So the other night I had a super cool, awesome dream, full of lots of ideas that I want to try. Ok so, this house came with a rather interesting detached garage.  Looks like the walls were built with 2×4 frame and then the rest of the walls are a mud brick like substance, and then the roof is just a regular old roof, but it’s very oooold. The outside of this garage was stuccoed to match the rest of the house. It’s nice, because when the sun shines on the stucco all day, and it keeps the house nice and warm most of the night! Pretty sure the garage having mud brick walls with stucco on the outside works the same way. We don’t park our car in it though, because we don’t trust the roof. That’s where my dream comes in.

So in my dream, I get to use a skill saw, and we were cutting the roof off the garage bit by bit and dropping it into the dumpster in like two foot sections. I don’t really understand how this was working out, because we were standing on the roof while we were cutting away at it. But it worked in my dream. Then, when the roof was gone we started lowering the walls, and taking the mud bricks out to the back yard to make raised beds out of them. It was ~~~gorgeous~~~!!!!  I had fruit trees on the bonus property along the side of the house, and then the whole back along the fence had sunflowers and berry bushes, and then all up to the porch was the raised beds built out of rocks and the mud bricks.

Then comes the amazing part (as if all that wasn’t amazing enough), once the mud walls were taken out to about waist high, we re-framed up the 2×4’s, and put a hoop house/green house over the top of it all, and my garage became a beautiful beautiful space for plants, and all our gardening needs throughout the Winter and Spring!!!!

I woke up incredibly happy about it all. It is just soooo doable with a little work, and year round effort!!! The people here are still all like, “you won’t never get nothin to grow here”, BUT the dude down the street got his tomatoes and squash to grow! The farmers on the other side of the river are growing corn, squash, peppers, tomatoes, and pumpkins for Halloween! I feel like proving them all wrong, and getting some apple and pear trees in the Spring, and then getting loads of berries, and getting those raised beds made! Gonna need a boat load of drip irrigation, and maybe even some timers so I’ve only gotta check up on things once or twice a day… but I can see this working! And it makes me smile every time we pull into our driveway and I see that old garage! :-)

2012-10-04garage 2012-10-04sideofgarage

The Boonies!!!

What a morning it has been! So my order from the Woolery shipped yesterday.  And what does the post office do??? Reject my address, and ship my package to North Carolina!  Part of living here in the boonies is that the town is so small that everyone gets a PO Box. But businesses don’t like that. They like physical addresses, so we give them the physical address, but in the second address line we put our post office box. But that doesn’t account for nothing, and the post office rejects our address, and the next nearest thing they can find is our town name, but in NC. Presto change-o that’s where your package is going!!!! Just like that! /bangs head on desk

But the most wonderful people at the Woolery, even though they are out of the Spinzilla packs have found a way to pull my order together again, and they are going to do what most places have to do for us, and march down to the post office and say, “THIS is a real address! This package NEEDS to go there!!!” And amazingly once it gets ~into~ actual CO, for some reason they can find us! But magically everywhere else in the country thinks we are a big empty hole, like the Bermuda Triangle, or something. Wooooo weeeeeeee woooooo weeeeeee woooooo weeeeeeee! And yes, we get all of our bills, and other normal mail just fine here.  Just for some reason packages from companies are a thing. :-/ The UPS guy can find us. FedEx had it’s trouble back last year, but now with a phone call or two they can find us most times too! Google maps thinks we’re at another house about a half a block away, so you can’t even look us up on there, or you’ll be seeing someone else’s place. LOL

I guess it’s just all part of being in a small town. One of those, get to know your neighbor kinda places, because your package is gonna end up not at your place, because they don’t look at the number on the house, they just drop it where the map says to go. We don’t rely on technology out here, so much as we do friendly folks getting our things to the right place.  Scary for the rest of the world. Just a part of small town boonie living for us!


I am gearing up! I placed an awesome order with the Woolery! Couldn’t pass up the Spinzilla deal of two pounds of fiber for $39!!! (so I got two! LOL) I have never seen fiber that cheap, unless it’s like straight off the sheep, and not all nice and washed and carded!!! My plan is to spin as much of it up as I can the week of Spinzilla, and then I am going to wind the yarn into cakes, and get out the food coloring, and do this dying technique I saw on the Youtoobz where you plop the yarn cakes into the dye, and the outside picks up more of the color, and it gradually gets lighter towards the middle of the cake! Makes for super awesome shawl knitting with either the darkest part of the skein at the top of the shawl, and going lighter and lighter to the bottom… or the light part at the top, going darker and darker to the bottom!

This week is also Yarn Along the Rockies here in CO! I don’t think I’m going to try hitting 24 yarn shops this year though. I might hit two or three right around the Springs, and of course we’ve already hit Table Rock Llamas! I think they are my most favorite shop ever! Well, besides Spindles, Shuttles, and Skeins and Mew Mew’s!!! But those are much much further north.

