I swear, going to dr visits and hospital stuff just about every day for the past two weeks, is just as tiring as a full time job!Β  We have been doing pretty good keeping things straight though. There’s the regular dr, and then the orthopedic dr, and a surgeon, and three other dr’s to keep straight. And then there’s going toΒ  be counseling to set up on top of that, and then the whole family of six of us to switch over to another dentist too! Consults and appointments out the ying-yang!!!

Yesterday when we did our shopping they had potato and onion starts in Wally World, so we got a good smackrel of them to start out with! Like four or five baggies of each! I planted around 60 onion starts last year, and they only lasted til the middle of January. So this year I am going to go Large, and we’re going to start off with these 80+ that we have, and I’m going to try and do around 80 more in a couple of months. We need enough for just regular onions for cooking, and then some for meals in a jar, and spaghetti sauces. I still have around five quarts of tomato sauce from our Roma tomatoes last year, so it looks like we’ll only have to double our tomato planting to get from one planting season to the next. A little more if we want stuff to stock our shelves longer than that.

Potatoes??? Yeah, we have some seed potatoes saved from last years crop, and then bought four more bags of them also. Dh is going to try cutting and curing the ones we just bought, and I’m just tossing the ones we saved directly into the ground the way they are. We’ll see what we get!

And for the Big news… since none of our incubator chicks hatched out, we got nine more chicks from the tractor store! White Leghorns this time! I am hoping and praying we have no illnesses in this batch (last year, one of the chicks got rye neck and we tried all the online suggestions, and finally ended up putting her down) and no more roosters!!! We have pullets, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t end up with a rooster!Β  We have Number 9 with our original flock, and that’s about all the surprises I want. LOL So we put all of these wee baby chicks in their new home, and they all ate a little, and then flopped over to sleep! Too cute!


In knitting news… I have finally gotten around to packaging up a lot of items here and will be mailing them out tomorrow!!! Five packages. Three hospitals, one domestic violence shelter, and one group that gives bereavement items to parents of still-borns.

Here is the latest shawl on the needles. Sweet Rolls color Frosty Swirls. Cassie is already eyeballing it. Nothing ever stays around my desk for long once it’s off the needles.


Part of my dr office knitting has been prayer cloths. I’ve been making these kind with the little puff stitch cross on it, and then plain knit ones that the group Bridget’s Cradles likes. So easy to transport these in a zip lock bag, with small needles and when they call your name for your appointment, zoop stuff it away in my purse, and we’re off and running! Takes my mind off of my troubles, and keeps my hands busy!

In other Big news… we might be going back to church!!!Β  Dh grew up Catholic and we needed some direction recently, and he thought the church would help. And talking to the priest did help him a bit, and for that I am thankful. But man oh man, the symbology, and people stuck in their rituals! Ey-yi-yi!!!! But maybe rituals is what dh needs right now, so I’m just rolling with it, and will keep my thoughts to myself! The priest we met with has my sick sense of humor at least. So that’s something, right? lol He reminds me of Gru from the Minions movie too, so that’s kinda fun!


And there you have it. The week has just begun, and that’s what’s happening! Now, I am off to be inspired by other peoples knitting and crocheting, and maybe I can get back into the swing of things over the next month or so!


Health and hatching’s

I guess I need to blog a little more. I didn’t think it had been since the day before Valentines since I had blogged! But since then we have gotten an incubator and have tried hatching our own chickens eggs. We have a rooster and he gets busy a lot while we’re out there feeding and watering them, so we figured we had fertile eggs! Well, hatch day was Monday of this week, and we’ve gotten Nothing. Not even one little peep! Blah. So I let an extra two days go by, just to be sure, and still nothing. We cracked six of the twenty-one eggs and absolutely no chick progress in any of them. So yesterday we started again. Seven eggs fresh from the chicken coop, and no freeze the night before, so I marked them all and popped them right in the incubator. Officially today is day one, since yesterday was just a half a day. So the 26th of this month is day 18, and then three days of lock down til day 21 puts our hatch day on the 29th of this month. *fingers crossed*

