In the works

So here are a few projects I’ve been working on, or that are still in progress. First up the Two Cakes to Tango Shawl. Here I’m using the Red Heart Ombre yarn in the color Sea Coral, and the second yarn is some Mainstays yarn from Wally World in the color Purple. I need to go get a second skein of the Purple to make this shawl as big as I’d like, but it looks like it’s only going to take one skein of the Sea Coral. I was taken back by the $8 price tag of the Ombre yarn, but then when it got to my door I found out it’s almost as big as a Pounder skein! Soooooooo yummy!


Here are a couple of the dishcloths I’ve been working on. I am ramping up my dishcloths and soap sacks, because dh is going to be out of work during his surgeries, and I need to start making at least $300 a week at the flea markets and through my shop, to help support us through the summer and fall.


I cannot just go get a regular ol job anywhere, because I am the caretaker, and person who does all of the driving to appointments, and everywhere. Plus there’s homeschooling, and just all of the housework and gardening and animal tending that thankfully the kiddo’s are picking up a Lot of the slack on too. But right now I am increasing inventory like a crazy person, so I can hit the ground running! Plus I might be helping out our neighbors too, because they buy storage lockers and do the whole flea market thing too, so I can make a little money helping them do a lot of moving and setting up also. Yaaayyy, work! (my weekends are definitely going to be as full as my weekdays for a while)

Here’s some pink protest hats that I’ve been working on also! Seems like I can’t keep these in stock, so I just keep cranking them out!  If anyone wants any just message me, and I’ll set them aside for you before I pop them on my shop. People who read the blog get first dibs. 🙂


And lastly here are some necklaces I bought the parts to, and then just whipped them together. The cross and heart are abalone shell, and then little pendant in the middle says, “God does not provide a map for Life… only a Compass” and then it has a little compass cross thing that hangs over it. So, I really don’t think it much counts as jewelry making, ~But~ this weekend I am going to be wire wrapping some dragons eyes that I’ve painted, and will be making pendants and pins out of them! And to me That counts as totally making jewelry, so stay tuned for that! (and yeah, my picture taking still sucks. neener.)


And now I get to go put the chickens up for the night and then I can relax for an hour or so. Knitting of course!



Gardeny Goodness

We were outside today deciding what would go where in the garden. We’ve decided to ring the apple trees with rocks from around the yard, and then we’re going to put some dirt right inside the rocks from our finished compost pile, to plant chamomile seeds around each tree. We wants lots and lots of chamomile and mint this year. The mint is going in five gallon buckets though, because I don’t want that getting out of control!

The rhubarb is going to go in up against the wooden fence at the edge of the house. And then we’re going to be planting beans along the chicken coop area, and spaghetti squash along the back fence like I did the birdhouse gourds a couple of years ago, so we can trellis them.

This year the zucchini is going to go into the three beds right off the back porch area, and then the tomatoes are going to go in the three beds we did onions in last year. Aaaaand I’m going to be doing a whoooooooooole lot of the sprouting seeds and planting myself, because dh is coming up on his back and neck surgeries.  Four in all now, with three to four months recovery time between each one… so yeah, I’m scrambling for ways to feed us good food all year, because he’s going to be out of work for a good six months or more! I don’t know what we’re going to do without much of a paycheck. But we’ve been living on half of his salary since he went part time over a year ago, and we’re still making it. Going down to a lot less than that might hurt, but it’s not gonna kill us. I’ve lived on a Lot less before!  So, I know I can do it again!

Last week we came across someone we knew that had an abundance of apples, potatoes, and onions, so I took what I could get, and this week we’ll be canning all of that goodness up, and dicing the onions for the freezer too. I have about five pounds of diced onions, and onions and mushrooms sauted together in our freezer still from the twenty-two pounds we put in there last summer, so it’ll be good to have more.

We only have five appointments next week, so it’ll be a good week to catch up on things around the house, and get all of the canning out of the way, and get the seeds for the garden going too.  I have about forty pounds of potatoes, and thirty pounds of apples to get into jars!  So if you happen to see me, and I look exhausted… it’s because I am. lol



Ramping up….

