It’s been a Crazy Week!

Yes it has! Dh has been feeling awful. We had his migraines under control, and now the past couple of months he’s had this horrible pressure in the back of his head, and down through his neck. Like horrible knock you out for a day type pain… except it’s been just about every day, and we can’t afford for him to take every day off. So he’s been popping the aspirin and Tylenol (finally got him to stop taking the Excedrin because popping two of those is the caffeine equivalent of  four cans of Cola) to stop the inflammation, and off to work he goes. Of course you can’t use too much Tylenol either because it’ll wreck your liver. He got that straight from the dr, so thank goodness I don’t have to fight him so hard on that matter like I had to with the Excedrin.

Today three kiddo’s woke up with sore throats and yucky tummies, so we’re doing the warm tea, Jello, crackers, Ginger ale, and soup/broth thing.  Hope all of this passes quickly. I will not get sick! Nope, I won’t. Moms just gotta keep on truckin.

I renewed our library books online, because I don’t think we’re gonna make it there today or tomorrow. I was soooo looking forward to getting some knitting and crocheting books. I forgot to look at them last time we were there because I was so busy showing all the kiddo’s all the cool things in the kiddo section. Blah!

Yesterday my yarn order from came in too! I was so happy it finally got here. Their service is suck though. It says 1-3 days to get the order together, and then I chose 2-4 day shipping. They screwed it all up. After four days and it hadn’t been shipped I contacted them got a standard “your email will be answered in the order it was received” crap. Then on day five I get the “your order has shipped” email. Yaaaayyy, right? Nope. The tracking number didn’t work. I sent them another email on Monday (day 8) got another “your email will be answered in the order it was received” email back from them. The tracking number started working on Tuesday. :-/ They answered my first email on Wednesday informing me the tracking number was now working. Well duh! They answered my second email on Thursday saying that orders generally take 3-7 days from the time you place the order til you have it. That was day 11 for me. Then UPS popped a weather delay on there, and said I probably wouldn’t have my order til Saturday. But it came on time yesterday anyway. At least UPS gets it right and keeps you informed and up to date. though still has my reply to them in queue somewhere, and I’m sure I’ll just get a “I see you got your order. Happy knitting.” email despite the fact that it took twice as long to get it as their order page said. They just don’t give a crap. From now on I’ll just pest my local JoAnn store manager to order the colors I want, and just go back to the store the next week to buy them. Faster and easier.

In actual knitting news…. Here’s what went up on the Etsy Shop yesterday. Ponchos in both adult size and toddler size…

I loved working on this green one because I needed some Spring color. Winter white and grey and brown has really been getting to me lately!!! I try not to look outside! Blah!!!


Then there’s This lovely pop of color! I no long have a child small enough to model it though. Emily would love me to make her one of these in a bigger size, except I *just* made her one like the greens one in her favorite yellow, orange, and purple!!! Now I’m working on a pale yellow, light purple, dark purple one, and then a solid deep red one to add to the shop next week.


And then there are these bag bags.  A friend saw the one in my kitchen and suggested I make them for the shop, so I made this one. But I think I need to make more normal colors, because aren’t people kitchens usually green and yellow, or blue and white, or… just not this popping bright? :-P So I’m going through my odd balls of not so bright stuff to make more choices.  The one I’ve had in my kitchen I’ve had for 12 years or so, so I know these suckers really last. I did have to replace the top draw string on it one time though about 3 years ago. But the pony tail elastic knitted into the yarn at the bottom of the bag really helps keep the plastic bags from all falling out at once, when you need one.


And that’s about all from here. I need to get back to blogging through the week. I had so much I wanted to blog this week, and everything just goes to crap when dh is sick and things aren’t going well here. Such is life. Meh.

TTYL :-)

My Husband Makes Me Shop Better

So normally nowadays dh doesn’t come food shopping with us.  I’ve grumbled that when everyone goes shopping we just spend waay waaaaay too much money. I go and take oldest dd with me, and we have a list, and we Follow the list!!!!  If everyone goes it’s a big ol oooooh and aaaaahh festival, and crap just starts getting stuffed in the cart, and then when it gets full and we haven’t even gotten half of whats on the list, and I suggest I go get another cart, and dh groans, “can we just get out of here”, well, I just hate those trips.