Other than that it’s been chaos here. Dh is having more and more health problems, and we finally got him to the hospital, and he now has a healthcare advocate that is working her butt off for our whole family! ❀ All the kiddo’s are now covered under CO healthcare. Dh is covered too, and we have like ten dr visits over the next couple of weeks and even a surgery coming up! He had to fight with his bosses to get cut back to part time, and with that came a horrible big pay cut, so kick a guy while he’s down. No raise, not even cost of living increase for the past 20 years. So much bull crap coming out of their mouths how they can’t afford this, or that, or anything. Telling us we chose to live like we do, while the main boss rides around in rented limos and crap, to impress customers. Karma’s such a -itch though. I have to believe one day what goes around comes around. It’s all that gets me though.

So yeah, everyone is covered except for me. I don’t care. I don’t get sick much, and when I do, I muddle through. Hell, I’ve even had fractured ankles and crap that I just patched it up and walked on it as best I could, just because there was nothing we could do. If I ever get as sick as dh though, I guess I’ll get a healthcare advocate of my own. Who knows.

I guess that’s about all I have time to write today. Always so much paperwork, and phone answering, and appointment setting to do lately. I’m knitting a wee little bit, but not as much as I’d like to. I even shut the Etsy store down for a few weeks, because I couldn’t keep up with checking it. But now we need the money, so it’s open again fwiw. Sooo freakin tired though. But no rest for the weary in this mess, so I just keep going as best I can. We’ll see how things go over the next couple of months. I found out if I want to drive an hour and a half round trip ever day I can qualify for job training and placement… but then who would be here to pop dh’s knee and hip back in place if they go out. I guess he could wait a half hour for an ambulance to arrive if I were at work. Life just got hard I guess. Trying to keep my chin up.



New places to knit/crochet for…

So, about two weeks ago a lady in one of the knitting groups I’m on mentioned a new place she was sending to, and every one in the group wanted to jump on the bandwagon and help. The place is called Bridget’s Cradles and they knit bereavement items for hospitals! They are just little pouches, with a little blanket to cover the baby, and then a little prayer square, so the family can have a personal item to go home with, or to put in a memory box for their lost little one.

I cried and cried as I was reading some of the stories of miscarriages, having had two myself. I remember going home from the hospital, and all I had to show for it was the bills. I had to go home and put away all the little gifts, and outfits, and things we had gotten for our baby, and it was so Hard!!! So, I am over the top happy to be able to provide items to this group to help other mama’s and dads not have that experience!

But the hard part of it all is, there is a big ol sign up thing that you have to do for them, and they want you to sign a thing that says you won’t share the patterns with others, and you won’t knit these same kind of items for other charities, blah blah blah. So, you have to fill all of that out, and then wait for approval, and then wait again for another email with official sizes that they want, and patterns. Well, almost all of the patterns are pretty basic knit stitch, and seed stitch, and waffle patterns that any knitter can do. But I promised, so I’m not sharing official patterns, or sizes. But it’s all pretty general stuff.

After waiting about a week and a half for all of the official paperwork and pattern getting, I am now making little prayer squares for them. So quick and easy, I could make twenty or so a day, if I had more time just to sit and knit. πŸ˜›

Pictures soon of all the stuff. I have hats ready to go out, and a box of items for a nursing home, and another box of items for Visiting Nurses in NY for shut ins, and then all of these bereavement items, and ten baby sweater vests for another charity.

Oh, and this is almost complete too. A Boho beach jacket thing for my sister!Β  She showed me a picture, and asked if I could make her “something like this” and I told her if she didn’t mind having something I experimented on, I’d send it to her. She agreed that she would take a test item. So, here it is, total free styling with my crochet. Finished pics within a week or two. πŸ™‚



New Adventure!!!