LOL But don’t hold me to it. Cuz yeah, I’m a sucky blogger, right. Agree with me, it’s a-okay!

Anyway, we are doing alright. Just super busy right now.  I was looking at some of my past blogs though, and I really miss doing this, and all the pictures I used to post, and all the cool ideas that I used to pop on and share, so I figure that between therapy and all other kinds of goodness going on here, I need to start sharing again.

So here’s whats going on for now…

April Fools and Easter all in one day. I don’t know weather to boo or cheer! All the clean up, all of the fun, super concentrated. We will be doing our normal tricks like water spraying, and toothpaste on shower handles and such. I’ve also painted a few rocks as Easter eggs, and the kiddo’s like them. I wish they were still younger so they would go bonkers over them, but teenagers, ya know. :-/



And I am making a baby blanket for my nephews son (8 weeks or so old now. yeah, I slack a lot lately apparently) so I can’t picture that because, ya know, surprises! But soon.

Troy and I took a parenting class called Love and Logic over the past six weeks, and that was super amazing!!! The kiddo’s are super sharp about our changes, and they are all, dare I say it, doing really really really good, and I am feeling a lot better about them making good decisions, and getting things done now without us nagging, and pesting, and threatening!  Emily’s melt downs are 98% improved, and that has been thee most wonderful of things, because shes getting older and they were getting worse, and draining the life out of us. But over the last 7 weeks shes, like, matured into like a 30 year old in a 14 year olds body! Wild to watch, but at this point I know who’s going to be driving the family van first! LOL Don’t tell the boys I said that. 😛

And as for everything else… dr’s appointments out the yin yang still. We had one the other day that we scheduled six months ago, had to run all the way to the Springs for it, and we were going to drop Cassie off, and run all the way back to Pueblo for a couple of other appointments, and then double back and pick her up. Got all the way there and I thought, I’d better run in with her and make sure there’s no additional paperwork needed, and insurance stuff goes ok… good thing I did, because they were all like, “you called yesterday and canceled because of a car accident” and we were like, Nooooooo we confirmed your robo call on Friday and that’s that. And then they admitted that they got a call and someone had canceled, but they couldn’t make it out, so they just picked US! WTFFFFFF! And we drove 125 miles to get there, after waiting 6 months!!!!! I was livid! And we marched out of there, and got back to Pueblo with five minutes to spare for our next appointment! When we got home the answering machine was chock full of apologies, and appointment making of which I had two appointments I had to make them cancel for next week, because they just started shoving us in everywhere trying to get us to accept one. Our schedule is packed weeks out folks! You just can’t DO that!!!!! So we have it scheduled for three weeks from now, and that is going to be thee only appointment that day!

So yeah, that’s all I have for now because I still have chicken and garden chores to get done today. Little bit of everything at a time. Things are getting done. I really am hoping to be on here a bit more because FB is just too much for me right now. I’m posting a bit at Instagram now too. I’m Spinnermomof5 over there just like on Ravelry. Cassies on Rav now too.  The pattern bug has bitten her! 😀

If you’ve read this far, you are amazing! ❤


New year, New garden

It’s getting to be about that time again. Yeah, I know it’s freezing and snowing outside, but I can’t help myself. I am looking at seed catalogs and scribbling down where I would like everything to go this year. I am even collecting recipes for things I Know we are going to have, and I would like to can! We have been in this house for almost six years now, and the soil is getting just about as good as it’s going to get with all of the wood chips we’ve been putting down the past three years, and all the awesome planting areas we have now.

So last years boodle of different tomato types failed a bit, so this year we are going to go back to a whole lot of paste tomato types, and then just four or five of the beef steak types of tomatoes. Maybe three of the sweet 100 cherry tomato plants also.

