Yep, we finally got some! Took three days, because the farm stand we go to picks fresh every morning, and when it’s gone for the day, it’s gone! But we got two bags, and we might get two more on the weekend. Gotta check how much room we can make in the deep freezer!

So the latest on the chickens… One has wry neck, and ended up getting hen pecked by the rest of the flock, so now shes in isolation (next to the others, but not in with them) and we’re giving her vitamin E in her food, and all the looove! Shes recovering nicely so far, but shes still a little twisty in the neck when she tries to look at things. The first day we had to separate her from the flock she just sat in my arms for almost an hour and slept, and did like chicken purs! It was so sweet, but heart breaking at the same time, because I think that none of the other chickens let her rest at all the night before. She finally woke up, and ate and drank a Lot! Which gave me hope that she would be just fine. So we’re keeping her doctored up, and we’ll see what a week or two will do.

In knitting and crocheting stuff… I’m making a boodle of these little angels from Bev’s site. I’m going to put magnets on these and stick them to the fridge, and then when we go shopping I’ll get some lapel pins from the craft section to add to the backs of other ones. Mine are like four inches tall, because I modified the pattern making them with half double crochet stitch. I might try this with baby weight yarn just using single crochet to get the two and a half inch size. Lordy knows I can never follow a crochet pattern just like it’s written, because that’s just how my brain is wired I guess.


If I can dig out my sparkle yarn I’ll make a bunch for the Christmas tree too! Besides these it’s just been the normal ol baby hat knitting, and making neck warmers. I need to work on one more pair of mittens for a friend also. Then Spinzilla can happen next week with nothing holding me back! Yaaayyyy! Pictures incoming as I get things packed and ready to mail out, and then more pictures for all the week of Spinzilla!


Down and Out!

It’s been a rough week-ish or so. The flu bug has hit us, and it’s starting it’s second round, so no matter how crappy I feel, I had to get up and do something about it all yesterday. By the end of the day I had washed nine loads of laundry, and the kiddo’s worked on folding and putting it all away, and making beds. Then there was just general house keeping to catch up on. Two days of NyQuil haze is enough for me without getting to the point I want to condemn my own home. :-P  Then I cleaned door handles, and light switches, and changed out tooth brushes, and boiled the silverware! Yes, that’s how I roll when the bug hits us this hard and won’t let go.

Now I’m feeling a lot better except for a bit of a cough, and I keep sweating. Three days straight and I feel like I’m in a sweat lodge. No fever, but there’s the sweat. Blah. Every single Fall since we’ve been here this happens in either Sept or Oct. I guess it’s just going to be a thing.

Funny thing though. All the kiddo’s keep asking for their school paper work, and they do it on their clip boards in their beds. They don’t wanna fall behind. LOL I ask them, fall behind what?  They’d just rather take two weeks off for Christmas vacation, and not have a flu vacation.😛 And no one really has the runny eyes and nose kinda cold/flu, so they can all still see to read their books and write, so it’s all good.

In knitting news… I’ve just picked out random colors of yarn, and I’m working on neck warmers. Cast on 33 stitches and knit every row til the piece is about four inches bigger than a hat, so it slips over your head easily and knit the starting row to the ending row like a three needle bind off.  I like them better than scarves, because no dangling ends to get caught on anything, and they’re easy to have on hand to hand out. Last year in Oct the temps took a sudden dip from in the 70’s during the day, to the mid 30’s right after sunset, and there was this poor woman in the store parking lot asking for money in shorts and a tshirt, obviously Freezing her hiney off because she didn’t expect the turn in the weather. I stripped off my neck warmer, and mitts, and $2 flannel shirt that I was wearing as a second shirt, and just gave it to her so she could be warm. I still had long clothes and my jacket on, so I was fine, and I had extra neck warmers and mitts in our van, so I could easily put more on without worry about the ones I handed off to her. It’s so nice to be able to do that, and it didn’t even cost me $3, and totally made someones day better all at once. Not tooting my own horn or anything, but I really Love knitting and crocheting for just that reason!