Here we go again! We were at the farm store here in our little town and they will be getting chicks in next weekend for sale, and dh and me talked about it all, and we would like around 20 more chicks. Well, at $3 each for the chicks we’d be spending $60. Then we spotted the incubators!!! $59! OMG, the discussions we have in the farm store. Someone should follow us and video it all, because even I find it hilarious! So we got the incubator and two bags of chick starter feed, instead of waiting til next week to get chicks.

Now we’ve been playing with the incubator for three days, trying to get the temp just right keeping the humidity up in it. Collecting the eggs from the chickens has taken on a whole new excitement. We have to store them pointy end down, and then you have to tip the carton side to side at least once maybe twice a day, so the yoke doesn’t stick to the membrane. Tomorrow we will have probably 18-20ish eggs from our 7 chickens and we’re going to start incubating them! Our next big worry is going to be in 21-ish days keeping the cats from wanting to tear open the incubator, and get at the chicks. Peep peep peep!

So, I’ve been watching videos, and wondering if we can do this. I’m sure we can, and even if we have just a 50% hatch rate, for now, I am going to call it a success!!!!Β  And this flock will be dubbed the Valentine Crew! The original chickens and rooster we have, we got last year on Memorial Day! So, I see a theme here just having holiday birds. Next up St Patrick’s day!!! πŸ˜€ That’s like 10 days after this first batches hatch day! I really really want to do a 4th of July batch also! We’ll call them the Firecracker Crew! πŸ˜€

I am soooo excited! Pictures soon!


Part of the Reason….

I think I get stuck writing blogs… I can’t think up a cute title. LOL So, maybe I’ll just try not making titles for these things. I need to learn better how to add tags to my stuff too. You know I am almost always going to talk about knitting and crafty stuff, so is it weird I tag every post knitting? IDK Blogging has been hard since I’ve been off of Xanga, but I’m gonna give it a go again.

First, this has been a rough couple of weeks for me, because my knitting buddy Barbara has gone to the hospital. Shes not young anymore, and she has some medical problems, and she also caught the ugly flu! πŸ˜₯ So, until I hear from her or her daughter, I am going to just keep thinking good thoughts, and hopefully she’ll be home and all patched up soon! Hopefully they will at some point let her back online if they don’t let her go home, and she will at least be able to see my blog and read what we’re up to here! If you can read this Barbara, I miss you!!!! πŸ™‚

So in knitting stuff… I have around 20 regular baby hats, and 15 preemie baby hats to weave in ends on, and then they are out the door!Β  Here’s a few of them. I’ll get more pictures when they’re all finished! Excuse the messy desk. We’re in the basement now, and I don’t have all of my yarn bins around, so stuff stacks up a bit. And by stuff, I mean yarn. πŸ˜›


I’ve also used up three whole skeins of my Sweet Cakes yarn in the Peaches and Cream Pop color, and crocheted a triangle granny shawl, and as I was putting the fringe on it two of the children sat at my heels, and waited for the last piece of fringe to be added, and whoooooooosh! It was taken from my lap in record speed, with oldest girl child hot on the heels of the youngest, and I called out, “I also have three colorways of that yarn in blues!!!” to which she went and picked the one she liked, and pitched it down the stairs at me! LOL Pictures of the already finished shawl in a day or so, before it gets messed up too bad!

In outdoor news… yesterday I watched out the back door window as about seven or eight little birds flitted all around the bottom of the chicken house. There are areas in the chicken mesh in the coop that the chickens with all their scratching and shuffling things around drop sunflower seeds out of the chicken coop in the shed. These little birds (hopefully headed north) stopped and were snacking the morning away. So when we went out to feed the chickens, I took a couple of cups of seed and scattered them all around the shed, and the garage. Didn’t want to scatter too much too close to the garden areas though, because we don’t need any birds taking our seedlings off when we get them in the ground in a few months! Yes, garden plans are in the works!