I have my potato starts ready for sure. I have garlic in the fridge that is going to go into the ground in the next eight weeks. And around the end of Feb I will be getting as many onions in the ground as I can also! I can basically put those anywhere at this point, because we’re going to be expanding to the second lot this year for our squash plants, and then lots of sunflowers for the chickens!  And I have a wonderful plan for beans, and carrots, and turnips this year also!

In flowery news… I’ve brought my roses indoors, and I’ve started giving them a wee little water every three or four days, and they have sprouted!!!! Same with our lavender. So, woooohoooo for the minute it stays above freezing out, I’m going to have the most beautiful flowers blooming!!!!

I can’t wait to get my mint and chamomile going also! I’ve been drinking so many herbal teas lately, and I never have enough of my own herbs to make it through the winter! I need to change that! I have started drinking some dandelion tea with ginger lately also, and that has been a wonderful boost during the winter! It’s almost like gingerbread frosting if you put a drop of vanilla in it!

And in other news… my leg cramps are horrible again, so I’ve started drinking molasses and almond milk again. I don’t remember when I stopped doing that, but it has been helping a lot! Especially when sleeping gets interrupted so much. With all of these neurosurgeon appointments we’re going to be having for dh in the next few weeks, and then potential surgeries on his back throughout the next couple of months I am going to neeeeeeed my rest! Once again I will be shuttling everyone everywhere! But the good news is there will be lots of hospital and dr office time for my knitting and crocheting! Just today I got one and a half adult hats done, and started a neck warmer too! Pictures soon! Only had two appointments today, but one of them took around three and a half hours, plus about 20 xrays of dh’s back and neck! Gah!

So, I’ll be on here more, but the posts I make might be kind of short! Gotta run now and get the chickens in for the night!


Happy 2018!!!

So, I’ve heard from a few people and they are really encouraging me to write more, because they have been missing my blogs, and seeing my knitting, and all the things I’ve been up to! So, I reckon I should try and blog more. I really do miss sitting down and writing about my family, and my crafting, and for a while I thought I was getting repetitive, but when I look back on my blogging it really was good for me, and now that I’ve been doing so much journaling with my therapy, maybe I should do some of that here as well.

So, the new year started with, what else, but new pets! You remember last year our Buzzy bird died, and that cage has been sitting empty for around three months now. Youngest dd, Emily, seemed to start saving her allowance immediately, and had a goal that she wanted to get a bird for her birthday! I was resistant for a while, but she was persistent. Then I kept throwing in the fact that birds are flock animals, and even Buzzy had a mate, many many years ago. So she agreed, and started saving for two parakeets!

Of course the week before her birthday we had to go get cat litter, and when we went into the pet store all the stars aligned, and there was thee most beautiful white (albino) parakeet, and she melted! I made her wait though. Three whole agonizing days!!!! She was soooo worried that it would be sold by the time we got back. So was I really, but going to town is 25 minutes each way, and we weren’t going to make an almost hour round trip *just* for birds! Plus there’s the whole, “wait 24 hours before making any big decisions”, thing we implemented a couple years back. But when we got back to the store there the birdy was, sitting just as beautiful, right in the middle of the whole flock!

For her second choice she knew she wanted a blue one, so we looked them all over and there were a couple with really ratty black tails and there was one that was a gorgeous color blue, but he looked a little sick, and I wasn’t taking home a problem case! And then there was the one she settled on. Beautiful blue, with a gorgeous ebony blue tail!

So, those are the ones we ended up with. Say hi to Snowflake (it’s a millennial thing) and Bluefish! The cats haven’t been allowed to meet them yet. lol


This was their reaction to hearing birbs…


Yes, birbs is what we say when we’re using our cat voices. 😀

Anyway, that’s how our new years began! Just one more birthday for January tomorrow, and we’ll be done til oldest ds’s birthday in April! He’s gonna be twenty-freakin-five! Yes, that’s how I’ve been saying it! 😀 I’ll work on getting a knitting post up tomorrow after church. (Yes, we’re going to church now also! The healing in the past year has been awesome! More about that later also!)



