Wonderful But COLD Day!

It’s like nothing I’ve ever lived through. Temps in the mid fifties and low sixties in JULY!!! I swear I wore long pants and two shirts out of the house today and took a jacket with me just in case! And one of the kiddo’s snitched the jacket before we made it home too! CO is like being on some weird and wild planet some days! LOL

Looooong trip out today! Three dr’s appointments to get Cassies (15 yo dd) red card renewed for the next year! The dr’s were very impressed with her weight gain. She still has about 25 pounds to go before shes “back to normal”, if you can call living with nerve damage normal. :-/ But overall they were all very happy with her progress! Yayy!

Since we had a four and a half hour round trip car ride, I got lots and lots of things made for the hospitals. Two baby hats are now done, and I got the edging crocheted on to two 30 inch blankets, and then started putting together two more blankets out of group squares. And when I ran out of that to do, I started working on a new set of fingerless mitts for myself. I got a new to me color of yarn from Hobby Lobby in the colorway Firecracker and the mitts are looking beyond fabulous!!! I think I’m going to get a few more skeins of this yarn because I would loooove to see how it looks weaving it! These will replace the mitts that I made for myself about six years ago. The grey ones that when anyone sees me from a distance they think I broke both my arms. /rolls eyes Yeah, I neeeed to get rid of those. I’m tired of the remarks. LOL

For the rest of the week I’ve got to work on finishing up the home school evaluation paperwork, and get all of that submitted and mailed off. Then I need to rebuild all of my files for a new school year, and get the attendance sheets set up again too! Soo messed up that I have my four kiddo’s here, but they want me to keep attendance, like one of them isn’t going to show up for school one day…. derp! They’re *right here*!!!! Oh well, I guess if they come a calling and neeeeeed to see the paperwork, I’ll have it ready to show!

TTYL :-)


Ninja Pictures!!!

Or where there’s a will, there’s a way. So I haven’t been able to do my regular picture posts because my computer went kablooey, and then I got this one here that dh put together for me. Two years ago when my computer went out and he reloaded all my stuff back on to one of his old work computers he added a lot of good stuff, but didn’t load my music back on to it. So I only had my iPod for music for a while. Eh, I’m easy to please I guess, so long as I have music in some way shape or form. So now this computer is loaded, and I have my iTunes back, but I don’t have my scanner or my PhotoShop stuff loaded to work with pictures (I did get my printer back a couple of days ago though, thank goodness). BUT I have now found a way around that too. I can take a one shot (no flash, no editing, or color fixing) pic, and post it to my Facebook, and then pull it back to my desktop from there (drives dh crazy), and load it to here! Yaayy! It’s not going to work well for getting anything listed on my Etsy shop…. but it’s good for fast ugly pics of what I’m doing.

So yesterday I was looking up short stranded color work, and found a couple of items that had color work that I liked. One was a leg warmer, and one was a set of mitts, and then a grand thunderstorm rolled though the area, so we all had to shut down all of the electronics, and there I was with my sticks and string, and ideas in my head! A quick shuffle through the book shelves, and I found a notebook of graph paper, and I sat down in the near darkness and worked out a pattern. Then while everyone else played Monopoly and some card games, I sat there knitting away on this hat!  Of course when the patterning got tough on a couple of rows I was mumbling it out saying, “dark, light, light, dark, light, light, dark, dark, dark, light, light, light”  Drove my kiddo’s NUTS!!!! LOL At one point I was sooo freaking worried that I sectioned the pattern off wrong, and maybe it was a seven repeat and not a six repeat, but then I looked it over for like 20 more minutes, and in the end begged myself to TRUST the Pattern!!! And it all worked out pretty! :-)


So last night as I was drifting off to sleep I started thinking of more and more patterns, so this is what I came up with today. Knitting the black is going to be a bit of a challenge, but I think it will turn out the most beautiful! But there is a dark purple I might try this with, and I was also thinking of adding another row of zig zag, and doing like a fire thing with this. The multi being the embers at the bottom, and then switching to a red zig zag, and then a yellow zig zag, and then an orange zig zag. Might be more color work than I want to handle though. And things always look better in my head then they turn out like in real life. :-D


And then these colors are for Cassie. She fell in ~love~ with the purple hat up there, but I know as soon as she sees it in the variegated blues shes gonna toss the purple back at me, and snitch up the blues.