So anyway, yesterday we needed to go up to the Springs for 15 yo dd’s medicine, so we zipped out to Table Rock Llamas first. I ended up with some lovely Merino yarn called Zara Plus the color # is 428 (it’s the multi colored green one).  I am weaving it up on my Hazel Rose looms and it is absolutely fabulous!!! I let dh know if we’re in that neck of the woods next week I wanna go in and clean them out of the last 15 or so skeins in all the different colors they had. I also got a few more bobbins for my Ashford Traveler wheel, getting ready for Spinzilla!!! I’ve been meaning to get some for a few years now, but just never thought of it at the time we were at any place fibery. Then I’d sit down to spin again, and I’d be like, “man, I need more bobbins!”

Other than that… just regular ol back to school stuff here. Starting to get up early in the morning again, so we can get our four hours of stuff done by lunch time. One kiddo in the last year of Elementary, and then everyone else in Middle and High School is rough!!! But we’re getting through it. I thought once I got my oldest through the high school years, I was all like, “yeah! I can DO THIS!!!” But with multiple kiddo’s working multiple levels… eeehhhhssss!  Six more short years, and I’ll be down to just one again though. That’ll be weird. :-P

Anyway, off to watch a few Youtubes before bed. I’ve been sucked into Dave Ramsey vids lately. We’ve done most of what he’s saying on our own, without even following any plan really. I guess it’s just the way I was brought up.  It’s just good to listen to those kick in the pants “be responsible, dammit!” kinda talks every once in a while. I’m astounded at people that make $150K a year, and they’re, “OMG we are in soooo much debt!!!”, and I’m like, holy crap!!! How??? But then, I’m not normal. :-/ :-D It’s a crazy world out there, ain’t it?

TTYL :-)

Dr’s suck Part2

Yeah, you knew it wasn’t over with, right?  I mean, they’re dr’s. They’ve gotta make some bucks, right. :-/ So the Wednesday after my visit I get a phone call, “all of your tests came back negative.  You are fine, and all is well!”  Yaaaaayyyyyy!!! Then two days later I get another call! “Hey, we need you back in to see you! Right away!!! There was something on your tests”  Oh, you mean those tests that two days ago you said were ~fiiiiine~? Everything’s normal and good, you mean thooose tests.  “Umm humm”  So yesterday, I go back in for an “extra look” (read: an office visit is $240), “and we’re going to put this stuff on, and if there are any cancer cells it’ll turn them white, and we’ll be able to get ~just~ those cells, and send them in for testing” (read: lab tests are gonna cost you another couple hundred dollars), “and you might have to come back three times a year for pap smears” (read: three office visits a year times $240 a visit, plus lab work).   Imagine their saddness when ~NO freakin part turned white~!!!! Nothing! No cancer, no biopsy, no lab work. Boo hoo for you doc!  She turns to the assistant and says, get me a pap kit, and turns to me, we’ll run another pap smear for ya. WTF!!!! I just HAD one just over a week ago! It came back FINE!!!! FINE! I DON”T have bottomless pockets for you to find ways to spend my money lady!!! I have a basement to repair! I don’t have an oven to cook Thanksgiving dinner in! I DON’T need ~you~ to keep spending ~my~ money for ME!!!! Yeah, I doubt I’ll be going back there next year. Those dr’s are messed up in the head!  But yeah, I’m healthy, and fine, and as hard as they tried they couldn’t make me sick. Don’t cha love it! /endrant

Dr’s suck

Yeeeeeesss, I went to my yearly exam yesterday. I hate them. I hate dr’s in general. I am not sick! I just want my prescription. “Well, we can’t fill it unless we see you. We have to make sure you aren’t having complicaaaations”.  I’ve been on the same dang pill for 17+ years! Ya think if there had been complications they would have come up by now, dontchathink???  I do have to give CO dr’s credit though. They were much much much less nosy than FL dr’s. Name, DOB, address, answer a few quick questions, and you’re in and out of there. So they’re suspecting I’m pre menopausal, but since I had that odd period “it’s office policy that we do a pregnancy test” (I miss my wtf emoticon)  I’m 47 years old, haven’t had a good period in 11 months, and then I get one random big mess, and bleed for *~eight~* freakin days like a gutted animal, and you ~think I might be preggers~????? :-/ Oh wait, no, you’re just trying to tack on $10 here, and $20 there, to pad the visit. Amirite? So then the dr did regular pap smear crap, and then pinched pieces out of my uterus for other testing. Because you know it might be pre cancerous something.  So now I might get the wonderful call that “hey, you have pre cancer and should start shoving all these pills in your body…. but it could just be pre menopause…. but we just wanna be safe, and give you all these meds.”  MMmmmm, no thanks.  So now I sit and wait for the wonderful bill from the lab rats, and maybe they can get me to pay a few thousand to pharma too. Whhheeeeee! “And at the very very least lets try and work with the mammogram people, and get ya in for your yearly boob squish for absolutely no reason whatsoever.” Just because you don’t have a family history of any kind of cancer, doesn’t mean we can’t get that ball rolling for you by exposing you to radiation for the next 40 something years!!!! Whhheeeeeeee! 

