Toooo Much FB!

Yeah, I think I’m going to be cutting waaaayyy back on FB again.  I hadn’t been on there in about two days, and then went back on there on Monday, and then went on again yesterday. I cannot stand the dumb!!! People just slap things up and are all like “this is a fact!”, and then I do a weeeee tiny little digging, and tell them, not really, this is what that’s about. And whammoooo! Confrontation!!! And then double triple extra whammo, all their friends pile on too. “well, she never ~said~ it was a fact!”  Umm, YES, she did! RIGHT THERE four comments UP! ARE you the DUMB????  “well, shes talking to only certain people that would take it that way, because they don’t know any better!”  Well, WHY do you think they don’t know any better? Maybe because people keep giving them the DUMB? (yeah, I saw a meme with “I have the dumb” on it, so I’m using it a lot now. shoot me) So this has happened with four different people over a 24ish hour period, and I am sick up to the top of my head with people spreading stupid crap as “fact”. I have like 105 “friends” on there, and probably only count maybe 30ish of them as friend friends. How did that happen??? I might just have to fix that.  And now I’m getting feed like, “a friend of your friend posted this, and another person that you know commented on it too”, and I’m all like, I don’t even Knooooooowww these people, why the hell should I even care what a friend of my friends friend likes??? /sigh So I’m stepping back.

In other news… I didn’t die from my period. Which is good! I also made my appointment for my yearly exam only overdue by like 9 months. Eh. I don’t like dr’s. I don’t really wanna go be “practiced” on. All new town, all new bunch of people to slap into place.  I know it sounds rough, but I just hate that they are going to suck $250 out of my pocket just for a “check up”, and I am not even sick. Well yeah, I was maybe dyyyyying two days ago… but I didn’t, and now I’m back to 110% so I *might* get my $250 worth this go around, just to check that out. But more likely than not they’re gonna wanna do another $500-$1000 dollars worth of tests on me, and $400-$800 worth of that will be utterly useless!!!

In non grumbly news… I have an idea!!! But it’s a secret, so I can’t share it yet. But I will share it sometime in September maybe! Hee hee!  And that’s about all for the day, because I’ve got a boodle to do around here. The other night when I was feeling yuck, dh went to cook dinner, and the whole kitchen table was a horrible nightmare of a dumping ground, so he was spinning in circles not sure where to set anything. I jumped in and started cleaning, and he stood there smiling, and I was like, “what?” and he said, “when I first looked at that mess I thought it would take forever to clean up, but it’s only taken you like five minutes!!!” I said, “I’m a professional! You just gotta start somewhere, and work your way through it. ;-) ” So now I’ve gotta go put those professional mad skillz to work again! LOL

TTYL :-)

Yaaaaard Work!

Yesterday was incredibly busy. Saturday we prepared by getting gas for the trimmer and the mower, and the fuel additive stuff.  And then we did our normal Sunday stuff, but by 4 o’clock or so we got to work in the yard! Dh bought a new lopping choppin blade for the trimmer, and that sucker is going back. Put it on there, started it up, whacked about one square foot of plant life with it, and it wobbles like mad!!! So he switched out the attachments back to the trimmer, and we still got a whole lot of stuff whacked down. Then it started lightly raining. But we got out the mower anyway, and oh my word, started in one pull fourth year in a row!!! I love that mower!!! So the rain kept sprinkling on and off, and I thought, “well, ok if he gets a good half of the backyard done, that will be wonderful!” but nope, he kept mowing, and mowing, and mowing. Around the side of the house, and around to the front yard, even mowed a bit of the street. Part of living on a back woods, unmaintained, dirt road I reckon :-P  Today looking out at it all mowed down, it looks like we have the nicest greenest yard in the desert!!! LOL

I was a wee little bit scared of all the weed whacking and mowing though, because Saturday night when all was quiet and dark, I woke up at about 2 am to a wee little kittens meowing for about 15-20 minutes wandering all up and down the front of our house, and then off down the street. I don’t know if a mama cat had a litter nearby and one of the youngins escaped, or if it was a mama cat moving a loud kitty to a new area, or what. But I told dh to keep a lookout and try and move stuff around before whacking it all down. Don’t wanna make no baby kittens legless, or headless, or anything gross like that! But no kittens were around anywhere that we could see or hear so that’s a good thing. They *might* be hiding out under the “chicken house” out back, but I didn’t get a flashlight and go looking or anything. We weren’t mowing or weedwhackin under that. :-P

Today has been pretty much laid back. I have the monthlys/aunt flo/ladies days from hell. Iron totally dipped.TMI, I know. But I’d really be surprised if I even show up on that finger prick Iron test ~at all~!  Also first time I ever really considered maybe going to the hospital, because I felt like I was dyyyyyying!!! But I upped my water intake, took a couple of shots of liquid Iron, and vitamins, ate good, and kept thinkin, “ok, if I make it til lunch time I think I’ll be ok”, and then “lets see if I can make it til dh is off of work”, and by that time the Midol kicked in (yeah I took that stuff and it didn’t knock me on my butt like it usually does. dh thinks maybe elevations has something to do with it?), and I am 85ish percent now, so I don’t think I’ll diiiiiiiie! Then there’s the fear of going to the dr and them being all like, “lol, really. You’re here for PMS?  Hahahahahaha! Here, have another Midol” You know, the old, “it’s all in your head” crappola. But if I do curl up and die, I’ll have someone let y’all know. :-P And yeah, I have a super incredible out of this world high tolerance for pain, so you know if I gripe about it it’s prolly pretty dang bad. Somewhere between having your guts scraped out with a melon baller, or a good ol mule kick! I would put it up there in my top three worst PMSs ever…. one of those being when I had the flu from hell on top of bad PMS! 