What ever the kiddo’s don’t snitch up will most likely end up on the Etsy shop in August or September! I’ve got three packages for hospitals and NICUs sitting here with no money to mail them out yet. Blah! But I have hope that these will sell like hotcakes. I’m enjoying the color change stuff so much I might work on a few baby hats with designs in them also. Besides that I also have a pile of trivets done for the kitchen. I’m going to work on matching dishcloths and sack sacks (those draw string bags you put your plastic grocery bags in because you didn’t buy one of my reusable shopping bags/totes ;-)) to go with them, and hope they sell for Christmas gifty type things. If they don’t, they’ll be going to some Visiting Nurses I know of to cheer up some shut ins with perky bits of color for their homes. One way or another, all these things will get to someone somewhere.

In other news… we found an easy peasy home school evaluator! Thank goodness CO is only every other grade level, so I don’t have to write up four evals this year. Just the girls this year, and the boys next year. Then one more round for the girls, and then Cassie will be graduating the year after that. Then one more round for the boys, and Benny will be graduating the year after that! All down hill from there just having two kiddo’s to do every other year will be a snap!!! Now I’ve gone and made myself feel old. LOL

Bad Blogger

Hey, what can I say. Summer has gotten a hold of us here! LOL Let me try and catch you up on things since the 4th of July!!!! Well, this years fourth was a whooooooole boodle better than last years. Last year we were packing that moving truck while watching the fireworks over the top of the roof in FL. Then the fifth we were still packing, and had to go sign the papers for selling our house. This years fifth was just lounging around at home. Nice looong weekend! I think we had residual tiredness left over from last year when we just kept packing for like 60 hours straight, with only a 4 hour nap caught here or there on our bare floors. LOL

In knitting news the past week or so has been wonderful!!! I’ve gotten several adult hats made. I’m trying to do one for the Etsy shop, and then one for giveaway to keep things evened out. I’ve also gotten three neck warmers or infinity scarves whipped up. I lived in mine last winter, and now I *know* the need to keep your face, as well as your head covered when you are going to be outdoors for a stretch of time when it’s below freezing!

In weaving news… still working on the same strap that I was last time. Once that’s off the Inkle Loom I have just one more to make like it, and then I’ll have enough yardage to make up a pouch/small bag. My first attempt at using my weaving to make a useful item (I mean besides a belt or a curtain tie, ya know)

In Air Conditioning news… we had one of our AC’s go out at the beginning of the month, and then two days later, kapow, 101 degree heat! Blah! Luckily the day after that it rained, and was nice and cool in the mid 70’s most of the day! Nice porch sittin weather! Now we have AC back again, and I am freeeeeezing to death. But everyone else is much happier. So I’ve decided that since it is so cool now I am going to start back up working on the bigger baby blankets for the hospitals in need! I have a boodle of friends sending me squares, and I’m still working on the edges to those blankets that I put together in June. I need to get them finished off and mailed out, and start on this new round of squares!

Aaaaand, I am working on getting the home school evaluations done! CO law says only 3rd 5th 7th 9th and 11th grades need evals, so only two kiddo’s this year, and it looks like all the evaluators do the evals online, or over Skype! Easy peasy!

So, that’s about all from here. I’m going to be getting pictures of the stuff I’m working on, and hopefully get a picture blog up in a day or three. Still missing some things from the big computer switch over. Got my music back, but now Photoshop isn’t here. Got a way to look at .pdf’s now, but I’m missing some other little things. I gotta make a list of the things I need back on here I guess, and tack it up somewhere.

