Spinzilla the Yarn!

Here we gooooo! The pictures of Spinzilla!

Monday the 6th begins with a message to the family, and I must say, they did much better than average making sure the kitchen table was cleared after meals, and getting their own laundry washed when needed, and just the overall neatness of the house was impressive!


We start with Three Feet of Sheep Tropical. I was nervous because I wanted to keep all the colors in line, and sometimes when I’ve spun other colors before they all go into this crazy blending melding togetherness, and sometimes it just looks muddy. So I carefully made sure it wasn’t gonna happen here!!! It’s called Three Feet of Sheep, because they package it into a three foot long baggie. Here’s the first half…


and down to the second half…


There on the floor is the ever present bag of white Coopsworth fiber that I spun and plied all of the Tropical with. I still have over three pounds of this stuff.  I had grand thoughts of being able to spin a whooooole lot more than I did. LOL


And here we go with the first bobbin full of yellows, and oranges, and reds…



Then on to the second bobbin full with reds, and blacks! Can’t find my pictures of that bobbin, but it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, and the Queen of Hearts and all of her cards when I was working with it.  Then on to the third bobbin full where oldest dd swooned. Bluuuuuuues.


which turned to lighter blues….


to greens…


to really greens and then yellows again…


and for every two bobbins of colorful, I had to spin up two bobbins of the white Coopsworth, and then ply them off. Thank goodness a couple of months ago I remembered to get a few more bobbins, so I had a total of eight to work with, but most of the time I only needed six while doing this.

Now the trick is when you ply it, and then skein it off onto the niddy noddy, is remembering which end of the yarn is the beginning, and which end connects to which end.  So as they’re coming off the wheel I’m labeling them with how many yards, and what order to knit them in, to stay consistent with the colors from the 3ft bag up there.


Isn’t it pretty??? Like that Fruit Stripes gum almost. LOL


And here’s the whole shebang that was spun! What’s on the niddy noddy could only be counted for what I plied off of bobbins, but had spun over the summer. Next year I will remember to clear my bobbins first thing!!! Then there was the grey brown looking mystery fiber from stash, that spun up so soft and lovely. I worked on that to break up the monotony of spinning soooo much white that I plied the 3 Ft of Sheep with.


And I am now knitting with that yellow orange yarn skein, and this will probably make thee biggest shawl ever! There’s a total of 952.5 yards of the colorful yarn! I’m using it to make this Boneyard Shawl (that calls for around 600 yards of yarn). Cassie saw me knitting on the beginnings of the shawl last night, and instantly wanted one! I showed her the Ravelry page where you can look at pictures of all the shawls everyone has made from this pattern (5000+ of just this pattern). She looooves this one… http://www.ravelry.com/projects/HayleyWarren/boneyard-shawl  So guess what we are working on next? Yep, I get to start it, and then I leave it laying around, and she’ll pick it up and work on it here and there herself.  I love that I can do that! :-D

Next up… crazy cat pictures, or raaaaaainbows, and chili peppers bein fired up????

TTYL :-)

Spinning and Crazytown!

I am happy to say, I’ve finished up the Three Feet of Sheep fiber yesterday, and got it all plyed off, I just need to skein up five bobbins worth of yarn today, and get my yardage counted!!! Woohoo! I’m fairly certain I’m going to have around 2200 yards of yarn from all of this Spinzilla spinning! I want to keep going though, because I only have one official skein of all white yarn, and I wanted to do at least four to have for the dying pots. Another two days of spinning ahead of me if I keep at it!

I roughly kept track of my hours spinning during Spinzilla also. Altogether I put in around 30-33 hours! Whew!!! A few more hours, and that would be a full work week. And yeah, a whoooooole lot of that time I would call third shift, because I did it between 8 pm and midnight. So, there shall be pictures soon, and I have very very very little knitting to report of all week. I had gotten one Halloween baby hat done on Friday. My last of the year, because I’m sending out to the hospitals next week, so they get the hats in time.

