Spinzilla Has Begun!!!!!

Today was the first day of Spinzilla, and contrary to popular belief there was a wee little bit of housework done today, AND I did feed my family!!! :-D Here is the first batch of fiber I chose to whittle out of my stash!


Here’s what it turned into with two bobbins of singles…


I’ll need to get a better picture of this yarn tomorrow in the sunshine, but for now here’s a shot of the pretty yarn it’s spun into! It’s a beautiful marble color when plied back against itself! I am going to have to try this with other two tone fibers I have and see what the results are.


In kitty cat news!!!! I gave them a little photo shoot today, and here they are right from their naps!







And Walnut, aka Wally!


Aren’t they so darn cute???

These guys have no idea what to think of the whole mewling lot of them! LOL


More tomorrow on Spinzilla fun!

TTYL :-)

More Mouths to Feed…

So about two weeks ago Emily’s back porch cat Oreo brought another cat around, and we’ve been calling her Hobo. Cassie discovered Hobo was preggers and she was really really really hungry, and we’ve been feeding her a whole cup of food a day for the past week or more. Well, this morning she sat at the back door crying her head off when dh got up for work, so I decided I’d better get up and find out what was going on. She was in labor and didn’t want to go through it alone. :-D So I grabbed an old sheet and set her up in the box that Emily and Cassie set out for her yesterday, and poured her a half cup of food in there, and she went between going in and out of there and rubbing up against my legs, and when Oreo and Cookie would come into the yard on our back cement slab she would dart out there and give them a quick whoopin, and then come right back to the box. So all of the porch cats have been kept at bay all day by fierce mama!!!!

She gave birth to two of the babies and then stalled out for a while. I sat with her from 7:45 ish til around lunch time, with her in and out and pacing. I came in and made lunch, and just had the kiddo’s keeping an eye and an ear out for anything happening. After the first two were born she kept trying to dart in our back door, so I had to keep reigns on the kiddo’s being careful not to let her slide in here. I feel she would have beat the crap out of my four indoor cats if she had gotten in.

So after lunch I did some cleaning around the house, and we got into our normal afternoon routine, and then when the kiddo’s went back out to check on mama cat she had Five kittens in the box!!!! One poor little fella was dead though. His mouth/face was messed up, so I have a feeling he might have been why she stalled out and was still born. Here’s a picture after I added an old fresh towel for her to lay on…


The poor dead kitty we lifted with the pink wash cloth to move it away from the others. Mama started bringing the other kitties over to the fresh towel to eat some more after she got it all settled the way she wanted it. So we’ve got a new tribe of outdoor kitties. We’re going to start getting them all fixed starting next month when they have a spay and neuter clinic. Our little tribe won’t be producing any more that’s for sure!

Here’s a shot of the proud daddy cat, Oreo (with Austin), just because he’s taken such good care of Hobo the past two weeks, keeping all the other cats away, and making sure she got to eat first! <3


And that’s all we’ve got for today!

TTYL :-)

Life changes…

…and I guess it’s time for me to change again too. I remember back in my Xanga days I would post three and four times a week about everything and anything, and now with teenagers running about saying, “Mooooooomm, you are Not going to write about That are you???”, and all the mess that life has been over the past two years I guess I’ve fallen into a slump. Not just a blogging slump, but a creativity slump, a OMG I have a life slump, I haven’t really noticed it til now. I have however been writing a massive Diary off line! Some days I feel like I’m going bonkers, so I write write write! One day I’m going to read back over all of it like I do my old Xangas now, and probably just be amazed at the foolishness and craziness of it all.

I think part of the problem nowadays is I haven’t surrounded myself with crafty people lately. I’ve kinda stuck to my own little hole in the wall, and I haven’t been reading  all the knitting and crafting and charity blogs like I used to. I’m getting back to that though.

In October we have Spinzilla coming up, and I’ve signed up to be on a local team to spin with!  I hope to spin at least a mile. I think I spun a whole mile and a couple hundred yards extra last year, so I should be able to do at least that much again this year.

There are lots and lots of knitting pictures I have to share too. Kind of fell off the bandwagon there. I don’t know why. Probably part of that slump I was talking about!

Today I am moving my desk to another area of the house. Out of the dining room where everybody and anybody walks past and deposits just about anything you can think of on my desk. Plates of food, their drinks, toys, games, a loaf of bread. :-/  So I am moving off into the laundry/cat/yarn bucket room where I’ll even have a window to look out of!!!! And we are putting our dining room table back in the dining room so we can all have meals together again!!! It’s been a long and frustrating three months without a dining room table, and my desk right in the middle of all the hubbub!!!

So that’s what’s going on here! Hopefully I’ll have pictures to share soon, and be back to blogging a lot more regularly!!!!

TTYL :-)

Yep I’m doing it again….