Last week was one of those kind of trips, but I talked dh into taking his own basket, and half of the kiddo’s go off with him. They like to wander and look at things. And then I took another cart and just hit the food aisles and followed the list. So anyway, a few weeks back I found a Youtube where they said there is wood pulp/wood cellulose in shredded cheese, and I showed it to dh and we started talking with the kiddo’s about how back in the day if you wanted shredded cheese, you got a block of cheese and took it home, and shredded it yourself.  That led to, “how long have you been able to buy it pre-bagged?” oooh, about as long as you’ve been able to buy pre-bagged salads.  “whhhaaaaat? You used to have to make your salads too???” Yeah, the shocking things we had to do! Meh.

So dh caught up with us shopping right around the time we were at the cheese section, and I toss a bag of the pre shredded stuff in my cart, and he says, “I thought you weren’t gonna get that anymore?” I told him, no I just thought it was interesting, but I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna get it. :-P So I put it back, and we look over the cheeses, and really a block of cheese is actually cheaper than the pre-shredded stuff, and I do have a cheese grater at home.  I usually use it for hard boiled eggs when making egg salad sandwiches, I don’t think I’ve ever used it for cheese. :-P

And we get home and we start slicing the cheeses, and then shredding the cheeses, and holy waaaahhhhh!!! OMG this is some Yummy cheese!!!! It has been a very very very long time since I have truly tasted cheese it seems.  So yeah, sometimes having dh go shopping isn’t so very bad.  But we did go $55 over budget that shopping trip, and I’ve had to waffle the budget back in to place these last couple of trips.  But our pizzas have never tasted better, so I reckon it’s worth it!

TTYL :-)

Busy as a Bee!!!

I have had so much fun this past week! I made up some surprise knitterly things for friends, and today they are on their way in the mail. These are people that are always tossing ideas my way of things to make for my shop, and keeping me up to date on whats in style. I am a hermitty mom to five kiddo’s. I don’t get out and about and shop for all the latest styles, and I really don’t pay much attention to what others are wearing, unless it’s a really cool knit item, and then I go to ask them if they made it, and I get close enough to see the seams, or tags, or whatever, and then I know they didn’t. :-P So when they tell me about things, and I go ahead and throw a couple up on my shop, and then I’m swamped with orders… I end up knitting gifties for them when things die down. And I know people are tired of the snow… but thank goodness for the extra snow this week, so they can bundle up and use the things I’m sending them! Hee heee!!!

And we took a wee little 3-4 hour road trip north of here to meet up with one of dh’s computer techie buddies. So I worked on making loads of little woven hearts on that trip out.  Today I am stuffing them all and I have around 30 of them now! Love love love making these, and having them handy to give out, or leave around town.  Kinda like the Toy Society drops that people make, but mine is just a wee little 2 inch heart.  I think I’ve sent out around 50+ so far.

In business news… I finished up the neon mitt order, and that was sent out. *Fingers crossed* that’ll be a dance studio that I hear back from again if they need more costume items. And I’ve made two contacts locally, and I hope to either be able to sell my Inkle straps to/at a Yoga place, and maybe start to teach knitting to some people, either in exchange for things they do, or for cash!!! I’ve also been reading some business/money management books, and I’ve started a ledger/goals journal kinda thing, and I am planning out gardeny stuff with the money I’m making from my Etsy sales! (must stop buying yarn. shoot me.)

Gardeny stuff… Ok, so I’ve been watching some videos, and instead of doing raised beds this first year I am just going to make one big ol roundy bed around our back slab of cement. All the water that rains on the slab will roll right into the beds, and I’m just going to fill it with dirt and then straw, and plant a boat load of potatoes there. That will help build the soil for better beds next year when the straw composts down! Then I’m going to plant three apple trees, and a pear tree (might need two pears and two apples for the whole pollination thing though, I haven’t looked into it much yet. but four fruit trees is the plan either way.) And then I’m just going to do maybe 10 five gallon buckets for tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and onions. Waaaayyy small scale, but better than nothing for right now. Still getting used to this whole CO from FL thing. But the neighbor down the road is going to help guide me this year.  He had a bumper crop in his garden last year, and used his trees to grow his gourds upwards!!! That was so pretty in the Fall when all the leaves died off the plant, and there was like 25 gourds hanging there.  And getting a compost pit in place is the other thing that neeeeeeds to happen!!! Every time I throw our scraps away it kills me just a little bit! :-P

