Gardening and Other Stuff

So, it’s been kinda hard to keep up with blogging, because we’ve been doing so much around the yard!


I planted 36 habanaro pepper seeds that had started sprouting in a jar we were soaking them in. Then I transplanted my six birdhouse gourds that came up, into bigger pots. We’re still working out where things are going to go in the yard, so they can be in pots for a bit til they get bigger.

Sunday night we planted two more of the apple trees, so yesterday we got those staked into the ground also. The wind has been brutal, so it’s good to get them staked so the roots won’t be bothered. That’s three apple trees in the ground now. The first one in the corner is a golden delicious, and then we have Austins Granny Smith, and then a Fugi tree. Right now the only other apple tree we have to go in is a Prairie Fire Crabapple tree with the most beautiful blooms on it! You need to have a couple of crab apples, because they help pollinate everything else. We’re waiting on Honey Crisp trees to become available, and then we’ll be getting a bunch of those also. And we still have two plum trees to plant in the side yard also.

Yesterday dh got around 40 kale seedlings transplanted, and we got the first of our garden hoops up also, and put the kale, the peppers, and the gourds under the hoop last night for warmth, instead of trekking it all into my kitchen. Now all we need to bring in at night is the tomato seedlings, and the herbs and such! Yaaayy! Next week though we have a few nights going down to 32-35 degrees, so we might have to do a few more total plant hauls into the house! After that, *fingers crossed* it’ll warm up at night into the 40’s and 50’s, and stay there! Come oooooon Spring!!!!

In knitting news… I’m pretty much sticking to baby booties and baby hats for now. Just using up what yarn I have around here. I did however break a bit of a yarn diet, because Wally World finally got in some mint green yarn, so I got one skein one week that we went shopping, and another skein about two weeks ago. Not too shabby only spending $6 or so dollars on yarn in about the past seven weeks.

In kitty cat news… Mammy is still sooooo freakin preggers! I thought she would have had them by now. Everyone was hoping for 4/20 kittens so we could name them Cheech and Chong, or Willy, or Mary and Jane. But nope, didn’t happen. Now we’re back to thinking up flower names for Spring time. I so thought she was going to give birth this morning, because we woke up to her meowing and meowing like crazy! But she just wanted lots and lots of pets and attention. Maybe it’s a pre-labor kind of thing, and she’ll have them tomorrow. I had a dream the night before last and I went into the room we have her in at night, and she had already had one of the kittens, and she was pacing around like crazy having more. So maybe that’s a premonition like thing. The first baby in my dream was brown and black like Walnut was from her last batch of kittens. So we shall see how all that goes.

And for the really big news… dh is seriously talking getting chickens this year!!!! Yeah, I’m shocked! I never thought he’d come around to having chickens. But after watching the Back to Eden garden movie, and some Youtubes, he’s loving it! Six to start, and then maybe a couple dozen by next Spring! Yaaaayyy!

And that’s about all for now, because we’re going outside to get more things planted, and more beds in. I added pictures to my FB, but haven’t gotten them over to here yet. I’ll post a few soon though. I’m really loving how the yarn is shaping up!


Fancy Gardening Pics

Emily helping dh drill the Easter buckets to plant in. We scooped 30 of these buckets the week after Easter for ten cents each at the Wally World. Goes to show you how much money they make off of people selling them for a buck a piece. I also got my Easter egg dye kits for the next 10 years for twenty three cents each. It’s just how I roll.😛


Cool shadow photo. Dh was taking the tags off the trees.:-)


Austin relaxing with his cool stick! Something about boys having to run around with sticks. smh  Yes, he wants a hair cut. He’s the only one. LOL


When we were doing the seeds in trays indoors Peanut was very very interested in the watering can. Even stuck his head inside it and almost tipped it over. Little goof ball!


Mammy the preggers cat! I’ve gotta get new pictures of her. Shes about to give birth any day now and shes HUGE!!!