Never Stop Learning

So, in the past two weeks I have learned three new crochet-y things. One of them being the corner to corner afghan and how to make pictured afghans. Thanks, Mikey!!!!

So what do I go and do right after I figure that out? I go to Pinterest, of course!!!! Where I found a gazillion ideas! One of them being just plain ol plain ol changing color, and doing corner to corner stripes. Of course I can’t just do plain ol plain, and even though sitting around with a big ol blanket on my lap while it’s so dang cold seems like a wonderful thing right now, we are still neck deep in appointments, so I want something portable. So I came up with this…


I’m going to make four of them, and either make a bulls eye blanket or some kind of funky pinwheel look. Then I want to attempt something cooler with a picture on it. I’ve already been all over Craftsy and Ravelry looking at patterns galore!!!! So there will be more interesting things to come.

In other around the place news… two days ago a neighbors home burned to the ground. Both of the people in the house were taken to the hospital. But they no longer have a home. So we’re going to get with some other people in our little town and see if there is anyone taking up items for them or donations or something. So sad to have fire hit our small neighborhood twice in the past two months. Once was just the people across the street setting their yard on fire with a burn pile, and now this. Be careful out there folks!



This and That

So last week we stopped by GoodWill again, and I got another bag on yarn for $6. I’m beginning to find the most dumped off colors are the hot pink, bright yellow, and baby boy colors.  Yarn is yarn, is yarn, is yarn. And I am having fun mixing and matching from my stash too.

So here’s what I’ve been working on this week. I had a skein of Bernat Pop cake yarn in my stash, so I pulled that out and wondered how much I could make out of it. I usually make those long triangle scarves out of the cake yarns, but this one, Scarlet Sizzle, the color combos were so close it was hard to tell where one started and the other ended, so I decided to make a neck warmer first, and then I made a hat, and still had a good deal left, so I used some of the fluffy white yarn that came in the GoodWill bag to make a brim, and then I used every last bit of the Bernat Pop and changed to a light rose color Red Heart yarn to finish the top of the hat. So a five dollar skein of yarn and a wee little bit of scraps can make three very warm items! I love that!

So here’s the neck warmer. Plain simple 33 stitches on size 8 needles, knit sideways til it’s a little wider than a hat, and seam up the side.


Here’s the first hat. It started out as just a regular hat, but then I decided to do some purl bump rows, and that morphed into a five (or ten depending how you look at it) row repeat. 70 stitches on a size 7 needle, ten rows of k1p1 for the brim, and then four rows plain, and then a purl row, then two knit rows, and then a knit one purl one row, two more rows of knit, and then another purl row. Repeated three times, and then do the decreases. Wah-lah! Pretty patterned hat!


And then the last hat from that same skein of Bernat Pop. If I would have done 60 stitches instead of 70 I think I would have been left with about 3 yards of yarn leftover. But 70 stitches, I came up just a little short, so I grabbed a rose color pink for those last 5 or 6 decrease rows. Not too shabby, and it’ll keep a head warm!


Life in general here is slowing waaaaaaaaaayyyy down. I actually had three days this week without appointments, and how weird is that sitting around thinking you should be going somewhere? lol I have made soooo freakin much progress in therapy this week!  EDMR is an over the top a Lifesaver! I am processing through so many years of crap, and beginning to feel like normal ol Me again! But I guess better than normal ol me, because normal ol me was still hurting. I wish I would have tackled this years and years ago! No time like the present though, right. 🙂

Oh, and in other sadder news. My dear Buzzy Bird died earlier this week too. All of the kiddo’s were bawling messes for about a day or so. Buzzy was six years old when I got him, and I have had him for 21 years!!!! I haven’t ever had a pet for that long before, and I don’t think I will ever have another pet for those many years again! So, I’m a little down about that, because I keep catching myself talking to his cage, and then he’s not there. I will miss him greatly! ❤


On a brighter note… the geese are flying south for the winter, and just about every time we step outdoors you can hear them everywhere! I love that! Anyway back to knitting and such for me. Best crochet/yarny video of the week for me…


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