In the garden… our zucchini plants are just about done. I will be sad to not have them now. And we ate so much I didn’t get to freeze any for us for winter either. I do have four left right now that I’m going to shred for making zucchini bread though. The other night we shredded some zucchini and some potatoes and then dh spiced it up and added a few eggs and we fried it on the griddle like hash browns and man oh man can you say, “new favorite dish”!!!! We made way too much though so I have some stored in the freezer right along with our fried zucchini to take out and pop in the oven for heat and eat type food! Nom nom nom!

And in the kitchen… Emily was like, “Mom, do you have a pie crust recipe?” Nope. So I look one up, and of course she runs right off making it!  Then I’m like, “what are you going to use it for?” My face when she said, “Pumpkin pie!” :-O  Ummmm, I don’t think we have all the ingredients. Her: “sure we do!” And she proceeds to pull them all out of gawd knows where, and I’m checking dates….. Huh! I guess we do! I leave the room for like 15 minutes, and come back and shes like, “Mom, how do we roll out the pie crust?” We take another fifteen minutes to dig out the rolling pin, and I’m muttering, “This is why I don’t bake. This is why I don’t bake” LOL So anyway, we made it all work! First time making pie crust for both of us. First time making pumpkin pie for her! Yaaaaayyy! Nom nom nom!😀


And that’s our week so far. Sickness and all. Hows yours going?


It Fits!!!!!

So, last week I ordered an Ashford spinning wheel repair kit from the Woolery. I should have done it last year, but we were broker than broke. I should have done it the year before too, but I was late for Spinzilla sign up, and didn’t give a flying crap. But this year I got in on the Spinzilla sign up early, and I’m preparing early and saved my pennies, and didn’t go to Yarn Along the Rockies at all! So when I ordered the kit I saw the little round piece in the kit bag, I think it’s called a nylon retaining washer. I lost mine all the way back in FL somewhere. Four years I’ve been spinning with yarn tied on the back of my wheel so the treadle thingie wouldn’t fall off. Like this…


Just had to wrap it round and round so the blob of yarn was too big to go through the hole, and then tie it off. Sometimes I would get to spinning so fast and that bit of wood would pop off anyway. Blah!

Here’s the part I needed…


Looked high and low through hardware stores and everywhere I could think of. Never found one. I did see another lady using a hard piece of leather to hold hers on one time though, and thought that would be my next option. But nope. Here we goooooo…


And then I broke out the Wood Beams and shined my wheel up beautiful, and I was going to save the hardware for whenever, but everything was looking so beautiful, and the repair kit even came with the perfect little oil bottle for oiling all the moving parts. So, I just went to town changing everything out…


Isn’t she gorgeous now?  Love love love love!!!! (don’t mind that big ol basket of dirty laundry back there. It’s not going anywhere. LOL)

So I am Spinzilla ready!!! Wheeeeeeeee!

Random cat picture just because…



Gardeny cooking

Overwhelmed with food right now would be an understatement! SO, I put off dealing with the tomatoes and zucchinis for a week-ish to 10 days, or so. I cannot do that again. Today I washed and sorted three 9×13 pans of tomatoes, most about a little bigger than a golf ball, and then added diced onions, and some potatoes from the garden, to the whole batch of them for bulk, and tomorrow I have to spend all day rotating them in and out of our toaster oven, roasting them all and then shooting them all through the blender to make soup! This time around I am going to put two quart jars of the soup in the fridge for meals, and then I am going to scoop six cups at a time into zip lock bags to freeze them, so the kiddo’s don’t eat every scrap of it up within a few days!

Yesterday we did the whole zucchini thing! Both Emily and me, for like two or three hours, cutting, breading, and frying zucchini, and then portioning it into bags to freeze for side dishes.  All we have to do now is line a baking pan, and heat them up in the oven just like french fries! The rest of the zucchini that we didn’t get to, I just lopped and chopped up into chicken food, and that is all frozen now too!  Feels good saving every scrap of everything from the garden! But, man oh man, the work that went into it all! Totally worth it though, to have such yummy food on hand already done up for quick meals!