Anyway, off of here to watch a few toobz while I knit for a bit. Weekends coming up quick. I feel like I should have more to do around here, but I don’t. Summer is weird like that.

TTYL :-)

My favorite produce stand!!!

So last year when we first got here, within a couple of weeks we made friends with the lady and her husband that runs one of the many produce stands around here. It’s easy and convenient to stop there and get our fill of vegies and fruits, and at better than store prices, that can’t be beat! Last weekend they opened the stand up for the season (they have a store/bakery three blocks over that’s open all year too)! It says on the website that they open the stand on July 1st, but we popped by just to check on Sunday, and there they were getting things set up and ready for the opening, and yep, they’ll sell you what they have even though they weren’t totally set up! So we have had vegi sandwiches for lunch every day this week, and zucchini for dinner every night, prepared one way or another. Yum yum yum!!!! As of last night we were out of most of what we bought on Sunday!

So today we went on through again! We got our tomatoes, and avocados, and a couple of apples, and Cassie wanted sweet potatoes (with lots of butter that’s better for her to gain weight then candy or a bag of chips any day!), and I got a few lemons because I love them in my tea! And of course we got a dozen or so zucchini to get us through til the weekend again. Whatever we don’t use by the weekend will be sliced and popped into the dehydrator, and we’ll get fresh again for the next three or four days!

So we’re checking out, and shes telling us how good Cassie is looking! Up another 8 or so pounds since Christmas! Yayy! And we’re talking about all the work we’ve had to do on the house, and all the work we have yet to do, and she swings around and gives me a couple of big ol bags of seconds. Fruits with bumps and bruises, and things about to go bad that they just can’t sell. Altogether 14 apples, 8 peaches, 11 plums, 7 nectarines, and three apricots!!! So I have got my afternoon cut out for me! Slicing away the bad parts, saving the good, and then I have coleslaw to make also!!! Yep, it’s summertime! Time to keep those fresh fruits and vegies flowing through here, and keeping an eye on it all to get it put up quick if it sits too long! Life is good!:-D

Beautiful Sunday!

Finally a beautiful Sunday drive kinda weekend! Today we had to head up to the Springs to get meds, and then we came back to our end of town and got some much needed stuff from Lowe’s. Lot’s of good little things on the ~honey do list~ are gonna get done around here. Yaayy! And the bestest news of the weekend, we stopped by our favorite vegetable stand, and even though they’re not officially open for the year until July 1st, they were open for business this weekend! So we got a nice big ol smackrel of vegies. Huge juicy red tomatoes, and zucchini, and some super huge carrots that I am going to make into a coleslaw!!! And avocados!!!! Yum yum yum! So I picked up some spinach at the grocery store so we can have tomato avocado spinach sandwiches tomorrow for lunch!

So we get home and I put all the groceries away, and then take all the stuff from the produce stand and arrange it all in the big silver mixing bowls on the table, and Benny (14 yo ds) says, “Ya know what I like best about summer and going to the produce place?”, and I was like, “what’s that?”, and he says, “Coming home and seeing it all set out in the bowls on the table! It looks nice!” Awwww! :-) And two of the kiddo’s already snitched some raw zucchini chips to munch on for a little snack! That’s what I like about summer. Everyone eats soooooo freakin much better and we get full on good nutrient rich food!!!

And yep there was knitting today as well. I finished off an earflap hat for dh for winter this year. And I started another toddler earflap hat for the shop! And I got a little baby hat for giveaway worked on too! I love nice long rides in the car like that. Makes me feel a bit more productive when I get home and see all of the stuff in my knitting bag!!!

Gnome Invasion!!!

So last week a wonderful lady asked me if I could make a certain knitted baby doll. I still need to give that a try, but it made me think of the Gnome pattern that I’ve had forever in my printed off patterns. So I went flipping through my three ring binders and found it, and remember knitting it a looooooong time ago and not liking it so much. But I thought I’d give it a go again, and I think my knitting must have improved enough that I actually find this pattern quite enjoyable now! So much so that we have this, in just two short days of knitting!