Dropped the blogging ball! Things have been rather hectic here. Don’t know when they’re going to get better, but at least I have knitting, and crocheting, and weaving, and spinning to keep myself occupied while the whirlwind sweeps around me, and time keeps flying by at amazing speed!!!  Lookie there, it’s already September!!!

So in August we blitzed on down to TX to help out the family member that was supposed to be helping us. We’ve brought one of her sons home with us, and the 4 yo special needs boy is still back in TX with her. Hopefully they’ll both be here by next month, or October at the very latest. There is no nice pretty new house for them to come to though, so they’re double thinking things. I love my 108 year old home, but not many people like old houses, so I guess it’s a thing. No dishwasher, no bath tub!!! Gasp! Oh and heck, no stove, or oven!!! Yeah, it’s rough out here, but we’re making it. I don’t expect anyone else to understand, or live this way.

In crocheting news… I’ve got some really cute things done, but will have to get picture and insert them later. I’ve finished a minions baby girl outfit for my grand niece. Have to run to town to get pink buttons for it though. In my Huge ol button stash I do not have two matching pink buttons!!! Crazy! Then I’ve gotten another teenage size minions hat made for my crew, and I’m working on some hair bows again. Just little clips this time.

In knitting news… lots and lots of kitty cat hats that I’ve put on my shop. I’ve been working on more CO hats also. For some reason people around here are in love with those things!!! I’ve also been working on lots of different color baby hats for the hospitals. It’s a nice break from everything else! Some of the new colors of Simply Soft yarn that I’ve found have been working up beautifully also! Nice when you haven’t been yarn shopping in a while, and then you go to the store and spot all the new cool colors. I got some in Snow Camo, and some in a colorway called Gold which is a bunch of orange and red hues. Emily drooled. LOL

I’ve been working on some cording on the Kumihimo braid maker also!  After I get the blue and white cord off of there I’m going to start doing long runs of red and white, and green and white for Christmas stuff!

Oh, and I’ve ordered some of those little purse clasp thingies, and I am going to try and make some little coin purses out of some of my Inkle straps! I found a pattern online for a little knit change purse using those Bon Bon yarns. If the people that made Bon Bons ever saw my buckets of little scrappy pieces of yarn though, they’d wonder why the heck they ever created such a thing. :-D So if making Inkle coin purses doesn’t work out, then at least I can knit a few!

And that’s about all the crafty stuff I have for now.  The new most wonderful biggest news… we bought a new to us used car this past weekend. A 2004 Prius!!! Dh is going to try and take on some extra work that might have him doing a bit of traveling, so it’ll be a good car to have. I’m calling it My car though, because I Love Love Love the way it drives!!! AND since it’s a hybrid we haven’t even used $4 of gas yet, and we’ve driven it from CO Springs to home (roughly 80 miles), and then to town and back twice!!!! It’s getting like 58 miles to the gallon. :-D Dh asked me, “so which is the best now, Mustang or Prius?”  I told him the young person in me screams Mustang!!!! But the older penny pinching me is Prius all the way. LOL

Anyway, off to do the mundane housework.  Nine loads of laundry yesterday, two more to wash today, and all that folding to do. Such is life.

TTYL :-)


Trying this from my new phone to check out picture size and wordy stuff…


Let’s see how this looks.


So I’m not sure why but everything I posted from my phone is coming from the right side of the screen. No idea how this is happening but…. weird. And I hit Publish and it didn’t publish it. Just made a draft, and now I am on my computer punching this in, and I have no idea how it’ll look when it’s posted. BUT hey, here’s a pic of what I’m working on. I’m making two of these Viking hats for a friend. I’m making one in the size she said to, and then one in a smaller baby size because I’m worried the bigger size just might not fit… whichever she doesn’t use she can stuff on a teddy bear or something. :-P

I am also making minion hats. One for a baby, and one in an adult-ish size. Child has a 21 inch head… I have a 22 inch head. I’m muddling my way through making up my own thing. You know me and crochet. I’ll have more pic’s soon now that I know this phone thing takes great pictures (unless of course if I hit publish, and the picture blows up my whole screen, then I’ll just stop until I can make .jpg s again). I can’t do any cropping or editing or anything to them, so you just get what you get til I can get pic’s off my good-ish camera for the shop.


Another picture, of Miss Emily wearing her kitty cat hat improperly. These will be on the shop soon also. Emily got that one, Cassie got a blue one, and I also have pink, purple, white with pink ears, and white with blue ears, and light grey.


And that is about all for now. At least I know I can upload pictures from my phone. Yeeeeees, it is weird for me to remember to carry that dang thing around with me. I don’t think I will ever ever panic if I leave it home though. I like it better than the flip phone I had, that still to this day lies dead in the bottom of my purse. This one is more like my Hellbox (iTouch), and I can have my games on it and stuff. Dh’s taken to calling them the Magic Rectangles. I’m just calling them Hellboxes still. LOL

TTYL :-)

Working again!