And that’s about all for now because I have videos to watch and these hats to clear outta here!



Little Bit of Warmth

So, the past few weeks we’ve only had like one or two single temp days/nights, so I have been enjoying the nice warm winter weather a little bit more! Still a little too cold for my FL body, but lots better than feeling like I’m going to die of frost bite, or frost nip.

In all things yarny…. I am Spinning again!!! Woohooo! I’ve been watching some of the creative live streams on Twitch.tv and there is actually a spinner lady on there, Luthvarian! And she has inspired me to get working with wooly goodness once or twice a week. So far I’m still just working on the fiber I got back in October for Spinzilla, but I’m doing really really well just getting it all used up! Can’t wait to start making the shawl with it!

In what I’ve been up to news… busy, busy, busy. We’ve gotten our basement all cleaned up, and walls and ceiling ripped out, and a new floor put down, and carpet remnants rolled out, and now dh and my offices are down here!Β  Soooooo freakin excited about having 1/3 of our home restored after the basement took on water two years ago! Little by little we’re getting it done. Sad part was when we ripped out the ceiling there were disturbing things there. A baby bonnet, and little blanket parts, and some implements that look like home made abortion tools. πŸ˜₯ And some small canisters that looked like they held drugs, and a broken crack pipe looking thing. So. All we know about the house was the last people that lived here was a pastor, and his wife and children, and they took in foster children. Before that, some guy owned the place in the 70’s, and he’s the dude that dug the basement, and put the two extra bedrooms on. All we can conclude is that the stuff belongs to the foster family. 😦  We’ve got all of the stuff put in ziplock bags, and out of our space, and we’ve saged the whole house again. Once we get the walls rebuilt down here, I’m going to paint them cheery colors, and hopefully that will make this space a Lot more peaceful!

In knitting/crocheting news… I started a scrapghan thing on Christmas Eve with BobWilson123 group on Ravelry and Youtube. It’s looking really dang good now, and I think when it’s done this is one dh is going to snitch right up!!! He’s already asked, “You’re not sending that out anywhere, right?” LOL Here’s a pic of it as of about a week ago. And I learned to Russian Join my yarn, so I won’t have any scrappy ends to weave in when I’m all done! Yaaayyy! It’s a little bit bigger than twin size.


And right this minute, I am working on making some crocheted little hearts to add magnets to, and I’m going to stick them all over my fridge for Valentines day! Here’s the pattern I came up with from looking at someone elses heart that had no pattern with it, and then it took me about three tries, but here’s what I’ve got.

Chain 4 to make a loop, chain up three, 3 triple crochets into the loop. 3 double crochets into the loop. Chain 1. 1 triple crochet into the loop. Chain 1. 3 double crochet into the loop. 3 triple crochet into the loop. Chain up 3. Slip stitch into the top of the loop. (do all of this crocheting over your tail end)Β  Then you just pull the middle tail tight to close up the hole in the middle of the hearts and weave in all the ends and add a magnet or a lapel pin. I just use a size K hook because it makes a bigger heartss but you can do this with any size hook and yarns and get a wide range of sizes of hearts.


And that’s about all for now. I hope to be able to blog a bit more this year than I did last year.Β  I miss being able to look back on little day to day things. Like this week when they came to pick up our trash, they left the dumpster on it’s side and drove off!!! Grrr! So, we had to call the town management, and they sent the guys that do the water and sewer stuff out to upright it for us! I was so afraid the neighbors would start tossing trash in it while it was on it’s side, and the feral cats around here would drag trash Everywhere!!! So, we’ll see how the trash company does picking it up tomorrow. Crazy stuff that goes on out in the Boonies!


So Behind It Ain’t Funny!

Yeah, I’m blog slackin again. No excuses, just not much to blog besides mundane everyday things. So, I guess I’ll start with that.