And then we come in the house and crash out from so much work outside. (Wicket using Salmons butt as a pillow. LOL)


More gardening pics every week!:-)


Gardening Like Crazy

So every day we do a little here, and a little there. Here’s what we have from the past week or so. Sunday we got a few plants from the nursery. Mints, basil, peppers, and a couple different tomatoes, and a couple more strawberries.


Tuesday I set the kiddo’s to cleaning up the chairs outside. They were covered in dust and spiderwebs from the winter. Ya gotta have chairs to rest in when you’re working outdoors most of the day.


Then we started planting.


Wednesday we did some more plants. I have onion starts that I used up about half of a bag in these black plant pots. Some of these already have green onion shoots coming up out of them. Yaayyy! We still have 80 red onions to plant, and about 50 more sweet onions. Those are going in the wood chip areas with potatoes and garlic though. And we also did some blueberries, but a friend of ours said that raspberries do sooooo much better here, so we’re going to get some cuttings soon from him, and start them along our fence.


Thursday we went and picked up some fruit trees. Did the same again on Saturday, so now we’ve got four new trees to plant. One Golden Delicious apple, one Granny Smith apple, and two plum trees.  Yes, we drove home very very carefully! Don’t need anyone putting an eye out.😛


Friday we did some seed planting indoors. Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, stevia, peppers, hot peppers, marigolds, and three or four different lettuce.


Kiddo’s are helping with everything.:-)


Friday we also did roses. I haven’t had roses since FL, so I am overjoyed about getting a few new ones here! Here’s the ones we got. They’re just cuttings grafted on to a root right now, but by the end of the year we should have some growth, and next year we’ll have beautiful plants!


And here’s the whole shebang outside right now. It was a good week!


Next week will consist of planting the four fruit trees we’ve gotten, and watering and keeping these warm. Hopefully by the end of next week we’ll get potatoes and onions in the ground also. Next round of planting seeds begins the first of June. We’re going to be doing pumpkins, beans, and zucchini, and a couple of other squashes, and some carrots. Then in August we’re going to be doing kale, and snow peas! Yumm yumm yumm!

Next round of pictures are some fun shots I got around the yard while planting.


Better Days

Yep, some days are better than others lately. It being Monday it’s a pull everything together kinda day! I have home school paperwork that I didn’t finish looking over on Friday. I had dishes out the wahzoo, and laundry, and sick and preggo cats to tend to. Oh, and if you are friends with me on Facebook you saw that last Fall we got a Prius that was supposed to be for traveling back and forth to TX to help family. Friday, after four months they finally sent out a repo guy for that sucker! Another part of that fiasco out of the way! I think they didn’t care about it much, because we weren’t driving it, so it wasn’t pinging that we were doing anything with it. We are sooooooo freakin far out into the Boonies I can imagine the repo guys arguing who was gonna have to spend three hours coming out to get it and take it back. Apparently you’re never allowed to just take it to town, or a yard where they could easily repo it. They have to collect it, and charge a fee for sending the tow truck! Stupid rules.

So anyway, today after all of my chores and whatnots were done I’ve been sitting here making pretty little hair bows.  Just using up some left over scraps of yarn, and it’ll be another pretty thing to pop on the Etsy store. I’m going to add light purple and light blue to these three colors, and try and get ten sets of five bows for $10 each. $12 if they want a three foot piece of inkle strap to clip them on for hanging up. Yeah, I know, totally underpricing myself again. But I feel bad charging more than what I feel dinky scraps of yarn should be worth. One day I’ll get it together and be like “$25 for three hair clips!!!!!” Just isn’t gonna be any time soon folks. LOL


Then there’s the stuff I’ve mailed off in the past couple of weeks to the hospitals. I’ve sent this blanket and 15 newborn hats to Salem Hospital in MA.



Then I’ve sent these hats to Parkland Hospital in TX, just to destash things I’ve knitted up in the past month or two. See the green hat in the top row?  I was getting close to the end of the skein, and didn’t think I’d get another hat out of it. So I decided to do brims just to use it up. This is some of the lovely Mellowspun yarn my friend Barbara sent to me, and all of the colors go together very well.  So, once I got to the third brim on those bottom hats, and I had enough to do a fourth, I knew I should have just tried for a second hat out of that small ball! There would have totally been enough for one more hat! But five pretty hats just the same out of one partial skein of yarn. I think the families that get them will love them!