Aren’t they adorable??? Each one is about 8 1/2-9 inches tall from toes to the top of the hat. Even my teenager kiddo’s like them! Don’t tell them I told ya though. But when I come into a room and two of them are sitting there with the dollies, and I ask them, “what are you doing?” and they reply back with, “nothing! Are you gonna make more of these?”, and then start requesting colors, yeah, I find that amusing. The next question they ask is, “what are ya gonna do with them?” And I tell them, “well, give them away of course!”, and they say “but you’ll make more, right?”  You betcha!

The white one is actually made with some of that white yarn with a sparkle thread running through it that you find at Christmas time. I was thinking it would make a lovely princess gnome but as soon as the kiddo’s saw me making it they said that it was Gandalf the White and now I must make a Gandalf the Grey to go with it! I guess I should go have a look around the yard for a couple little sticks for staffs also! Gandalfs gotta be all like…


And that’s all I’ve got for now! It’s summer break here starting this week!  Wooohoooo! Another school year gone by! Gotta get my stuff together for evals and then we’re good to go!

TTYL :-)

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Today I was inspired by a few people, and started poking around my yarn bins and got out some yarn to make slouchy hats! Y’all know me though. Can’t just find a pattern and do that.  So I went poking around, and I’ve incorporated like three patterns into what I think will make a nice end result! I am working in Homespun yarn in the color Waterfall, and so far it is coming out just lovely! Already have two kiddo’s ready to grab it as soon as it’s off the needles, but I have news for them!  This one is going to be mine all mine…. until one of them snitches it straight away from me! LOL

In other news…. I got a copy of The Opinionated Knitter finally!!! That only took 9 years! LOL I remember waaaayyy back when it first came out and the KnitBabySurprise group had aaaaaaalll kinds of cool knit-a-longs, and now that I have my copy I am ready to dive in and work on a couple of the sweaters in there! And all the Elizabeth Zimmermann stories in there just take me right back to when I got my copy of Knitters Almanac! It’s like, you don’t need a pattern at all! You just sit down and read an EZ story, and you are just inspired to get out your needles and TRY things… on a whim like that! And amazingly you CAN knit pretty things without following patterns!!!! I love EZ!!!!!

In around the house stuff… I’ve moved my desk around, and boy oh boy is it ever weird!!!! For the past 11 months mine and the girls desks have been in an L shape around the edges of the room, I was facing west, and now we’ve swung my desk sideways and added another desk to that (more space for the printer and scanner ~and my loom, but don’t tell no one I’m planning on setting that up here too! shhhhh!~) so now when I come into the room it’s like all of my stuff is on this one side, and I can get to everything so easily! Weaving on one side, spinning wheels on the other! Yarn bins in a more better spot then they were! And I am now facing north!!!! I love it! It’s taken me a looooong time to get used to this CO space we’re in, and for months and months my internal compass has just been messed up!!!! And yeah, I know the mountains are in the west, but we are just far enough away from it, and cutting back in to the back roads here on the plains kinda swings you around a bit, so I was all mixed up for a while.  It has taken a lot of meditating, and constant rechecking myself to get used to it! FL was much easier. :-P

And in just two very short weeks we are coming up on our one year anniversary of our move here! I remember packing the moving truck while watching 4th of July fireworks over our rooftop in FL.  And then after the fireworks were over, dh and me just kept loading boxes, and all of our stuff onto the truck for hours and hours and hours into the darkest parts of the morning. I remember about 4:30 in the morning on the 5th falling asleep on our living room floor and crashing, because there was just no furniture left in the house. Oh my goodness was that ever thee roughest four or five days of our lives!!!!  We should celebrate somehow that we don’t have to do that again any time soon! Haha!

TTYL :-)

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