Election crap… since that’s about where we left off. The week after the elections I got a letter in the mail. On the 19th to be exact. The letter stated that they couldn’t verify my signature on the outside envelope shield thing (verify it against what? I don’t know) and I had til the 18th to contact the county electorate office or my vote would be discarded. So for the first time in 24 years I found out I haven’t voted! Bunch of crap! And yeah, I called and all they could do was promise that they will try and make things better next go around. Blah blah blah!

Thanksgiving… was pretty nice and quiet. It got coooold, and I forget what we were doing, but I had the turkey in the fridge for six days (the website said five for our size bird to thaw), and it didn’t thaw much, and I forget if it was just the cold or what, but we didn’t cook Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving day. We had ours on Friday instead. It doesn’t matter, because no one visits us, and we’re too far away from everyone in our families to go visit anyone else, so holidays like Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and Easter are kind of no fun anymore, so we just do whatever we want.

In Etsy news… everything was going pretty good through Oct and Nov, and now… everything is dead again. No one is spending money it seems. So I’m considering closing my shop at the end of January and just sending everything off to a couple of hospitals, and homeless centers. I have two bins chock full on inventory, and half of it hasn’t been touched in two years. I don’t knit to have it all sit around. I knit so people can be warm! Even dh said it was better when I was just knitting for hospitals and charities, because at least those people Need the items. But with my shop only pulling in between $35-$60 a month, it just seems nuts paying the Etsy fees every month, and spending all my time keeping things listed there.

And in knitting/crocheting news… Yaaayyy, pictures!!!! Here’s what I worked on for the week before Thanksgiving. I was only a day late in mailing it out, but they turned out so dang cute, now dh wants a pair!!! Never saw that coming, but I am now making him Two pairs! He wants to try some warm wool ones as well as a regular pair! So, I might just spin the wool myself, because I haven’t seen any in the store I like.


Then I stuffed about forty more woven hearts. Love handing those out. πŸ™‚


And here’s the boodle of hair flowers I added clips to. I ended up running out of hair clips and still have about eight left to do.


And remember the angels I made months ago? I finally got the hot glue gun out and added magnets to the back of them. They’re hanging on my fridge for a bit, til I decide what to do with them all. Ain’t they pretty!


Still to do projects… So I got smaller crochet hooks a month or so back, and made some more angels with the proper size hook (those up there were made with a K hook, and these were made with a H) and now I have a lot of smaller angels too, so when we were at the craft store this weekend I got some lapel pins, and I’m going to sew them on so people can wear an angel on their coat, or on their bag, or wherever. I might give some to the bell ringer Salvation Army people. They’d probably love them!


These hats all need finishing. The first batch needs to be pom pommed too!


I might pom pom these just for the heck of it.


And this is the little aragarumi bear I started. He still needs legs and arms, and then I got a needle felting kit for my birthday, so I’m going to felt him a face on! More about him and cat toys later.


See what happens when I don’t blog for so dang long. Picture overload! So I promise I’ll blog more this week, because there is so much more to share. I found a place in Ohio that the kiddo’s just need the basics. Mittens, hats, socks, scarves, and stuff. So I’m also working on a box of mittens and hats for them. It might not go out til January because of lack of money for postage. But the longer I wait to send it, the more I can put in it I guess.

And Cat stuff, because everyone luuuuvs cats, right? Haha!

PuppyCat in his full winter coat! Ain’t he gorgeous??? His chest and in between his paws go all grey during the winter months, and then he sheds it all out and he’s all black for the Spring and Summer months. We figure he probably has a lot of Maine Coon in him because some of the cats around this neighborhood have a lot of Maine Coon tendencies.


And then Salmon and Mama taking over my chair!!! Yesterday I came back to my desk to all three orange cats squished up on my chair sleeping. Weird little pick pile-ers! lol


Now, I have to go do chickens chores. We ended up with 156 eggs for the month of November, with seven hens laying. If this is the slow period Spring time is gonna be Fun! lol


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