Yesterday, I made a small order for Spinzilla also. I got some fiber from the Woolery, and then a spinning wheel repair kit that I probably should have gotten last year! The good thing is, I can use the stuff from one repair kit to repair both of my wheels!  That way I can spin on the Ashford, and do my plying quickly on my Lendrum. The Lendrum is only a single treadle, so I don’t like spinning on it too much, but plying… whhhheeeeeeeeeee!

In knitting news… I am making some baby hats again! I got three done this weekend, and I have yarn out to start another one tomorrow. I’m also working on labeling packages to get them out of here the first of Oct. I’ve spent up all of my mailing money, and a few other dollars I had saved, so just gotta wait for a bit. I do have a few things to post to my Etsy shop though, so maybe a sale will come in and I can get some of these packages out sooner. No biggie either way.

And that’s about all from here! I hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful weekend.


First Day of School

Yep, once again this year we didn’t get started til after Labor Day.  I guess it might become a thing. We only have five more years of school, and then everyone will be graduated! The school board doesn’t care when we start or stop, just so long as we get in 172 four hour days. I still do the 180 days from FL though because they’re all used to it and it makes for a nice even amount of weeks.😛

So today we’re going nice and easy, with spelling words, and reading, and History. I’m going to try and throw more classics their way this year too. Nobody likes them much, so I might just end up getting Audible books and playing them when everyone is trapped in the van. Just for a regular run to get groceries it’s an hour round trip, so we could get a book knocked out every month or so, if we do that.

In knitting/crocheting stuff… well, I’ve got a boodle of things to finish up. My Nephew is having a baby in two weeks, so I’ve gotta get their package of baby things out. I’ve got pictures. Just not posting them til mama and papa see the gifties first! Then I have another friend in the Springs that had her baby like three months ago, and she was moving just after he was born, so I need to get her package out too.

I’ve also been working on hats, and neck warmers, and mitts, and stuff for the shop.  I need to work on some mittens for a little buddy of mine that just moved here to CO last year. His mama says she hasn’t found gloves or mittens to fit him, so I’m going to send her several different ones for her to try, and then make extras of the ones she likes. Can’t have my buddies hands being cold!

Oh, and there’s wood burning going on here also!  We went to Harbor Freight and they were having a tremendous sale!!! I think my wood burner was like 70% or 80% off! So I got it and I have some uses for it in my kitchen, and I’m going to make signs for Chicken City, and the Fresh Eggs hatch. I’ve already tested it out on a little bit of scrappy wood while we were building chicken city. Here’s what I’ve got so far…



… and that’s just fiddling around with it! Imagine if I got stencils or transfer paper! It does take a bit of setting up though because I’m afraid I’m gonna burn a hole in my desk, or burn myself somehow.  I pretty much will only use it in the morning when my brain isn’t scattered to a million other things!

And that’s about it for today. I should do a cat post. We’re up to six now, and we didn’t take Mammy to the shelter, so she’s still in the spare room too (so technically seven), because I found her a home where they need a good outdoor cat to catch mice. She would be the cat to have for that! I cannot tell you how many birds, mice, and lizards shes gifted me on the back porch in the past year!!! I think these people are going to Love having her around! So, one more week and shes outta here! Anyway…


Everyday Stuff

Ok, so here’s the deal. August was just as busy as July, and I am just not finding time to blog, so here’s what I’mma gonna do! I am going to just take a few minutes a day and post whatever, and maybe a just a picture here or there. I am disliking FB so much right now, I don’t think I’ve even been on there in a week or so other than to chat with a friend from Colorado Springs for a few minutes here and there, and trying to set up dr appointments for Cassie about three weeks ago.

So here’s what happened in August as best I can recollect. The big big BIG thing… the chickens are out in the cooooooop! Yaaayyy! I had finally had enough and we pushed it out big time and got an area cooped in the coop. We still have to build the better nesting boxes and the door to the outside.  They can use the regular door right now because they only stay outside when we’re outside because of feral cats and neighborhood misbehaved dogs. BUT they are sooooo freakin happy! I love it!

My sweet birdies!


Number Nine the rooster! He’s a pretty sweet rooster too!


