going to have to wait until we went to the Springs to get Cassies meds to see if Micheal’s had any Cake yarn left up there. So in thanks for the mittens she went out and got me six skeins of Cake!!!! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, was I ever over the top happy!!!!😀

So right now I’m finishing up a shawl in Cake color Rainbow Sprinkles. I’ll probably have a picture of it off the needles tomorrow. Right now it’s so squished up it looks like a Rasta hat! LOL The skein was almost enough to do the whole shawl, so I’m doing the last six rows in Red Heart color Amethyst just because it looks better than black!

In other crafting… I made a bunch of these angels for Christmas. All the ends are already done on about 15 of them, and I just have to glue magnets to their backs.


And I have now made three of these guys!!! I am in Love with the pattern!!! So this one was for my newborn nephew, and then I made a medium blue one for Emily, and then if you look behind the angels in that other pic, you can see the purple legs for the one I made for Austin! I’m gonna have to make more, and get them up on the shop soon.


Ok, that’s about all I have time for today. I’ve got three loooooong rows to do on the shawl, and when that’s done, I have this big ol comforter zipper bag of all the things I need to weave in ends for to get things on the shop for Christmas sales. Procrastination at it’s finest! LOL




Nope, I didn’t…

spin off the end of the world. Towards the end of Spinzilla week things got busy again around here. BUT I did finish Spinzilla and got my totals in to our team leader and everything! Here’s what I ended up with…

skein 1 light grey
118 yards x 3 for spinning and plying 354 yards

skein 2 light grey
124 yards x 3 for spinning and plying 372 yards

skein 3 light grey
68 yards x 3 for spinning and plying 204 yards

skein 4 dark grey
120 yards x 3 for spinning and plying 360 yards

skein 5 white
90 yards x 3 for spinning and plying 270 yards

Skein 6 dark grey
150 yards x 3 for spinning and plying 450 yards

Skein 7 blue and white
112 yards x 2 for spinzilla (plyed after zilla) 224 yards

Skein 8 purple and white
only the purple was spun during spinzilla so 84 yards

random plying to empty bobbins
1 x for plying to empty more bobbins 56 yards

Grand total 2374 yards spun


And our team was like 13th out of 74 teams in the yardage we spun! I can’t wait til next year! I’m gonna try harder to make sure I get more time to spin! Less sleep maybe. LOL

And now I am on to something new.   No I don’t stream there. I might not because there are already so many creative people to watch on there. Twitch used to be for gaming streams where you could watch people play World of Warcraft or Mario or D3, just about anything. Now they’ve added a creative section, so you can watch people paint, or draw, or make chain mail, or sculpt!!! Ooooor knit, crochet, and spin! So yep, I’m over there hanging out with knitters and crocheters, who also play all of the games I like.😀 Here’s three ladies I like…

If they’re not online you can click the video tab at the top of their page and watch old streams! And while I watch I’ve been knitting away on some Cake yarn from Caron! I made a friend some mittens for her son and she repaid me in yaaaaaarrrrrnnn! Bestest thing ever! So I will have pictures of the shawl I’m making out of Rainbow Sprinkles colorway very soon!



Spinzilla 2016 Days 1-3

Ok, I have gobs and gobs of pictures to share. I had a sale on my Etsy store, so some more packages can go out to hospitals! Yaaaayyy! So, I’ve been getting pictures of the hats, and booties, and blankets I’m sending out. BUT first I have to keep up with all of this spinning I’ve been doing, and now we’re on day three of Spinzilla and I do believe I am at my Mile already! Yaaayyy!