In other news… last night we made the really, really, bad decision of stopping at the Crazytown Walmart. Now I remember why we dubbed it Crazytown in the first place. So, as we pulled in, the van parked next to us was parked crooked outside the white lines. But it was ok, because dh could park further over in our space, and there would be enough room for me to get out for the quick run into the store. I was Veeeery careful getting in and out of our van not to bump theirs. They looked like homeless people living in it, because their whole dashboard was loaded halfway up the window with food, and gallons of water, and soda, and looked like everything they owned in the back. The lady in the passenger seat was on a lap top, so I figured maybe they were parked closer to the front of the parking lot for free wifi. This is the fourth spot from the front doors of the store, and yeah, there are enough homeless people camping out in this parking lot in cars, and vans, that WalMart had to crack down and push them all waaaay to the back of the lot. So I carefully get out and go in the store. Getting a basket, a homeless man begs for money. Keep walking, sorry no, because I don’t even have change on me. So, running in for Trout milk (one of our cats needs it, or he barfs his food if he eats it plain) and bread, apples, and a few other items. You see those “people of WalMart” pictures? All of them could have come from Crazytown. So we make it through the store of Crazy, and the self check out lickity split, pick up our bags, and make it back to our van. Immediately someone else is in our face asking if we could give him and his wife a ride 8 miles in the other direction, but we are full with four kiddo’s, and our big Sam’s Club run for water, and toilet paper, and Cassie’s sodas, and cat litter. Then he starts saying, “well, could you spare a couple of bucks then?” I say no, sorry, can’t help, and then he turns to my 15 year old and starts asking ~her~ for money! Ummm, NO! Leave! So I squeeeeeze back in to my side of the van, because crooked parked people are still there.  There’s a guy in the passenger side on an iPad now, and the lady is in the drivers seat with her laptop, and we start backing up, and the lady pops her door open and tries to get out, banging our door HARD!!! WTF! Did you NOT see how freakin careful I had to be to ~not~ touch your van???? You couldn’t wait the extra three seconds it would have took us to finish backing out? Just full on smash your door into mine though, and then she like tried to spit shine my van! Hell-freakin-OOooooo lady! E-freakin-bola???? Don’t lick your hand and touch my van!!!!!! Holy crap!!!! So no, no, no, never again! Non-Crazytown is just ten miles in the other direction, but we didn’t want to take the 20 minutes round trip from the middle of Pueblo to the west side, on top of the 20 minute trip home.

I am still a little upset from it all wondering if the people in the van and the people that cornered us were working together and she saw we didn’t give him any money and that’s why she decided to slam our van. AND the fact that I had to watch my daughters back and my back while loading groceries because the homeless just keep coming!!!! Hate that parking lot!!! Just getting groceries shouldn’t be like that! :-( Anyway… /endrant

Now I’ve gotta get going, because I have yarn to measure off, and a hat to make for a customer, and I want to get some of my own Christmas knitting done. Work, work, work. :-D

TTYL :-)

Spinzilla 2014… So Far

Ok, today is officially day four!!! Monday I had only gotten one bobbin spun up. Officially not much, because Monday I also got PaintShop Pro reinstalled, so I had to do a lot of photo editing for my Etsy shop, and get items listed. Work before play, and all that jazz! :-P So then Tuesday I ended up with two and a half more bobbins full spun up. And then yesterday morning I finished that fourth bobbin full! Yaaaayyy! And yesterday afternoon I spent the day plying away! And grand total of yardage as of last night… 952.5 yards!!!  Wooooohoooo! Yeah, not the mile I wanted to have done in the first three days, but at least I now know if I can crank out 2 bobbins full a day I can easily make that by the end of the week!

In other news… I’ve gotten some more Savings Catcher money and popped it on my Bluebird card for double the money back! $14.45 saved next time I hit the Mart of Wal!!!! I was getting worried about this last receipt, because it says it takes 2-3 days to process, and this one took all the way from Saturday night til Wednesday for them to get it posted!!! But once again, most saved on items bread, and pasta, cheaper at Albertson’s, and King Supers, and Cassie is snacking on Pringles all through the day for weight gain, and those are always cheaper at Dollar Tree, and then produce is the other biggie!!! Some store is always having bananas, or apples, or potatoes, or something cheaper than WalMart! So $7.22 in savings doubled by the Bluebird! Dh is impressed!  :-P

So, not much else going on around here. Cooler weather is coming, so we’ve pretty much shut off the AC for the year. Great big wonderful savings on the electric bill for the next couple of months. Yaayy! I was looking at some pictures from last year this time, and we had our first snow last year on the 10th of October! Hope it holds off for several more weeks than that this year! Though I do have new fingerless mitts for myself and Cassie, and we’ll have business cards to hand out if people ask where’d we find them! Nothin like using the children as walking billboards for selling my knitting. :-P And now I am off of here to spin the rest of the afternoon away! Pictures coming in a day or two!!!

TTYL :-)

Birthday Blues

Ya ever have one of those weeks?  So early last week Austin comes up to me and says, “Mom is tomorrow October?”  and I’m like, “yeah, why?” and he’s like, “Yaaaayyy! It’s almost my Birthday!!!!!” And I’m like, HOLY CRAP!!!! Oh no! No no no no no!!!! See Austin was a preemie and there’s still a part of me that thinks his birthday is still waaaaay towards Thanksgiving, and every couple of years that just creeps right up on me! Blah!  SO, I started adding things to the shopping list! Cake stuff, frosting, candles, a couple of toys, balloons. Yaaaaayy! It’s not too late and I can pull this off and he’s getting a gift card towards a game he’s been wanting for a while too, so that’s gonna take, birthday money, and Christmas cash, and allowance, to get that saved up for!