So happy I painted the floor too! Once we get the nesting boxes, and the roosts, and the door put in I’m going to paint as much of the rest of everything that I can!  Oh, and we hung the feeder from a rafter, so they can’t dump it anymore!

So all is good in animal land again. Also in August the second set of kittens went to the no kill place, and all of them were in PetCo when we went in a week later, and then the next time we went in for litter they had all been adopted out! Mammy cat stayed with us for two more weeks after that, because we took her in to be spayed, and now she is going to be a barn cat and kill mice for a living!

Anyway, I’m off of here for dinner. We got a piece of pork from the meat store yesterday and we’re bbqing it and having it with beans from our garden and rice! Nom nom!




July Rolls By Quick!

Well, holy moly! Where did July go? I’ll tell ya where. It went to court dates, and gardening, and chicken coop building. That’s where. I guess lets start at the beginning of the month.

So the first week in July. We decided to buy a few fireworks, because the kiddo’s wanted those popper things. I got to the tent, and people were buying hundreds of dollars of fireworks, and I felt a little out of place with my little $15 budget. I got eight boxes of the poppers, so each child could have two, I got two packages of those things that you light and they whirl around on the ground and make like a small pyrimid of light, and then they pop and sparkle. And then I got two of the small Purple Rain. We Always have to have a purple rain. This year it was just the small ones, and since everything was buy one get one… we got two. We sat out on the back slab after dark and shot off everything we had, while watching the neighbors pop some high in the sky fireworks. There were so many we almost thought our little town had a show at the park, but it was just like three different families just doing their thing. We hollered out “Thank you”, when it was all said and done and they hollered back, “De Nada”!🙂

Then we were building the chicken coop. Remember that blog right there, where I said the chickens were going in their new home? Well, they didn’t. Then I hoped for July 4th. It being Independence Day and all. Then I was hoping it would be the next weekend, and the next. Nope, and nope. We’ve had the drawback of other critters being able to get into the half of the shed where we’re building their space. So we’re adding extra chicken wire, and boards to block foxes, and marmots, and feral cats, and skunks from getting to the chickens! Could you imagine if I went to feed them in the morning and found a skunk locked in with dead chickens, because it could have gotten through an unfinished area of the wall? Ugghh! I don’t wanna have to deskunk my coop!

So it’s all still in progress, and the chickens will be out in the next day or two at the very very most! We have to go to the store and get three more 2x4s to complete the outside part of the coop anyway. But I have got to say I am amazed at dh and my own abilities to build something this great! We both sat outside hammering in those U shaped fencing nails for tacking on the chicken wire and other wire fencing we have, giggling our butts off because we dubbed the coop Chicken City and then we both started singing Starships We Built This City… “We built chicken city on roooock and roll!” :-D

Then we had court. Bankruptcy. I have been super depressed and totally emo over it all. Sitting there in court bawling to the Trustee and showing her pictures of Cassie three and a half years ago at 65 pounds, and telling her about our move here to save her life. Lordy, I must have looked a bit whooped by the end of the morning. But it’s all done now, and it’s all in the courts hands. I bawled a couple of months ago too, filling out the paperwork, and basically what the paperwork told us is that we are a family of six, living on less than what one person in CO should be living on. Crazy that! The first thing to value on the paperwork was kitchen appliances, and the first appliance was “stove”. Oh, we don’t even have a freakin stove! We have a single hot plate, and a toaster oven. Trustee raises her eyebrow to that. So we showed her pictures. She believed us then. So really the only thing we have of value at all is our guns, and our bikes. Cassie will get to keep her bike, because it’s medically necessary for her to build more muscle. The rest of us might lose ours though. I’m really hoping we don’t.  When the lawyers office and the trustee were going through our paperwork they were expecting Mooooore stuff! We don’t have gizmos and gadgets like we used to though. Heck, I didn’t even have a cell phone til late last year, when I caught up with the rest of the world. But they can take that if they want it. I’m really not all that impressed.😛

And that’s about all for the month of July. Chickens, gardens, and court. I’ll do some picture posts over the next week or so. I have some awesome things to share!


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