And I had other pictures of preemie blankets and hats that I send to University of KY hospital, but dh must have taken those pictures off my phone and popped them on the computer somewhere, and forgot to transfer them to my computer. So I guess I’ll have some to share another day, when I find them.😛

Hope every-bodies Mondays are going good! WordPress is congratulating me for so much traffic on my site. LOL Maybe it’s because I’m actually posting stuff again?


Gardening Stuff and Cats

So I failed to get on here Friday and do a picture post. For some reason I can’t make my phone upload a picture to here anymore, so I’ve gotta figure a place to upload them to (probably Ravelry), and then pull them to my desktop for cropping and such, and then pull them over here. And things have been nuts here, so I haven’t found time to do that yet.

So Oreo is still convalescing. He eats, he drinks, and now he’s taken to not using his back legs and just dragging himself around the room. I’ve been helping him stand up a few times a day, and moving his back legs so the muscles don’t atrophy, and we’ll see about getting him to the vet sometime this week. He’s being a trooper though and he’s gained his weight back and isn’t looking so horrid anymore.

Mammy cat is getting really really fat on the back porch, and is about to give birth any day.  Here’s an old picture of the “birthing suite” we set up for her last time. We’ve set it up again, and we’re feeding her in there now so no other cats can get to her while she eats, and she has a place to be safe when she gives birth, and for several days after. I tell ya these cats have got it goooood! LOL


Today when we went shopping we got more gardening things. There were those plastic Easter buckets out front of WalMart for 10 cents each! We snagged 30 of them. When we got to checkout they were ringing up for 24 cents each. We got a manager and they had to ring and key every stinkin bucket! Joy joy! LOL But now we have a good start to planting lettuce and herbs.

So for herbs I now have some sweet mint, spearmint, sweet basil, and lavender plants. Troy got me some beautiful roses also. You don’t know how bad I wanted to dig all of mine up from FL and bring them here, but there was no way possible back then. Almost four years later, and I’m going to have roses again!:-) Austin got his hot pepper plant. Emily and Benny got some strawberries that aren’t the same kind that we got in the packages last time. So we’ll have ever bearing, and another shorter season version, and then this sweet berry kind.  Cassie is happily sharing my mint! We are the big big mint tea drinkers in the family, and that stuff grows like crazy, so no need her having her own plant when in a month we can just break the gallon bucket in four, and have four gallon buckets full of mint!😀 So the kiddo’s spent their allowances on it, better than candy or games in my book!

And that’s about all I have for now. I’ll get pictures going tomorrow and I’ll have a rant about getting my daughter a dr appointment too. If we don’t end up at the hospital by the end of the week I’ll consider it a good week!


The Good and The Bad

It has been a great week for sales in the shop! I’ve sold a handful of the Viking Hats to some of my friends in the Springs who are starting a movement of some kind I think. I will LOL if they all show up at an event with their Viking hats on! Thanks to sweet little Odin for wearing his everywhere, and making the big folks want them too!:-)

So the indoor kitties are good, with food and litter for this coming month, and part of the next month already. Now to take care of the outdoor ones. Two weeks ago Emily’s fav outdoor cat Oreo showed up with his tail hurt right at the base like a dog had gotten at him.  This is a rough and tumble feral cat that has scratches all over him from all kinds of fights. Not as bad as Captain Jack down the road, that has an ear taken off, and an eye that’s almost gone, but Oreo is starting to look pretty rough. So he went missing for about four days, and yesterday he came almost dragging in. Walking really really slow, almost dazed, and really skinny all of a sudden. He shouldn’t be that bad off for four days not showing up to eat. So we fear he may have been poisoned. Dh said, bring him in. Now! :-0  Yeah, if dh says bring a cat in the house…. well, either I’ve converted him, or we’re really going to try and save just this one.:-)