So then everything’s going right along, but then a couple of days ago I notice the toaster oven isn’t heating up as well as it should. And then the day after that making french fries, it’s really not going well. So phhhhhtttt, I end up toasting and turning ready cook things like fries, and chicken nuggets. But you can’t toast…. a cake.  Bummer. So yeah, life is gonna suck til the weekend, when we can go shopping and get a new oven, and actually be able to bake a birthday cake.  And no, I am not making a special run to town (45 minute round trip) to buy a $20 store boughten cake! And yeah, he’s ok with that, because last time we had a store cake they all moaned and groaned because my cake is better!  And to make up for it all, he’s getting an Asian Cashew salad next time we go to Wendy’s (I have a coupon. shhhh.) Yeah, my kiddo’s are…. weird.

In Spinzilla news… I got one whole bobbin spun up yesterday! I know, I know. Sucky!  BUT I had to crop, and .jpg, and list about two dozen Items on my Etsy.  By 11 pm my brain was fried trying to think up little blurbs about everything, and going to other shops and getting all the best tag words.  So, today I am going to work really hard at getting at least two bobbins full, and then hopefully starting a fourth, so tomorrow I will be plying my first two skeins off. I need to look up the rules on how many yards you get to count as spun for plying I reckon. I’m pretty sure last year the plied yarn didn’t count as yardage, and that was kinda sucky. Anyway, off and spinning!

TTYL :-)

Where blogs get interesting again!

Yes, I am back in the picture business!!! Wooohooooo!!! And what better day for that to happen, then the opening day of Spinzilla!!!! Here we gooooo! With kitties lookin at me like I musta lost my mind! LOL Mama cat says, “Whatchu doin with your feetz hooman?”, and she sat like this watching me treadle for a good half hour.


More mama….



What the…


Who ~dares~ disturb my rest???


Yeah, she plunked right back to sleep, and then came out an hour or so later for treats. :-P

And the Wicket. Guardian of stairs, and keeper of corners! You’ll do no swinging around a corner while hanging onto a wall in this house. She will jump and bop your hand for holding onto corners. Keeps the paint clean. Hee hee!


Ok ok, what y’all have really been waiting for! The knitting!!!! Or in this case… the crocheting! A couple of weeks ago a facebook friend asked if I had seen Panama Hats. My understanding of a Panama hat was kinda Indiana Jones-ish looking straw hats with a colorful band around them. But that wasn’t it. Glad I confirmed that before I started crocheting. LOL Here’s a link to what she had in mind. And here is what I came up with! My crocheting skills are not as good as my knitting ones, BUT I learned a whole lot of different things boodling around with this pattern, that luckily had a whooooole lot of pictures to go by!


And last but not least… the blanket that I started waaaayyy back in 2012!!!! I had like the very very first of the green and white done when Cassie had her reaction. I got about four repeats of color done when we had to pack it all up, and move across the country! I took it out again this past winter and worked on it a little. When it got to be summer time though, I put it back away. Then cleaning out yarn bins a couple of months ago I spotted it again. And now, it is finished, and as many people as I thought, “I should finish it and give it to so and so”, now that it’s all said and done, I am really glad I didn’t give it to any of the people I wanted to back then.  I’m being selfish, and keeping this one! I’ve been knitting and crocheting for 25+ years, and have never made a blanket for myself. So this one is mine. :-)


I will update tomorrow with more Spinzilla stuff, and as I wind yarn off the bobbins I will add my yardage to the blogs! I am now glad I got two extra pounds of fiber, because reading some peoples blogs from last year, they ran out of fiber quickly with just the one or so pounds that they did have! I think altogether I could come up with about four and a half pounds that I would love love love to spin this week. If I have to dig deeper than that, there will be picking and carding to do. I don’t think it’ll come to that though.

TTYL :-)

It’s working!!!

Ok, so doing that whole WalMart Savings Catcher thing is working out well. I went ahead and went to Bluebird by Amex and got signed up. Pretty easy just plug in your info, and then in about 7 days you get your Bluebird card. It’s kinda like a credit/debit card, but you have to add your own money to it out of your bank, or from checks, or cash, or whatever. I’m just using mine to transfer the WalMart Savings to it for now. But I was looking, and they have a family plan where you can set up to four family plans, and anyone 13 years or older can have a card. You can set daily spending limits, and turn ATM access on and off, and just all kinds of goodness! Great way to start teenagers learning how to use money wisely, and keep them on a budget plan, with minimal fees.