So there ya have it. My yearly (or bi-yearly) dr rant. Thank goodness that’s over with! sheeesh

Fun Saturday trip to the mall!

So sometimes you’ve gotta just dive into the mall. I am a wonderful window shopper! I looove to go and look here, and there, and everywhere, and sometimes get a pretzel and a drink, and I can make that last aaaaalll day. Only problem is… no one else in my family is like that. LOL They all gotta go here and get this and get that. So I hardly ever go in and window shop anymore because I’d end up broke broke broke!!! So I had to go to JoAnns to get one skein of Caron Pounder yarn to finish a blanket I’m working on. I had two coupons, so I got my new latest and greatest fun thing to get.  All different kinds of yarn bagged up in one pound lots. The past few weeks I’ve been getting these with my 40% off coupons. Here’s the one I got tonight… one pound of browns (pic of the front of the bag to show you how it comes)



The browns look more like that first picture but I wanted to show you how mashed in there the skeins are packed too. Sorry for the sucky photos. I’m taking these on my Hellbox Prime and then uploading them. Works kinda good for no flash, no cropping, no nothin.  Here’s the scores from the past two weeks. Lace weight yarn with a twinkle to it that Miss Emily (my orange fanatic) Had to Have!!!! I’m going to run it with another yarn, and make her a nice big snugly shawl out of it!


Here’s the worsted weight baby yarn I got also. Already balled it up, and have started using it for hats, so there was two more balls of this but it’s already in use…


And then there is Miss Cassie’s pick (blue of course). Don’t know what shes planning on making out of this, but at just under $4 for a pound of yarn, she could get two hats, and a scarf, and some fingerless mitts out of it, and still have some left over!!!


After the yarn store we went across the mall to a shop with all kinds of nick nacks, candles, and oddities, and the kiddo’s found a wooden chess table, with wooden chess pieces as big as my hand on it. There were signs taped to it that if you play a round of chess or checkers, make sure to put the pieces back where they belong. So my crew of four stood there playing chess for about a half hour til they closed the store. :-P They wanted a chess game soooooooo badly after that!!! So, when we ran to Crazytown to do a little shopping we swung through the toy section, and got a chess game! Cheap ugly plastic version with stoopid little horrible board was nine dollars. We went with the wooden version for almost twice as much, but it should last them waaaaayyy longer.  Came with checkers and chess also, so it’s gonna be a quiet week of strategy around here! :-D

TTYL :-)

Blankets Blankets Blankets!

So, this week I worked on crocheting 12 squares to go with other squares that people have sent to me, and I have stitched together a total of three baby blankets, and now have trim on the first one! Two more to go.  I am also working on de-stashing a whoooooole lot of yarn, so I have gotten out two other twin to full size blankets that I have been working on also. Remember the green, purple, and white, crocheted zig zag blanket that I was working on early in 2013? That is out of the bin, and almost finished now. AND I have another batch of crocheted squares that I’ve been working on since 2012. I think I am going to add another couple dozen squares to those, and wah-lah!!! Two nice big blankets done, done, done! And a good two bins of yarn out of here!!!  Of course I’ll probably need one of those bins to stash the blankets in. :-P

In other knitting… I started a nice simple neck warmer today.  Needed something small, and portable, and not requiring me to remember a difficult pattern. Nice easy k3 p3, and then every fourth row you switch to p3 k3.  I’m doing it in the color Mango just to take a big ol break from the blues, green, purples, and whites that I normally work with. I don’t know why I tend to go for those colors, and then one of the most loved hats I’ve ever made here is PINK!!! I need to branch out with the colors I use, I guess.

Big update coming on the Etsy store in the next week or so. I’ve pictured over 25 items, and have a few more still to go. I am ready for winter!!!  Wooohooo!  Haven’t found my PaintShop Pro stuff yet, but I’m gonna have dh download me some easy photo something or other to my computer, so I can get pictures cropped, and resized, and such for the shop til we find my disks.

Anyway, off of here to make dinner, and some cookies. Cassie is doing great, but shes backsliding a couple of pounds in the past couple of weeks, and I guess I gotta get rolling on the desserts again, and get her a new favorite one to pack on the pounds. If you ever thought it was hard losing weight…. it’s harder gaining for sure!!!! Not for meeeee though. Man oh man, I wish I had the metabolism of my fathers side of the family! :-D

TTYL :-)

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