Ok, so I got the Spinzilla 2016 Fiber Variety Pack (3 Colors) from the Woolery, and I was thinking I could dye some of it, and spin for all different kinds of knitting, up until the night of Spinzilla, and then I thought, the first year I participated in Spinzilla I made beautiful rainbow yarn, and then made a shawl from it. Last year I spun some fiber I bought at a local shop, and that was spun in mind of making another shawl, just with Etsy stuff I haven’t gotten around to making it yet. But why not spin this year to make a shawl also? Here’s the woolly goodness I have to work with…


So I am spinning up all three colors to use in a beautiful shawl, that I’ve already picked a pattern for (not sharing that yet, but soon). And here’s what I have done up so far…

Day one: I went ahead and started with the medium (not too dark, not too light) color, and I wanted to start at 12:01 and spin until I filled a bobbin to kind of give me a gauge of how many hours I’ll have into this when I’m done. With a few interruptions it took me around an hour and twenty minutes to fill the first bobbin, and then off to bed I went.


I woke up early, still the first day of spinning and filled three more bobbins and then Zzzzzzzz! (we also did gardening and got some kale and other greens into some garden beds for the winter. And then other outdoor chores too, so it’s not like I just get to sit and spin spin spin all day, as much as I would like to :-D)

Day 2: I started plying stuff off. 930 total yards spun for Spinzilla between doing the single plies, and then you get to count the yardage for plying them together also. So even though it’s 930 yards spun, I have 310 yards of yarn from the light grey bag of fiber.


Then late last night I started on spinning the darker fiber, and I kept spinning til around 1 in the morning, and I got four bobbins full! I had to ply off a wee little skein of cream colored yarn to free up bobbins to be able to spin all four bobbins in the dark colored fiber, so I get to add the plying total to my Spinzilla totals *just for the plying* of the cream colored yarn. 56 yards plied!

Today was day 3: There was gardening to do, and general housework, and school work, and I woke up late because I went to bed late. Blah! But I got those bobbins plied off and about half of the dark stuff totaled too, so I am officially tomorrow going to be at my monster mile of spinning! Yaaayyy! Here’s all that’s done up so far, and I have another skein of the dark grey added to this pile now! Just a hundred or so more yards (which is already on my bobbins, but I’m not adding it til it’s officially plied up) and I’ll be at the Mile!!!


And that’s my week of Spinzilla so far! If you are Spinzilla-ing, hows it going? Are you using spindles, or a wheel, or a potato and a stick? And good golly, share what fiber you’re spinning. I have some more of that cream color fiber up at the top, and I’m thinking about wildly spot dying it, because at this rate I am going to be out of this three pack of fiber by Friday and it’ll be good to spin some pops of color by the weekend! Tomorrow, knitting pictures!!!!



Yep, we finally got some! Took three days, because the farm stand we go to picks fresh every morning, and when it’s gone for the day, it’s gone! But we got two bags, and we might get two more on the weekend. Gotta check how much room we can make in the deep freezer!

So the latest on the chickens… One has wry neck, and ended up getting hen pecked by the rest of the flock, so now shes in isolation (next to the others, but not in with them) and we’re giving her vitamin E in her food, and all the looove! Shes recovering nicely so far, but shes still a little twisty in the neck when she tries to look at things. The first day we had to separate her from the flock she just sat in my arms for almost an hour and slept, and did like chicken purs! It was so sweet, but heart breaking at the same time, because I think that none of the other chickens let her rest at all the night before. She finally woke up, and ate and drank a Lot! Which gave me hope that she would be just fine. So we’re keeping her doctored up, and we’ll see what a week or two will do.

In knitting and crocheting stuff… I’m making a boodle of these little angels from Bev’s site. I’m going to put magnets on these and stick them to the fridge, and then when we go shopping I’ll get some lapel pins from the craft section to add to the backs of other ones. Mine are like four inches tall, because I modified the pattern making them with half double crochet stitch. I might try this with baby weight yarn just using single crochet to get the two and a half inch size. Lordy knows I can never follow a crochet pattern just like it’s written, because that’s just how my brain is wired I guess.