And this week there is a change in chore charts around here. I’ve been giving them out to the kiddo’s with school work at the beginning of the week, and expecting them to get things done and checked off, and I’m getting next to nothing from them. They of course get next to nothing for allowance, and then grumble grumble grumble. So I’ve set up the sheets at the actual places to work now, and it seems to be working better. So one in the kitchen with three chores listed on it, and they have to initial a box when they do one of the three. Another chart taped up next to the vacuum and brooms, and they can choose from two areas to vacuum, or sweeping the entryway, and sign off on that. And then another chart by the washer and they can either wash a load, dry a load, or fold a load. I check what they’ve done, and they initial it. Each one of them has so many chores they have to complete each day now before they can have game/play time. And then there is a tooth brushing chart on the bathroom door, and they had Better have every one of those boxes checked off at the end of the week, or I will be putting half their chore money into a dentist jar. No excuses!!!  :-D

And this is turning into a book. I’ve gotta get better at writing every day. Or at least every other day! Congrats if you’ve read this far. :-D

TTYL :-)

Good Things!

So yesterday was a very very good day!!! We got a package in the mail. Dh and myself agreed on a Valentine Gift that we could share, and it was loooooooong overdue! We got ourselves a heating pad for our mattress! It has been a looong week, knowing it was processed and shipped, and going to bed shivering every night, and counting down the days til it would get here. Then last night, omg omg omg Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! WARMTH!!!!!  It was fantastical!!!! The sad thing was…. I had to get up this morning! I now require dh to turn the heating pad thingie off at 6 a.m. or so, so I can actually be cold enough to get out of bed. Is that sad, or what. LOL

Besides that we got to go bike riding again!  I love love love my bike!!! It’s not sporty like everyone elses.  It’s just comfortable and as beach cruiser-ish as a mountain bike can be.  Here… I finally got the photos off the camera from Christmas, so now I can show you.  We didn’t get much for Christmas in terms of present volume. But we did get the bikes and helmets, and all the kiddo’s got a couple of other little things they wanted.  Best Christmas ever in my book! (yeah, the kiddo’s 100% did the tree themselves this year, and yeah, it’s squished to the ceiling. :-P next year we’ll get a live tree and just lop more off the bottom. hashtag faketreedrama)


And hopefully all of these bikes will last the kiddo’s well through their teen years, and into their 20’s. And yep, it’s like having a little bit of our FL life back again! Bit by bit we are replacing all the stuff we had to leave behind.


And the bestest part of yesterday… Monday we cooked one of those cheap ol turkeys that we got around Thanksgiving time. So yesterday, I had nooooo cooking to do because everyone just munched off the turkey, and stuffing, and mashed potatoes, that we made Monday night for dinner!  Emily (youngest dd) made a big double batch of blueberry muffins also, so I didn’t even have to do anything for breakfast! Life is good!

TTYL :-)

The Braids!

So we’ve had this Kumihimo braiding thing for a few weeks now (Thank You again, Anna!!!), and boy oh boy have my girls gone ga ga over it! I’ve even had a couple of turns at it, and if I can ever wrench it away from at least one of them we are going to have many many many more braids being made!!! Here are just a few.

This is currently the loooong flat braid Cassie is working on. It’s in two different shades of grey, and white.  Currently about six feet long, and probably has enough yarn on the bobbins to easily do another six feet.  When Emily asked what we can do with these I let her know of loads of ideas, one of them being draw cords for pouches, so she immediately went and got some purple yarn to make a pouch for this grey on grey on white cord!


Here is the very first cord off the Kumihimo, the pinks and red that Emily started, and then melted down about because she wanted to do a more complicated design, and then Cassie took over and made about seven feet of this.