Amazingly knitting has kept my mind off of it for a good portion of the afternoon. I am almost finished a pair of fingerless mitts for myself out of I Love This Yarn in the color Firecracker!!! Looks gooooood! I’ll get pictures soon.  Anyway…

TTYL :-)

Lookit what I did!!!

So yesterday I took two and a half hours and warped this thingie up, and then took another hour and a half winding the yarn onto the two shuttles, and today I started weaving! I’m doing roughly five inches of the purple, and then two inches of the green.  Both are light weight baby yarns. I was thinking of using some lace weight yarn, but then doing the math and figuring out yardage, I wouldn’t have had enough for what I wanted to do.  I’m just going to warp up those lace wool yarns after this is off the loom, and make like two eight inch wide scarves out of them.  This piece is going to be seventeen inches across, by around six or seven feet long when all is said and done.  Something nice to wrap up in on cold days. Austin (11 yo ds) wants me to make four of these, and sew them all together to make a woven bedspread for him. LOL Ummm, no! :-P


Besides that I’m still working on hats and baby blankets for the hospitals.  Had another Etsy sale, so I guess with the cold weather coming people are going to start buying warm stuff. Woot!

Convo with Benny (14 yo ds) today….

Ben: Mom, what do we have to drink?

Me: Well, I’ll make some iced tea in a bit, but there’s water in the fridge.

Ben: Waattter??? Uuuuunnnnggghhh!

Me: What’s wrong with water?

Ben: It’s like a Frienemy!!! 

Basically something he would drink if he was dying of thirst, but he wouldn’t *like* it. Love/hate relationships with your drinks. LOL

Anyway, more pictures to come soon. This weekend we’re doing a crap ton of yard work (and maybe planting some kale and snow peas!) Thank goodness for dumpsters is all I’ve gotta say. We might only have about three or four bags of trash a week… but when we need all that extra space, the dumpster sure comes in handy! And it’s much easier stuffing yard waste into that, then into little ol trash cans! Oh, and our friend that came by last week is a tree lopper chopper guy, and he informed us that the trees in our yard are all elm!!!  So, not sure if we want to keep them, but sure is good to know what they are.

TTYL :-)

Discontinued yarn

Don’t ya just hate it!  There are some really good yarns out there, and bam! All of a sudden they’re gone!  First time this happened to me was years, and years, and years ago. There was a yarn similar to Bernat Baby Co-ordinates called Sweet Stripes.  It had loooooooong color changes, and it came in white and purple, and white and blue, and white and yellow, and white and pink, and blue and green, and pink and purple. You get the idea.  The long color runs make for wonderful fat stripes of color in hats and sweaters, and I really loved it. Then bam! All gone, not coming back. Buy, buy, buy, buy, as fast as you can. If you find it randomly on the shelf you buy it, because it’s not coming back!

Then it happened again a couple of years later with Wiggles yarn. This fun baby yarn with a thin thread spun in it, with a little blob wiggle of color on the thread. A friend spotted it again at Smiley’s Yarn Sales on the internet, and told everyone to get it while it lasted. I got a good deal of it, as I am sure other knitters did as well. Then when it got even more scarce some of us knitters started trading it. One lady needed more peach, and I had it in my stash, and traded it for some purples and blues that she had.

One discontinue that made me sad was Softee Chunkee yarn. It wasn’t so much discontinued, but changed to be just slightly more chunky, and they added new colors, and redid the whole line. Well, I’m sorry but the ~old~ Softee Chunkee was perfect for me to weave with, and the new one was too thick, so I had to skip nails on my loom with it. Fiddly!!!  Then once again I spotted it at Smiley’s Yarn Sales online, and scooped the only four colors they had available! Praying that the image on there was going to be true, and it was going to be the old style!  And it was! Yaaayy!

There have been a few other favorites discontinued over the last few years also. But this past week, knitters have learned that Bernat Jacquard’s baby yarns are being discontinued, and boy oh boy, has it been evaporating!!!! No, I have not found any yet. I have about four maybe five skeins of it in my stash though. Sad, that is the last of that pretty yarn. But maybe one day in the next few months it will be found on one of those bargain basement Internet sales places, and I’ll be able to scoop a bit more of it for a nice discount. *fingers crossed*

Just stuff

Well, we had a friend come over and look at our basement walls, and the way dh talked to him he thought we had big ol honkin one inch gaps, or something! He said not to worry about the wee little cracks much. Just keep an eye on them, and if they don’t move much more there’s nothing to worry about. Apparently basements everywhere have cracks like these. So dh feels a bunch better.  We do have to get the gutters on the outside of the house fixed though. But he said the rest of the house, the water drains away from everything, so we’re fine there too!