If I can dig out my sparkle yarn I’ll make a bunch for the Christmas tree too! Besides these it’s just been the normal ol baby hat knitting, and making neck warmers. I need to work on one more pair of mittens for a friend also. Then Spinzilla can happen next week with nothing holding me back! Yaaayyyy! Pictures incoming as I get things packed and ready to mail out, and then more pictures for all the week of Spinzilla!


Down and Out!

It’s been a rough week-ish or so. The flu bug has hit us, and it’s starting it’s second round, so no matter how crappy I feel, I had to get up and do something about it all yesterday. By the end of the day I had washed nine loads of laundry, and the kiddo’s worked on folding and putting it all away, and making beds. Then there was just general house keeping to catch up on. Two days of NyQuil haze is enough for me without getting to the point I want to condemn my own home. :-P  Then I cleaned door handles, and light switches, and changed out tooth brushes, and boiled the silverware! Yes, that’s how I roll when the bug hits us this hard and won’t let go.

Now I’m feeling a lot better except for a bit of a cough, and I keep sweating. Three days straight and I feel like I’m in a sweat lodge. No fever, but there’s the sweat. Blah. Every single Fall since we’ve been here this happens in either Sept or Oct. I guess it’s just going to be a thing.

Funny thing though. All the kiddo’s keep asking for their school paper work, and they do it on their clip boards in their beds. They don’t wanna fall behind. LOL I ask them, fall behind what?  They’d just rather take two weeks off for Christmas vacation, and not have a flu vacation.😛 And no one really has the runny eyes and nose kinda cold/flu, so they can all still see to read their books and write, so it’s all good.

In knitting news… I’ve just picked out random colors of yarn, and I’m working on neck warmers. Cast on 33 stitches and knit every row til the piece is about four inches bigger than a hat, so it slips over your head easily and knit the starting row to the ending row like a three needle bind off.  I like them better than scarves, because no dangling ends to get caught on anything, and they’re easy to have on hand to hand out. Last year in Oct the temps took a sudden dip from in the 70’s during the day, to the mid 30’s right after sunset, and there was this poor woman in the store parking lot asking for money in shorts and a tshirt, obviously Freezing her hiney off because she didn’t expect the turn in the weather. I stripped off my neck warmer, and mitts, and $2 flannel shirt that I was wearing as a second shirt, and just gave it to her so she could be warm. I still had long clothes and my jacket on, so I was fine, and I had extra neck warmers and mitts in our van, so I could easily put more on without worry about the ones I handed off to her. It’s so nice to be able to do that, and it didn’t even cost me $3, and totally made someones day better all at once. Not tooting my own horn or anything, but I really Love knitting and crocheting for just that reason!

In the garden… our zucchini plants are just about done. I will be sad to not have them now. And we ate so much I didn’t get to freeze any for us for winter either. I do have four left right now that I’m going to shred for making zucchini bread though. The other night we shredded some zucchini and some potatoes and then dh spiced it up and added a few eggs and we fried it on the griddle like hash browns and man oh man can you say, “new favorite dish”!!!! We made way too much though so I have some stored in the freezer right along with our fried zucchini to take out and pop in the oven for heat and eat type food! Nom nom nom!

And in the kitchen… Emily was like, “Mom, do you have a pie crust recipe?” Nope. So I look one up, and of course she runs right off making it!  Then I’m like, “what are you going to use it for?” My face when she said, “Pumpkin pie!” :-O  Ummmm, I don’t think we have all the ingredients. Her: “sure we do!” And she proceeds to pull them all out of gawd knows where, and I’m checking dates….. Huh! I guess we do! I leave the room for like 15 minutes, and come back and shes like, “Mom, how do we roll out the pie crust?” We take another fifteen minutes to dig out the rolling pin, and I’m muttering, “This is why I don’t bake. This is why I don’t bake” LOL So anyway, we made it all work! First time making pie crust for both of us. First time making pumpkin pie for her! Yaaaaayyy! Nom nom nom!😀


And that’s our week so far. Sickness and all. Hows yours going?


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