A little knitting/crocheting


So, here’s what I’ve been up to in the past few weeks. I found an online link to finger puppets through one of the charity groups I’m on. It’s been a really really long time since I’ve made a puppet, so I’ve forgotten how much fun, and how much frustration they are initially. Fun, because they’re cute, and they can be made quickly. I made these two in about an hour and a half. Frustration, because I S.u.c.k. at making faces and hair!!!! But I did pretty ok here.  Here’s a link to the pattern I followed for her, and you can see the creator has a pretty crocheted tiara, and her’s looks wonderful. I had no clue how her hair is sewn on, so I just cut the pieces for my puppets hair, and then tied it to the top of her head, and spread it out evenly around the back of her head, and whip stitched two or three pieces at a time evenly around the base of the back of her head.  I’m looking at other ways to do the hair next time, because I would really like to give them away knowing a child isn’t going to pull the hair off and eat it or something.


Here’s my pile of booties and hats that I need to get seamed up, and ends woven in so I can send them off. Most of the hats are for preemies, and then the rest are regular size baby hats and booties.


And Here is the Big project! I ran across this Crochet Crowd video and went with making a twin size bed spread. So far I’ve used two Caron Pounders, and I’m going to be starting my third regular skein of Red Heart Love in the color Eggshell, and the darker green is Red Heart Accent in the color Paradise.  I’m going to need four skeins of that I think, or at least three and a half. And no I have no clue where I want to give this yet. Usually something pops up within a month or so of me finishing something like this. Mostly it might just be claimed by one of the kiddo’s. One thing I do have to say is that when I got to about the half way point on this I was panicking thinking that it was going to be too skinny. Right now though I am like, yep this is going to be just the perfect size just how the pattern called for! So five more veeeeerrrrryyy long rounds and this will be done!


And that’s what I am up to making.  I’ve been cleaning out so many half done projects too. I’ve been on a yarn diet also, so I am going to have a couple of empty tubs here soon, and that feels good also because I have like eight more tubs of yarn in storage, and I’d really like to bring them all home soon and just keep plugging away at getting more and more of it used up!

I’m thinking in April for the Flash Your Stash challenge I might just get everything out, and get it all sorted and put back away proper! Since we moved here two and a half years ago my yarn stash has just been out of control and crazy. Baby yarn and worsted weight all mixed in together. Cottons and regular yarn mixed in. Variegated’s and solids mixed and messed.  The only thing I have kept under control is the wool and alpaca, because I know there are so many people will “wool allergies”! So I won’t mix those with anything. More photos in a bit. So much to share.  I just need to find time to sit and type.

TTYL :-)

Promises promises

Yeah, it’s been over a week. So, I posted that last bit about posting a photo a day kinda thing, and then the next day we had a trip to CO Springs to meet an attorney, and as we’re walking into his offices I slipped on some ice, and kaploof! (insert sue the attorney jokes here) I mostly ended up in a snow bank, but my left knee hit the ground hard!  I’m lucky that my hands and arms were spared the impacted, but my knee turned four different shades of black and blue. So I’ve been taking it easy over here. But there has been much knitting and crocheting done, so I guess that’s a good thing!

Sorry for the blur, but this was the least blurry out of the three pics I took. :-P I R a horrible picture taker. Anyway, this went out to an internet buddy Clara who gives these items to a homeless shelter, and soup kitchen in her area. Four neck warmers, six hats, six sets of mitts, and two pairs of mittens!!!!


And then these are the fourteen baby buntings/burial buntings that I’ve sent to Warm Hearts Warm Babies. They are supposed to be lined with cotton or flannel, and since WHWB’s is having a time financially I added about four-five yards of flannel with these because I don’t sew! I would have cut little 15 inch blanket like things to go with each bunting, but I figure since the charity has work groups that they do finishing work, like adding buttons and snaps to items, that they would get much more out of the fabric yardage if they could just have someone sparingly cut the fabric and add the linings for me.


On that note, I dooooo have a sewing machine here, and dh used to sew things on it when we first got it. But then after that first six months or so the book that came with the machine was lost, so I never got to figure it out. I’ve watched many Youtubes and still can’t grasp it all. One day I might get up early and go to a JoAnn’s teach me to sew class, or something. I’ve saved about a yard and a half of flannel fabric back, so I can maybe one day give sewing on my own knitted items a shot.

In around the home news… we also had two birthdays this past week! Emily turned 12! And Benny turned 16!!!! And that is the end of the great cake event 2015-2016, until Austins birthday in October! Everyone has their birthdays between December and January in this house except for Darrin’s in April (technically he’s still in FL, so I don’t have to make him a cake :-P), and then Austins in October! Six cakes in two months is a wee much on top of Christmas baking too! LOL  So Happy Birthday to my January Babies!!!! <3


And that’s about all from here for now. I’ve taken lots more pictures, so hopefully I’ll be posting more. But I’m not making any promises, because apparently the Universe has a way of kicking my butt. LOL

TTYL :-)

Keeping feet warm!

So I think I’m just going to try and do a picture a day or every other day kind of thing to get me back in the groove of posting about things I’m working on. So much to picture too. I just finished a shawl and I’m working on some mitts and hats and neck warmers.