Here’s Emily’s more complicated. :-D Eighteen strands of yarn! I told her if she could do around six feet of this we could get the parts and make dog leashes out of it! She gets excited though when she sees how it’s working out, and as soon as there’s enough for a bracelet she whacks it, and that’s that! Happyville! (sorry for my most horrible photo-ing. re-learning macro mode, and blah blah blah, don’t shake the camera. yeah, I suck)


Here is another one of Emily’s off the Kumihimo. Orange and yellow Simply Soft yarn. And then she raided my button tin for the large pink button. High fashion, eh?


Here’s what Emily is working on now. This has fire red and scarlet red, and then light pink and rose pink.  She got it to candy cane just right with the lights on the one part, and the darks on the other! Sure hope we end up with about five feet of this because I’m really liking it… and I am Not a person who likes pinks! :-P


Then they delved in to making cord with embroidery floss! Oh Mmm Geeeee!!! My mad macro skillz can’t take it!!! This braid is about as thin as a pencil led. I took five pictures of it, and this is the best of the five. This one is orange, yellow, pink, and red, and is only like 20 inches long. Emily is just two extra chores away from earning one of the jewelry pendants we got at JoAnn’s with a dolphin on it, and then she will be wearing this around her neck.


And what am I doing while all this braid making is going on? Making a secret poncho. Pattern from Yarn Harlot here!


When that is off the needles today I need to start working on this. Neon mitts in yellow and blue for a shop order! Love love love the neon yarns! Yeah, they’re under a black light. Gonna make some hair pretties, and some Inkle weaving’s with them also. Fun!!!


TTYL :-)

I know when Enough is Enough!

I am taking several days… maybe a week or two off of Facebook. Yesterday I sat there for hours and hours reading the Vaccine debate(?) crap. I don’t dare step into it. But I read enough to know there is much much anger and hate out there.  Things on one of the Mother Jones article links got nasty and heated, and when you put facts in people faces and all they can come back with is… “well… well… well then, YOUR RACIST!!!!” (their misspelling, not mine, and their bit of ugly when the dude ~never~ even mentioned race, or religion, or anything) It was like an, if you can’t beat them, side track them type thing.

And if you are wondering, no, we don’t vaccinate. My oldest son had a horrible reaction to his first MMR shot, and then another reaction to another vaccine when he was going into Kindergarten (back then I ate the load of crap the dr’s fed me, and it only took a year and two months til we pulled him out of school and never looked back. Worst year and two months of our lives!) No one can tell me that some people don’t have horrible reactions to vaccines. Especially since we’ve been here in CO, and working to get my daughter well right along side some of the people that swear vaccines harmed their children. I see it ~first hand~, I’ve lived it with my child’s leg swelling up to three times its size, while he had a raging 103 fever for two days! I count my blessings every day that that is all that happened to my oldest. After Cassie had her extreme reaction to antibiotics almost three years ago now, antibiotics that were in the end totally unnecessary because the foot dr did just what we asked the pediatrician to have her do in the first place, and took her two big toe nails off, and it all healed well right after that! But the pediatrician gave us the scrip anyway, because, “hey Publix is giving away antibiotics for ~Free~!!! Might as well give that a try before you go finding a foot dr!” /kick myself all. the. time. over that one.

So waaaayy back when we decided not to vaccinate we looked into what is causing reactions?  What is in those shots? How long do they work? The first big yuck, and totally against every moral fiber of my being, in the rubella vaccine (part of the MMR) there are cells from aborted babies. If you look up what it takes to make vaccines, there is an ingredient called WI-38 and basically what that is is cells taken from aborted fetuses that have to be at least 18 weeks old. Wonder where the pharma companies get those? So where the hell is all the outrage from the Christian community about this??? You see them all up in the faces of people at abortion clinics, how its so EVIL, and what sinners people are for killing their babies. But sooo many of those same people are now all over facebook yelling at people, “keep YOUR unvaxx filthy child away from MINE, or I will Kill you! I will Sue you if MY child gets sick!!!!!”  and how, “you are a horrible irresponsible parent, and your children are going to DIE, and at the very least should be taken away by the state, because you are hurting them by not vaccinating!!!”  Yes, it got really really ugly. But here these same religious people are injecting their children with fetus cells from the dead babies. The same babies they soooooo want to protect from Those other Evil parents that are making bad decisions. :-/ Then they shut their eyes tightly to any facts given to them. Nice.