So anyway, going through the WalMart line today, and told her that I was going to use two different payment methods, because my Bluebird only had a bit on there, and it swiped through just like a gift card, and took the money off that account, and then I paid for the rest of the items. She was amazed that someone was actually using the Savings Catcher, and was impressed to hear how much we were saving, and that Bluebird doubled it, “for real!!!!” So I think she is now going to sign up for the card too! :-D

In other news… I got two styrofoam heads from the beauty supply store today to take pictures of my hats for the Etsy store! The kiddo’s think they are funny… and creepy! Now I am going to have to guard my foam heads, because they thought up so much weirdness on the way home.  Most of it Halloween related, some of it just goofiness!!! smh

AND on another front… The View last week ran a story on their Hot Topics about a mom in MN that could be facing jail time for using hemp oil to control her sons seizures. http://abc.go.com/shows/the-view/video/pl5554876/vdka0_cl0xbl4x   All I can say is Whoopie Goldberg makes my heart soar, and she made me cry!!! So anyway, our good friends Paige Figi and Joel Stanley now are confirmed next Thursday to be on a taping of The View, boop,  just like that!!! I think the Realm of Caring family has just become sooooo huge, and wonderfully pesty :-D, that as soon as anyone starts talkin about “those seven brothers in CO”,  we’re all in there cheering them on! YES! Tell America cannabis works!!!! And these guys drop what they’re doing, and six of the brothers cover for whatever the seventh had going on, and they get the word out!!!! The Stanley’s saved my daughters life!  Although they say we did it, because we were incredibly brave, and made the move.  But no, they were there for us when we got here! They walked us through getting so much set up at thee most scariest time in our lives!!! And for that… I am forever grateful!!! So stay tuned for updates of when that show will be airing, and yeah, Whoopie will prolly make me cry some more! :-P

TTYL :-)

Wonderful Weekend

Yeah, I know a day later than it should be, but part of the wonderful weekend was a trip to the Farmers Market, so yesterday was spent with putting stuff up! I swear I don’t know why people need to exercise, because between just the work around the house, and the garden, and especially the kitchen, that I do I get quite the workout already. Yesterday was forearms. You shuck a whole bin of corn, and then clean it, and cut/snap them all in half for freezing, and yep, I’m feelin the musckles in my forearms today! Taking two trash bags of corn shucks out to the dumpster with our other kitchen trash, and the recycles, and then sweeping, and cleaning the floor, and add to that the two loads of laundry, and dishes, and other cleaning of the day, and it was all like a whirlwind where I hardly sat down! I don’t need any exercise after all of that. :-P

Sunday night we were up late doing another half bushel of mild roasted peppers for the freezer. We now have 22 baggies of mild roasted peppers, and 24 baggies of a mix of mild and hot roasted peppers in our freezer! We’re gonna have a boodle of chili and salsa fixins! If anyone else can think of anything to do with the hot/mild mix I’d appreciate a few recipes outside of fish tacos, chili, and salsas. I was thinking of maybe making some sweet and spicy relish early next year when the first of the cucumbers come in. Maybe a spicy jelly… but not sure what fruit would make a good base. White grape? Spicy raspberry? Umm, gotta think that one through carefully. Fortunately the hot peppers aren’t a melt your face off hot! Putting a lot of work into a Habanero jelly for no one to ever want to taste it is not my goal! LOL

On the knitting and crocheting front… no matter what else happens today I ~will~ get that purple and green blanket finished!!! I am on the last six rows! I’ve been on the last six rows for two days!!! Blah! Tomorrow and the next night it’s going down into the low 40’s and then the 30’s!!!! My timing is Perfect, I guess! :-P Besides that I’ve been working on hats hats hats. Some of it is a surprise though so I’m not sayin any more.

And not much else happening here.  Just school stuff, and funny kiddo’s (to which they say, mooooom, don’t write about thaaaaaaaat! They read what I type over my shoulder now. Teenagers. :-P)! We’ve been playing Diablo3 again. They’ve started seasonal characters, so we’ve got Season One more than covered. Great gear upgrades, so I’m going to have to work on unstuffing my un-seasonal bank, because when the season is over, everything flips to your regular character page and people are just not going to have any space for all their stuff. I look at dh and tell him, “it’s time to make the haaaard decisions” and he’s all like, “it’s a game! and a game isn’t supposed to be this haaard!!!!” Whine whine whiiiiine! LOL

And we’ve been popping into World of Warcraft and some of the Steam games also. Lots going on there, but nothing earth shattering. The guild I’m in is having their nine year anniversary in a couple of days. I’ve been with them for seven thanks to knitterly friends at Ravelry.  It’s cool how that works out! So I’m going to pop on just to see how many of them pop back in out of the blue. The game is between expansions right now, so it’s kinda dead, dead, dead, so it’ll be good to see old faces, and do a little shenanigans, and steamrolling goofy stuff with them for a night.

And that is all because with any luck I can have this blanket finished by dinner!!!

TTYL :-)

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