So Oreo’s been in the spare room where we let Mammy and the kittens stay all winter, so they wouldn’t freeze. He’s eating slowly, he’s drinking, and he’s using the litter box as best as he can. But he’s lethargic, and just too skinny! I fear if we had left him outdoors one more night, he wouldn’t have made it! Payday is in three days, so we’re hoping he does ok til then, and we’ll get him some help if he’s not better.  The neighbors about a half mile away have gotten and old school bus, and all I can think is maybe they changed the radiator fluid, and left it out in the open, or something. Maybe Oreo got hold of a poisoned mouse, or a bird. Who knows. It’s just sad to see a cat that romped all over the place, and pretty much lived on our roof in the winter be so limp and sad all of a sudden.


Here he is convalescing on a bathmat, with a heating pad. Getting hand fed bits of chicken periodically. Either he’s going to get better, or his last days are going to be lived out in absolute kitty cat luxury!!!

In the mean time Mammy cat is about to give birth again, so we’re setting up the foam tile birthing suite on the back porch again. I am marking my calendar the day she gives birth this time, and eight weeks out she is going to be spayed at the catch and release clinic (basically the kill shelter in town). The kittens will either be spay/neuter and released, or if they’re pleasant enough we’ll take them to the no kill shelter to be fixed and taken to PetCo/PetSmart again.

Knitting post tomorrow. I’ve mailed out three packages to the hospitals over the past week and a half. I have pictures. Just catz and kiddo’s have been keeping me busy busy busy!


It’s Cold and I’m Knitting!

No pictures to really share today. But it is cold outside and the wind is blowing like Crazy!!!! We’re not getting too much snow yet, but it’s coming tonight, tomorrow, and possibly Friday too! We had about four days of really nice Spring like weather, and now this! Blah!

In gardening news…we picked up a bunch of potato, onion, and strawberry starts at the store this past weekend. Check out guy looks at all the starts and says, “Don’t you need dirt?” and I was like, “Yep! Good thing most of the Earth is made of dirt!”😀 We were going to put most of the potatoes and onions in this coming weekend, but now we might just wait til the first weekend in April. Dh has some tomatoes started in the little seed trays. I wanted to get some lettuce and kale in too, but that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe the weekend. The basement might not be good for much, but it’s pretty nice to keep seedlings under the lights down there.

In kitty cat news… finally all of the cats have settled down and stopped hissing and yowling at each other. When you bring one home from the vet, I imagine they smell of dog, or whatever, and then all the other cats hate whoever the outsider is, but then they all start acting that way with each other too. Mawmaw has finally stopped staying under the beds all day, and is back on her footstool under my desk. Peanut spends about half the day sleeping on my legs. And all of the other cats have gone back to their daily roaming, and sleeping in the boxes we get from Sam’s Club.

In knitting news… I am almost done the second Viking hat out of six of them! I lucked out when we pulled into JoAnn’s this weekend. The Mall closes at 7 p.m. and we got their at five minutes til. The side mall doors were already locked, and I had to play the rat in a trap game, first getting through one set of doors as people were coming out, and then waiting a minute or two for a second set of people to come out to let me into the second set of doors. Ran down the bit of mall, and all the stores are still open. Zipped to the yarn section at JoAnns, and boom, grabbed the grey yarn I needed. Got to the check out, and the funny manager guy was there. He talks to machines like I do, and we’re not afraid to do that publicly!😀 He wanted to know, “What’s all the grey yarn for?” Me: “Viking hats!!!” He was like, “Who are we overthrowing?” LOL Then I looked up all my coupons, and add on my teachers discount, and got $32 worth of yarn for $16!!!! Yaaaayyyy, discounts!

So if for some reason you neeeeed a Viking hat next week, check out my Etsy store. You can get your beards there too, and I will customize the hat for a couple of dollars more if you need braids instead of a beard. :-)  And that is all for now. Pictures to come soon. I have two baby boxes going out to friends having babies in the next month or so, and I also have about three hospital packages going out over the next two weeks. So lots, and lots, and lots, of knitting and crocheting happening around here. I love my life!😀



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