So, I’m not saying any side is right, or any side is wrong. Vaccinate your children if you want to. I’ll continue not to vaccinate mine. I also home school them (out of our own pocket too btw), and we can’t afford to take any ~vacations~ that might endanger the whole wide world.  Oooohhh, scary! I’ve been told before that I endanger my children because we can’t afford health insurance also, and people were all snarky and full of Hate towards us, and hoped my children would get sick and suffer, because we were such horrible parents. Guess what? They got their wish. My child got horribly sick, and yes, we paid for it all out of pocket, and moved across the country to get her the medical help she needed, and it’s still cheaper than health insurance! So, when I see people flinging around the, “I hope your child gets measles and suffers horribly” it really hurts me! Good Christians. Heh.

So yeah, I’m backing out of social media, and the poop storm of hate, because people suck. And yeah, I cheered a little when I found out CO was the most un-vaccinated state in the union.  Kinda seals the deal that we made the right move. ;-)

TTYL :-) (if you’re thinking of leaving hate in the comments just keep it stuffed down inside of yourself for a day or so, and see how it feels. if I find it here, I will probably just delete it anyway)

Crafty Stuff

So I’ve gotten out my big ol bin of squares. A lot of them are mine, and about half of them are ones people have sent to me to assemble into afghans for the hospitals. So yesterday I laid out four patterns. One in whites and pinks, one in whites and blues, one in a bunch of different greens, and then a brights, with oranges, yellows, reds, purples, and greens. I need to make two more yellow squares, and a purple square for that one though.

I sorted a crap ton of squares out too, and I think if I make a good mess of brown, and cream colored squares, I can put together two lapghans from what I call my Ugly Square pile. The Ugly Squares are all dark greys, 70’s orange, and browns, and rust colors, and just omg where did people get these colors!!! Shocking! But if I can make like 18 kinda ok colored squares, and then use like 12 Ugly’s in with them, I think I can get them all used up in two or three lapghans.

Then there are the over sized, mismatched, patch squares. I have a good plan for those also. I am sizing them up, and putting them into strips, and then crocheting edges around the strips, and then I will fudge it til the strips are all the same length. Width won’t matter, because they can be any ol width, but they all need to be the same length for the blanket to come together. Then I’ll have some fat rows, and some skinny rows, but putting all the strips together it’ll make an interesting blanket!

In other news… In Dec and Jan I saved up a whopping $30 on my WalMart Savings Catcher!!! Took that and doubled it with Bluebird, and yesterday when we were there shopping I got a bit of new clothes, and the girls got some kind of fleece stretchy warm up pants! Woohoo!!! Love getting $30 free dollars of shopping money!!! That won’t last for long though. Looks like the fine print I read back in August was right, and they’re ending BlueBird/Amex doubling the dollars at the end of Feb. But that was a nice long run. All totaled, I got around $70 free dollars out of the deal from Amex, and then $70 of my dollars back from savings to re-spend! Not too shabby for just shopping and plugging in numbers for six or seven months! Now I think I’ll just let the dollars wrack up from my regular savings for the rest of the year and then we’ll have a nice big boodle to spend around the holidays this year. If I keep averaging $15 a month that’ll pretty much pay for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and all of our cookie making stuff, and a couple extra turkeys for the freezer.  :-P

Ok, kiddo’s are done with their reading. Gotta go and engage them in some other schooly stuff for an hour or so. Then if it stays kinda clear outside maybe we’ll go out there and get some garden beds plotted out. In my dream the other night I was in the garden, and the beds were totally different, and I think I’m going to go change what we have going right now, and do it that way instead. When I look out there now with what we have marked off with stones it kinda looks like a pet cemetery! The garden beds in my dream were all rounder, and more flow-y, and took up the whole edge of the cement slab.  That’ll be better for watering things, because rain runs off that slab like a waterfall!!!

TTYL :-)

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