Then he went on to oooooohhh and aaaaahhh over our old, old, old, old house! Another old house lover in the world! Awesome! He loved all the thick beams, and the high ceilings, and the light fixtures, and the windows with the weights in them.  And I showed him the old ironing board cabinet turned into a spice cabinet! And he loved the painted over patterned wallpaper in the kiddo’s bedrooms, and the rustic old bedroom on the original 1908 part of the house. Old doorknobs with actual keyholes under them, and all that good stuff. I love my home!!! :-D

And then as he was leaving he asked were there any convenience stores nearby, and was sad to learn the nearest one was so far up the road. LOL And I did it again. I cannot say Loaf and Jug for the life of me!!! I have even practiced. But when I go to say it normally, just in a sentence, it comes out Joaf and Lug! Every. stinkin. time! Everybody ~knows~ what I mean though, so I guess it shouldn’t be a thing. But it’s making me nuts that my brain spits it out of my mouth like that. Gaaaarrr!

Today, I am getting ends woven in, and things pictured for the Etsy shop. I’m starting my second big bin of items, so hopefully sales will pick up as the weather gets cooler, because I don’t like things to just sit, sit, sit. I like them to be with people, keeping them warm!!!  After I get a lot of that done, I might warp up my rigid heddle loom after lunch! I’ve got ideas. :-D

TTYL :-)

Crazy Long Week

The evaluations are done and ready to drop in the mail on Monday! Yaaayyy! I think we found an evaluator to stick with!!!  $30 per child, much better than the online school that charges $325 per family! And now I have things plotted and planned out for the next year. Evaluations are done just a little differently here in CO, and they have to cover certain subjects, and the evaluator had listing four achievements for the year, so now this next year I am going to sit each of the kiddo’s down and have them set some goals for the year, so I’ll have more achievements to choose from at the end of the year. LOL

The Etsy store has started picking up, and I had a couple of CO hats sell, and made a deal with another friend here in CO to do some marketing for me for an item I made!  And I sold a custom order this week, and am working on another custom order now! And I figured out how to make custom coupons for the shop, so now, I have one made up for free shipping for repeat customers from now til Nov 30th!!!! And I plan to make more for the holidays.  So I am very happy, because I can pay for some of the shipping to mail out baby hats to the hospitals, and the cats are now good on food and litter for the next couple of months if this keeps up!  

In other fun yarny stuff… I am thinking of warping up my rigid heddle loom next week! I have only made that one cotton runner on it so far, and I would love love love to make a few scarves on it to sell on the store also! I think I can successfully warp it up to eight feet. Last time I was using a heavier yarn though, so I might be able to do a 10-12 foot warp with the lighter weaving thread I bought last November. So stay tuned for pictures, if I get any of that worked on.  Should have pictures of all my knitting in the next week or so also! Many blankets, hats, and mitts!!! So fingers crossed business on the shop takes off like the people on Etsy tell me it does right before the holidays!!! I am excited!!!

Now, I am off of here to go listen to a little music, do a little housework, and then finish my fourth novel of the year!!! I am on a reading kick the past few months for sure!!!

TTYL :-)

Wonderful But COLD Day!

It’s like nothing I’ve ever lived through. Temps in the mid fifties and low sixties in JULY!!! I swear I wore long pants and two shirts out of the house today and took a jacket with me just in case! And one of the kiddo’s snitched the jacket before we made it home too! CO is like being on some weird and wild planet some days! LOL

Looooong trip out today! Three dr’s appointments to get Cassies (15 yo dd) red card renewed for the next year! The dr’s were very impressed with her weight gain. She still has about 25 pounds to go before shes “back to normal”, if you can call living with nerve damage normal. :-/ But overall they were all very happy with her progress! Yayy!

Since we had a four and a half hour round trip car ride, I got lots and lots of things made for the hospitals. Two baby hats are now done, and I got the edging crocheted on to two 30 inch blankets, and then started putting together two more blankets out of group squares. And when I ran out of that to do, I started working on a new set of fingerless mitts for myself. I got a new to me color of yarn from Hobby Lobby in the colorway Firecracker and the mitts are looking beyond fabulous!!! I think I’m going to get a few more skeins of this yarn because I would loooove to see how it looks weaving it! These will replace the mitts that I made for myself about six years ago. The grey ones that when anyone sees me from a distance they think I broke both my arms. /rolls eyes Yeah, I neeeed to get rid of those. I’m tired of the remarks. LOL

For the rest of the week I’ve got to work on finishing up the home school evaluation paperwork, and get all of that submitted and mailed off. Then I need to rebuild all of my files for a new school year, and get the attendance sheets set up again too! Soo messed up that I have my four kiddo’s here, but they want me to keep attendance, like one of them isn’t going to show up for school one day…. derp! They’re *right here*!!!! Oh well, I guess if they come a calling and neeeeeed to see the paperwork, I’ll have it ready to show!

TTYL :-)


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