So Thursday night I got an order for some mitts with hearts on them. They wanted them in Seahawk fooozeball colors. They may have giggled at me when I was like, “I’ll go look those colors up and get right back to you to weather or not I can do that.”  So I looked up the team logos and the jerseys that they sell on the football sites, and yep, I can do that! Friday and Saturday nights were spent knitting, and Sunday I made the hearts and put those on, and today I packed it all up and mailed it off… and I forgot to take pictures. Doh!!!!  But I do have enough yarn here to make one more pair, so I could possibly whip that up and get a picture.

In Etsy shop stuff news… I should have five kitty cat hats going up on the shop tonight or tomorrow. I’ve been busting my hiney knitting and crocheting so much, and I haven’t been keeping up with the pictures, and listing things to the point of where it’s now going to be overwhelming to do all the listings and picture taking. So it’s like my grandma said, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. :-D So, I’m going to try to be posting at least five to ten items a week for the next five or six weeks, and then maybe just maybe, it’ll all be good.

In kiddo news… They all got Bibles last week.  Waaaayy back when, it was my plan for them all to get Bibles when they turned 13. My grandma got us girls Bibles when we were like 5-7 years old, and they came in the mail, and had our names in pretty gold letters on the front. So I made up my mind when I started having children that I would get them their own when they were old enough to not color in it, and such. So Darrin got his when he turned 13, and I went downtown and found the Christian book shop that would do the gold lettering.  Then Cassies turn was coming up, but just 8 months before her 13th birthday she had the awful reaction to the antibiotics, and that threw a wrench in the works for a few years now. Benny’s 13th birthday also went by with me not getting him his Bible.  Now Austins 13th birthday is coming up in just a few short months, and I was thinking… just do it. Do it all! So I got online and I was going to order white Bibles for the girls, and black ones for the boys. But then Cassie and her blue.  And there it was, a pretty blue Bible with a zipper cover. So I got her the blue, gave Emily her choice, and she still chose the white. And I got the boys black ones. I was going to have a nice Bible handing out morning…. until the Bibles showed up on my door step in a Bright Yellow Minions box! Thanks Amazon, the kiddo’s found much silliness in that! :-D

In moving news… We should have the keys to the new house sometime this week!  I had a really bad dream the other night though, and it set me back a bit about the whole move thing. Dh and me had a heated debate, because I was feeling overwhelmed with the size of the house (4 bathrooms. Did I mention foooour bathrooms??? Gah) He was just like, “get used to it, and get used to really nice houses, because that’s the way it’s gonna be from now on.”  So yeah, I’m feeling a little stressed about it all. I told him if I just hole up in one little corner of it all for a while, that’s just gonna have to be it. I don’t like big spaces, I don’t like big fancy anything. It’s just gonna ~fill Up~ with sooooo much mooooore stuff!!!! I’m not liking the stuff so much. The family that we’re moving in with was all like, “oh, wait til you see all my baking pans” She apparently has hundreds. That’s just not what I needed to hear. Blah. But I’ll have a stove, and a(4) bathtub(s). Lord help me. Should be… interesting.

TTYL :-)

New Ways…

to promote my shop.  I started a Facebook page for it!!!  https://www.facebook.com/SpinnerMomMadeThat  I am going to try and add a couple of things a day to it, and then in October start promoting the crap out of it, and hopefully it’ll increase sales wonderfully for the Christmas season.  I’ll add coupons and such just for the FB tribe too!  I figure since I’m going to have my own little crafty room in this new home we’re getting, I’d better work my butt off so I can sit home for another 6-8 months, and then in the Spring decide if I want to work in town since we’ll only be like 5-10 minutes away from everything!

I got some newborn Christmas hats for the hospitals started yesterday! Five white brims on the needles. I’ll start adding tops to them next weekend. I also scooped some cheap cotton yarn on sale at WalMart! They had P&C skeins on sale for 70 cents for some ugly colors and $1.00 for some ok colors that they just had too much of. Everything else was $1.77. Still sticking to my yarn diet of not buying stuff if it ain’t on sale or if it’s a color I don’t have (limit one skein). :-P

And the big big news… I got one of those fandangle phone thingies. I just call it the Devil. I can text now. The world must have ended.  The kiddo’s are setting me up with bits and bobs from the app store for it. I have no idea what to do with it. I figured out texting, but I keep making it flip into some mode, and it took four tries before I remembered how to flip out of it so things look normal again. I turned the sound up and down too. Yaaayy, me. It bling de bloops in my purse when I get messages. And that’s all I know for now. :-P

And that is all from here. How is everybody’s Mondays going?

TTYL :-)

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