Today I just picked what was smack dab in front of me! Baby Booties!  I have like a dozen small balls of yarn left over from projects that need to get used up, so I got out my short dpns, put some hair ties on the ends and now they’re short straight needles perfect for making booties with.


I’ll just go until the ball is too small to get a set of booties out of, and then I’ll make woven hearts out of the last little bits of scrap.


These are the hearts I worked on over the past week. I have about three times this many now, so hopefully I’m stocked up for a while. I love just giving these out randomly! Makes so many people smile!

Hope everyone is keeping warm! It’s going down to 9 degrees here tonight! Perfect night for sitting by the heater, listening to music, and knitting!

TTYL :-)

Next Year…

I hope to post more! LOL So looking at my stats I actually had more people visit here this year, but with less comments. Which isn’t surprising, because I posted less this year.

Anyway, I have lots and lots to chat about, but it seems I rarely have time to just sit and post. The kiddo’s are doing that teenager-y thing where they whine, “you’rrreee not gonna post about this arrrrree yooooouuu?” So, I can’t write about their antics much longer. I will say, I got an awesome video of Austin crying his eyes out over a video game, and he spotted me with my phone and he starts giggling, and says, “are you recording?”, to which both Cassie and me say, “Maaaaaybe” and bust up laughing behind the camera! But I’ll be doing good to get knitting pictures edited and up here, let alone figuring out how to get a video up here. And I know how much y’all are missing knitting pictures!!! :-)

Next year I am also limiting my Etsy shop. I saw an awesome video about the breakdown of selling on Etsy, and how there are only a few really great top sellers, but that the average Etsy store only makes about $144 a month (I make about half that, so I’m lucky to even be close to average I guess). And that’s even sellers that are on the top 500 Etsy Sellers list. If you’re making more than that, you’re probably in the top 100 sellers, and the top fifty or so Etsy sellers make around $15K a year or so. The top twenty or so sellers make between $35K-$100K.

So last year I was looking at it as I just needed to list more items. Supposedly the more you list the better your chance of getting noticed, and zipping to the front pages of searches. But you really really have to work hard, and use all of your buzz words, and constantly go in and if you redo all of your pictures for the different holidays, and stuff like that people tend to look more. The last numbers I heard was for every 100 views on your shop, you should get 10 sales.

So looking at what I’m paying out to list 200-ish items at .20 cents a pop and re-listing them every 3 months if they don’t sell, and then keeping my items relevant to the fashion trends, and color trends… well, it’s just nuts. So, I am going to just leave 10 of each item on the shop. Ten of my most popular hats, and ten mitts, and ten kitchen items. Hopefully whittling my shop down to around 60 items. If people want to request certain colors, or something different, they certainly can. But no more of this making 20 unique sets of mitts, and listing them all and having them not sell for two years. That’s just forking out $4 to list an item that long, and I’m not going to turn much of a profit if I keep doing that.

So next blog… I promise pictures of things I’m working on.  Here’s a little sneak peek! Ornaments for the tree. I made four sets of them. :-)


TTYL :-)

2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 840 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 14 trips to carry that many people.

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Snow Day!

So the kiddo’s wanted to go play in the snow!  It’s 22 degrees out! Ack! That’s Miss Emily under that beard! :-D


Then there was this. No they didn’t all die from the cold. Snow angels!!!!


Here’s Miss Cassie! In the scarf she made all by herself. You can’t tell from this picture but that thing is like six feet long. :-P


And yeah, all that hair. I tuck it in the back pocket of her jeans every chance I get! :-D


And then there’s this. You can’t take FL out of this gal! ;-)


Happy snow day everyone!  Yeah I had cocoa and hot cider and hot tea waiting for everyone when they got in!

TTYL :-)


More Hats and Knitting Hacks

So I wanted something more than just plain ol hats to list on the store. I like the tiny mock cable pattern of Sugar on Snow, only problem was I needed to figure out decreases for a hat with knit 2 purl 2 ribbing. Which I found a couple of different ways to do that, but I liked this one best.

Here are the first two hats combining those patterns. I did 68 stitches for the red one, and 72 stitches for the grey one.  K1p1 for ten rows, then knit a row, then start the Sugar on Snow pattern repeat for the body of the hat.  7 or 8 pattern repeats depending on how big/tall you like your hat. 7 repeats is beanie like and 8 to 10 repeats you’d have to fold up your brim.


So part way through the grey hat I knew I was possibly going to screw up the row counting on the four row repeats (three rows of k2 p2 and then the special row that make it look like a twist). So as I was sitting thinking of ways to make little hashes somewhere so I wouldn’t forget what row I was on. someone on a video I was watching said “red, white, and blue” and it hit me… that’s the count to three I need. So I went into my scraps jar on my desk and got out little scraps of red. white. and blue yarn. and made little stitch markers. Now I can put the hat down at any point of the day and not have to finish a row. or worry about which hash mark I was on.  Row 1 = red marker, row 2 = white marker, row 3 = blue marker, then I just knit the special row with the blue marker on, because I can tell the difference between that row and the k2 p2 rows, and then it’s back to the red marker again! Yaaayy! So, I’m on a third hat in the color Carrot, and another hat on another set of needles in Royal Blue! So far so good, no mistakes!!!


TTYL :-)

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